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Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

The moon, being in the sign of Sagittarius, acquires the qualities of the elements of Fire: energy, activity, independence and love of life. Since Sagittarius is a mutable (changeable) zodiac sign, it enhances the ability of the Moon to quickly adapt to changing life circumstances, maneuver and find the most comfortable and convenient position for itself.

General characteristics

People with the Moon in Sagittarius show both flexibility of mind and purposefulness, especially when it comes to expanding their own horizons, gaining new knowledge and experience. They are broad-minded and independent of thought, yet loyal and respectful to the opinions and views of others.

Lunar Sagittarius are easily ignited with new, progressive ideas and are inspired when they have a real opportunity to change their lives for the better and fill it with interesting events, unforgettable moments and dizzying adventures. For them, there is nothing better than exciting travel and meeting new people and cultures.

The owners of the Moon in Sagittarius exhibit the following qualities and character traits:

  • Enthusiasm, excitement, boundless optimism and faith in a wonderful future;
  • Spiritual generosity, benevolence and mercy;
  • Spirituality, striving for high ideals, high morality and justice;
  • Frankness, sociability and secular character;
  • Rich imagination, literary talent, philosophical thinking;
  • Love for learning, craving for foreign cultures and everything foreign, distant;
  • The desire to patronize, the ability to give good advice and give good to all living things;
  • Dynamic lifestyle, love of sports and competitions;
  • Warmth, openness and hospitality.

People with the Moon in Sagittarius do not like to get sick and mope. Strong immunity does not allow the development of severe ailments. However, Lunar Sagittarius should still avoid overeating and overexertion. The best medicine for them is sports, a change of scenery and recreation in countries with hot climates.

Moon in the sign of Sagittarius

Moon in Sagittarius for a man

A man in whose birth horoscope the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius does not immediately find the woman of his dreams. Since his youth, he has demonstrated his independence and love of freedom in relationships. In the minds of such a man there is an image of an ideal woman, but in real life it is sometimes unattainable.

The search for a beloved woman often continues in distant lands and overseas countries, and Lunar Sagittarius is sometimes attracted by women from other cultures. They must be progressive natures, intelligent, brilliantly educated, independent in judgment and behavior. A man with a Sagittarius Moon is looking for a companion with whom it will be fun to relax, play sports, travel, visit exhibitions, museums, theaters and lead a rich cultural and social life.

Moon in Sagittarius woman

If in a woman’s horoscope the Moon is in the sign of Sagittarius, then such a lady is distinguished by an independent character, a high level of education and excellent physical shape.

As a rule, a woman with the Moon in Sagittarius does not gravitate towards a sedentary lifestyle, and before getting married, she tries to get a good education and travel half the world. In marriage, she does not stop developing and expanding the range of her interests. With her amazing ideas, she inspires her husband and other family members to make significant achievements in life, contributes to their spiritual growth and broadens their horizons.

How to find an approach to lunar Sagittarius? Usually such people have an easy and diplomatic character, and problems in relationships with them rarely occur. However, if there is a regular presentation to lunar Sagittarius the mesmerizing prospects of tomorrow’s life and interest in something unusual, then this will give them a magical feeling of flight and boundless happiness.

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Garipova Lilia Ramilevna

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