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Transit Moon in Virgo – recovery and hard work

After a bright, eventful Leo influence on the night star, the transit Moon in Virgo returns a person from heaven to earth. Those who have spent a lot of effort on strengthening the prestige of an individual and business will feel devastated and depressed. Routine work comes to the fore, everyday problems arise, the solution of which gradually delays, forcing them to be critical of themselves and employees, achieving the perfect match in appearance and performance of duties.

Those born under the sign of Virgo under the influence of the Moon are annoyingly picky about cleanliness and tidiness, seeing dirt where there is none. If this is a close person, then it is easier not to focus on grumbling and unfair remarks. Representatives of other constellations will suddenly find themselves in a spring cleaning center or want to undergo a comprehensive medical examination.

Career and finance

In the position of a subordinate, it is better to do the cleaning on the desktop, in papers, and write a report in advance. Accuracy and responsibility will be highly appreciated by the boss, although this will happen a little later, because now is the time for productive work, without regard to honors and awards. The role of Cinderella, dreaming of a ball, is temporary, but it requires patience and effort, which is better to devote to professional development, rather than trying to prove her indispensability.

The transit moon in Virgo is favorable for mid-level employees:

  • medical personnel, teachers, journalists;
  • theater and restaurant critics, writers;
  • kitchen workers, masseurs, healers;
  • accountants, private entrepreneurs and financiers;
  • waiters, maids, merchants.

If you need a signature or a resolution on an important document, or you need to issue papers faster than usual, then it is better to come on another day. Officials and chiefs of all ranks are critical, nitpick and tight-fisted. However, ordinary people are also in no hurry to spend money. The purchases are carefully thought out and purchased for a practical purpose for long-term use – medical equipment, household appliances, books, shoes, tools. Customers are picky, inspecting things in search of scratches and defects. Virgo is under the influence of Mercury, thieves and fraudsters are activated, so you need to monitor your wallet.

Love and health

You should not expect romance from dating, a critical mood sharpens the view of the mistakes and misdeeds of the counterpart. At another time it would have passed for a funny oversight, now it is perceived as an unpleasant trait. Persistent courtship is a reason for suspicion, perhaps a person has a hidden benefit from forging a warm relationship. Spouses tend to quarrel over household trifles or lack of finances.

The issue of personal hygiene comes to the fore – I want to visit a sauna, change bed linen, update manicure and pedicure. Doctors will carefully conduct a comprehensive medical examination on the transit moon in Virgo, and will prescribe an effective treatment:

  • nervous and lymphatic system, skin rashes;
  • blood vessels, capillaries, liver;
  • intestines, stomach, rectum.

Astrologers insist on the prohibition of planned abdominal surgeries – the tissues heal for a long time. It is permissible to prepare for plastic surgery and relax under rejuvenating cosmetic procedures. Reflexology, acupuncture, energy treatment sessions will have a magical effect, but you should not visit psychotherapists. A fasting day or even water fasting will go well, the digestive tract will be cleansed and rest.

Children show a desire to learn new things, do their homework diligently, and will gladly accept the offer to study a foreign language together, read and solve crosswords. Praising school achievement will be seen as an expression of love more than a hug without words.

Favorable and negative period

On the transit moon in Virgo, painstaking affairs are easily and quickly carried out, requiring tireless attention and work with little things, cooperation without unnecessary emotions. There are no errors in the documents and air tickets issued at this time.

Astrologers recommend starting and continuing:

  • commercial activity, making a will, contracts;
  • systematization of business correspondence, accounts, databases;
  • literary and poetic creativity, occult studies;
  • research work, preparation and passing of exams, tests;
  • laboratory tests, registration of travel vouchers;
  • recruiting staff for vacant positions, interviews (for employers with high demands);
  • walking, traveling by ground transport;
  • gardening, cleaning, renovation, purchase of home accessories;
  • a visit to the hairdresser to update the structure of the haircut (hair grows more slowly).

Traveling by water on the transit Moon in Virgo is dangerous. You should also not take new drugs and alcohol in the company of unfamiliar people. Unaccustomed and fatty food increases the likelihood of poisoning – the stomach and intestines are incredibly sensitive and susceptible to rotaviruses. Homemade products, closed in banks during this period, most likely will not stand for a long time.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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