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23 lunar day – characteristics, description

Symbol: Crocodile
Stones: Jade , Topaz

Energetically, the day is very intense, but not everyone can master this energy. Today energy vampires are activated, and people with low energy – exchange become nervous and conflicted. The 23rd Moon day tests a person's energy channels, if they are clogged, you will feel it immediately. But if today you breathe easily and you feel great, then your energy chakras are working and you are on the right track. Otherwise, you should slow down the rhythm of life and think about whether you are moving on the right course, whether you are pursuing your goals.

Time today is distinguished by a duality, for some it is a beautiful sunny day full of bright colors and events. For others, a gloomy gray background with insurmountable tasks and a nervous environment. A person today acts as a lens through which a ray of light is passed, and what is available at the exit is individual for each person.

Dreams today can be prophetic, but they are difficult to decipher

Love and relationships

Today is a good day to see your partner without a mask, just do not forget that you are also without a mask today.


23 lunar dayThe twenty-third lunar day is well suited for any household chores that require a lot of physical activity. It’s a good day to complete something that has been started, but my hands didn’t get there, today is the time to finish everything.


This is a good day for self-healing and healing. Surgery is not recommended today, except in urgent cases. The spine is vulnerable. One-day fasting will be useful, as well as any procedures aimed at cleansing the body of toxins.

Business and money

This is a bad day for business and career. Try not to do anything important. On such a day, it is good to close a business or abandon financial schemes that bring losses.

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