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Children’s horoscope. Gemini is a child.

Sign period : (May 22 – June 21)
Planet : Mercury
Element: Air
Sign property: changeable, unstable

Gemini - childLittle Twins Are the most curious children. Therefore, it is very important that parents from early childhood create all conditions to stimulate the development of intelligence of representatives of this sign. The Gemini child wants to know absolutely everything. It is he who will become the record holder for the numerous: “Why?” and will make parents constantly puzzle over how to answer the most unexpected questions. Children of this sign are very fond of disassembling and assembling various constructors or any other devices, solving puzzles, reading books. And it doesn’t matter to them what to read, they crave any knowledge. Toddlers Gemini very early master the computer and the Internet, even if no one teaches them this. They also love loud music, it stimulates them to work. Therefore, parents should not worry when their child does lessons to their favorite tracks to the fullest, music does not prevent them from concentrating at all.
Gemini - childAnother strongly pronounced feature of Gemini , in addition to curiosity, is sociability. Therefore, in order to feel happy, the Gemini baby needs constant communication with loved ones, and at an older age – with his friends. But, at the same time, the Gemini will never feel lonely, and even more so upset about this, he can invent imaginary friends for himself.

The two biggest problems of little Gemini are restlessness and inattention. Therefore, despite their curiosity and lively mind, they often do poorly at school simply because they are quickly bored with school routine and monotony. A bored Gemini can turn into a real bully, prone to destructive behavior. The fact is that this sign very quickly gets carried away by something new, but also quickly loses interest in it. To avoid such problems, you need to constantly feed his interest with something new in routine matters.

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