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Transit Moon in Aries – fiery passions

The planets in the sky are constantly moving and are in transit in different houses of the personal horoscope , influencing the spheres of life represented by them. A person receives as a gift a surge of strength and energy, or the need to complete a lesson and endure a useful experience.

The transit moon in Aries falls into the element of Fire under the auspices of Mars – the god of war, and includes in the subconscious the desire to act, to shine with talents, to resist enemy intrigues, fighting for their happiness, however, there is a danger of facing criminals, getting into a fight, fire and accident.

Problems are now solved by volitional actions, with a running start, without unnecessary reflection. The lesson is to avoid selfishness, quarrels and violence against the will of another person. Drivers at this time are reckless, and pedestrians recklessly climb under the wheels, but knowing about the transit of the Moon in Aries, a person gets a chance to avoid an accident.

Career and money

This is the finest hour for leaders and ambitious people who want to lead people into a new project, start their own business, or get a promotion. On the transit moon in Aries, this will happen quickly, although quarrels, infringement of other people’s interests and open confrontation with enemies are not excluded. The stars will support the daredevils who know how to take risks, as well as:

  • workers in the automotive, military, law enforcement industries;
  • firefighters, athletes, artists;
  • politicians, bosses, policemen.

Right now, it is worth turning to the management to resolve the lingering issue of vacation and salary increases, however, there is a risk of getting an unscheduled task or an order to complete a bunch of cases in two days. But there will be no problems with paying for short-term agreements. The main thing is that they are signed with a signature. The transit moon in Aries inspires spontaneous spending, but better buy electronics, knives, tools, car accessories. Clothes and shoes purchased during this period seem to burn out on the owner in a short time.

Love and health

Stormy romances full of passion and romance break out on the moon in Aries. Gathering with the spirit to make a declaration of love, it is worth starting on the Moon in Aries – it will be easier to decide and ignite a return spark of sympathy in your beloved. This is the heyday of natural masculinity and femininity in both sexes, when the thirst for admiration for their merits needs immediate satisfaction.

During this transit, care should be taken to protect the head, face, neck, nose and especially teeth. Acute pulpitis pain and inflammation in the mouth area unexpectedly occur during this period, so you need to be examined by a dentist in advance. Treatment will be effective:

  • gynecological problems of the uterus and ovaries;
  • kidneys, adrenal glands, bladder;
  • spine and lower back.

Avoid direct contact with boiling water, fire, gas, pyrotechnics, use a knife and manicure accessories with care. Astrologers advise postponing a visit to the sauna, peeling and surgery on the face, strength training.

Children on the transit moon in Aries flare up because of every little thing, scandal and aggressively defend their rights. In schools, fights and head-on collisions on the run (manifestation of Aries) are becoming more frequent. The child needs active sports – running, boxing, volleyball, in order to lose the excess energy bursting from within.

Good and bad periods

Inspiration and a burst of energy will ensure the rapid materialization of bold ideas and the fulfillment of long-planned affairs, especially if a package of documents has been prepared in advance, and it remains only to get approval from above. It is especially easy to organize and enjoy:

  • home repair, things fixing;
  • romantic and business travel;
  • theatrical and public performances;
  • demonstration of achievements to the authorities;
  • buying a car, household appliances, jewelry;
  • returning a money debt or a thing that they despaired of getting back;
  • evidence of increased personal authority and prestige.

Short tourist trips and business trips on the transit moon in Aries begin on the 7th lunar day. It is safer not to travel to hot countries, and also to go home before dark. The Fire Period is completely unsuitable for organizing long-term projects and contracts concerning:

  • financial and commercial affairs;
  • engagements, weddings, marriage proposals;
  • political rallies;
  • construction works associated with fire, explosions;
  • pyrotechnic shows and treatment of large predators;
  • a planned trip to the dentist (in case of emergency, you can);
  • operations in the head, eyes, ears, nose.

Important details

Pisces, Virgo, Cancer and Capricorn have the hardest part in the transit of the Moon in Aries. Red clothing and accessories will help activate the Martian energies. Lunar aspects during this period of time also affect the general mood: with Mars – increased irritability, irascibility, with Venus – showdown, moodiness, with Saturn – dissatisfaction with the leadership and the usual way of life, criticism of the authorities. It is necessary to monitor the emotional intensity of behavior and statements so as not to provoke aggressive actions.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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