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Transiting Moon in Capricorn – the supremacy of reason

The moon, passing in transit through Capricorn, is in the power of Saturn , who controls time and tests a person with limitations in significant areas of life. The hour has come to stand firmly on the ground, to think calmly and thoroughly, to solve practical issues, to take up the work routine. Romance and a sense of adventure fade into the background.

The key problem is stubbornness. Firmness and adherence to principles, shown with a good purpose, will rarely be appreciated, they will only cause irritation and resentment. People around them are also intractable and secretive, even close friends withdraw into themselves, jealously guarding secrets, not to mention colleagues. With negative aspects, intrigues and collective conspiracies are brewing, but they will not appear soon.

Spouses go through a period of cooling of emotions, coinciding with an excess of tasks at work, and as parents they move away from their children: they hug less often and avoid talking heart to heart. When the child disobeys, the father often goes too far in education, using Spartan methods and harsh punishments, although in another period the same offense will be easily forgiven. This is the influence of Saturn – deviation from the rules is punishable by a higher caretaker at all levels of society.

Work and finance

The transit moon in Capricorn allows fruitful meetings with a clear and understandable distribution of responsibilities for the shortest achievement of the goal. There is an irresistible desire to improve the company’s reputation, participate in a prestigious tender, and expand the sphere of influence.

The boss and employees work together, tirelessly, according to the plan. However, the management does not differ in loyalty – you should not come up with requests for a salary increase, ask to sign a vacation certificate, and most importantly, do not offer unusual ways to solve problems or an innovative project. Discipline and obedience are now held in high esteem, which will bring significant results in the future, even if you have to humble the burning ego.

With favorable aspects, serious cash flow and success in business will come to:

  • politicians, leaders of all areas, officials;
  • manufacturers of the automotive, woodworking industry;
  • agricultural workers;
  • realtors, builders, sewers;
  • accountants, artisans, sculptors.

Frugality and a sober look at your needs will not allow you to spend a large amount, because it is much more pleasant to put it aside in a piggy bank for the long term. Any acquisitions are long thought over and bought after a comparative analysis of prices. On the transit moon in Capricorn, it is favorable to stock up on food – canned food and jam will be stored for a long time.

Love and health

The night star feels uncomfortable in Capricorn, influencing the subtle plane of the psyche. Shrill loneliness pushes for a relationship far from desired, just not to be left alone with yourself. Coldness and restraint in the expression of emotions alienate potential partners. The question of benefits comes to the fore – material wealth and position in society for the elect.

Beautiful words without practical confirmation will not help turn your head. With favorable aspects of the Moon in Capricorn, the soul will be touched by the manifestation of care, even a simple action – to make tea, cook dinner, wrap your shoulders in a warm coat, taking off your clothes, although chic gifts are also not forbidden. A relationship with a harmonious combination of respect, mutual benefit and passion, begun now, will last for many years.

Old people will feel the aggravation of old diseases, especially rheumatism, radiculitis, and salt deposits. Representatives of all ages need to protect joints, bones, spine, knees and teeth, and avoid surgical manipulations in these areas.

Astrologers recommend treatment:

  • stomach and intestines – gastritis and ulcers;
  • mammary glands – plastic surgery, mammography;
  • ears, spleen, gallbladder;
  • nervous system, metabolic disorders.

There is a good chance of catching a cold, injury, or fracture if you fall. The fasting day, the beginning of a long diet and hardening will pass surprisingly easily. Excellent results will please hair and nail care procedures. It is useful for children to spend time with their grandparents, to determine their choice of profession, to strengthen willpower.

Favorable and negative period

On the transit moon in Capricorn, they are engaged in serious and long-term projects, for example, the purchase of a large land plot, real estate, and the repair of an office building. Labor-intensive activities requiring concentration of attention will be easier and more fruitful:

  • mathematical and architectural calculations, construction planning;
  • archaeological and geological expeditions;
  • research work, laboratory experiments;
  • mountain tourism, rock climbing, fishing;
  • renewal of old contacts with older people, especially women;
  • signing of agreements on cooperation and investments, purchase and sale transactions;
  • consultations with specialists in medicine, agriculture, financial analysts;
  • planting root crops and greenery, weeding beds from weeds.

This is an extremely inappropriate time for a new job and relocation, wedding ceremony and celebrations.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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