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Transiting Moon in Gemini – brilliance of intelligence

The transit moon, walking through the constellation Gemini, falls into the penates of Mercury , the patron saint of trade, flexible thinking, eloquence, but, alas, simultaneously helping thieves and swindlers. The desire to communicate, to attend social events, to meet and develop is growing. Favorable – to improve the level of qualifications in educational courses, pass exams, speak in public.

On the transit moon in Gemini, it is impossible to remain alone: ​​the phone is torn from calls, mail is attacked by letters, invitations for interviews unexpectedly come – changes in the spirit of Mercury. Everyday life is annoying, you want to move away from the usual algorithm and take a trip, get involved in an adventure. Unfortunately, scammers are not asleep: with the tense aspects of the night luminary, gypsies on the street can become attached, an intricate scam will seem like a profitable investment, and thieves are trying to attack the wallet.

Career and finance

A fruitful period begins for workers in the intellectual and creative sphere – it is easy to attract the attention of spectators, buyers, and charm customers. Money flows like a river after swiftly concluded contracts, the boss agrees to raise the salary, and freelancers have many orders. With such an abundance of proposals, there is a danger of clutching at everything at once, dissipating the supply of energy, and, as a result, end up at a broken trough. Astrologers advise on the transit moon in Gemini:

  • selling your knowledge at a high price is relevant for teachers, writers, journalists, historians;
  • to purchase communication equipment – phones, tablets, computers, video cameras, musical instruments;
  • organize meetings with readers, political meetings, presentations, trade exhibitions;
  • conclude short-term contracts, commercial transactions, go to work.

There will be a strong temptation to gossip, or even convey to the management about a rival in the service, but in the future this will turn into negative against the person himself. During Mercury retrograde, trifles can be mistaken for vital things, make a mistake in calculations, get nervous, get into an accident due to inattention.

Love and health

The Transiting Moon in Gemini favors novels that begin with a witty joke and an intellectual duel. You should not count on a serious relationship, this is the time of flirting, friendly verbal picks, enjoying communication and the ease of being. Those born under the sign of Air, who previously have passionate sympathies, can easily find the right words to spark mutual interest. Now it is important to appear in the brilliance of intelligence in order to win the heart of a counterpart.

It is useful to temper, to play outdoor games – volleyball, football, basketball. At the same time, it is easy to catch the flu virus and SARS. Esotericists advise against:

  • operate on the throat, lungs, trachea, neck;
  • take a course of massage of the shoulder area;
  • do tongue piercing, eyebrow tattooing, manicure;
  • active interventions in the work of the nervous system.

Blood transfusion, liver, kidney and lymph treatment will go well.

Children are restless, talkative and incredibly inquisitive. The fantasy played out must be directed into a creative channel – the joint writing of a fairy tale, a script for a puppet show, solving puzzles will unite the family. On the transit moon in Gemini, it is easy to quarrel and break wood over nonsense. The plus is that it is possible to put up and settle conflicts in the shortest possible time.

Favorable and negative period

A kind joke and a non-standard monologue will instantly solve any difficulties when visiting bureaucratic authorities. Improvisation, mastery of the syllable, flirting will be understood correctly and will give pleasant results. It’s time for adventure, fast-paced business with an easy element of risk, and:

  • visits to museums, theaters, rhetoric courses and improving communication skills;
  • internet dating, launching a website or forum, publications;
  • meetings with friends, sports trips, passing quests;
  • sales, auctions, pleasant purchases, excluding furniture and large household appliances;
  • first dates, meeting the beloved’s parents;
  • business trips, city trips, vacations not exceeding several days.

On the transit moon in Gemini, hair dyeing in light shades and highlights, as well as short haircuts and styling, is excellent.

Absent-mindedness and frivolity increase, you need to monitor the language so as not to spill family and work secrets in a burst of verbal inspiration, and also not to be late for important meetings, carried away by an interesting conversation. Bad period to start:

  • time-consuming cases requiring many hours of filling out papers and visiting many instances;
  • long travel with a change of aircraft, mountain climbing;
  • buying expensive paintings, jewelry, designer clothes;
  • repair of an apartment, car and moving;
  • withdrawing a large amount of money and traveling alone to the place of transfer of money;
  • opening a bank account, issuing loans.

You should not visit a fast food cafe, there is a possibility of overeating fatty foods or unexpectedly encountering allergies. Domestic cats and dogs require special attention: they can run away, get lost or be kidnapped.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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