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Transit Moon in Sagittarius – optimists start and win

The moon, passing in transit along the constellation Sagittarius, is staying in the element of fire at Jupiter , symbolizing the supreme power and the triumph of justice. Their union gives rise to faith in the best. Having got rid of Scorpio’s anxieties and throwings, a person wakes up with radiant confidence: things are going well, everything will work out! However, excessive enthusiasm and a brave attempt at one fell swoop to reach the desired heights, lead to risky rash actions.

The main danger of the transit moon in Sagittarius is the provocation of excessive joy and activity, the excess of which it takes away, leaving the soul empty and de-energized. Astrologers recommend compensating for lunar vampirism by sports activities with an energy basis – qigong, yoga, and team competitions, as well as not allowing emotions to overshadow the mind.

People are prone to philosophizing in companies and feasts, searching for the meaning of life. The number of parishioners in churches is increasing, looking for answers to the questions of life. The universe willingly gives hints, introduces spiritual teachers to future students, and also provides opportunities to travel and explore other cultures, however, Sagittarius will arrange adventures on these trips and a test of optimism and loyalty to ideals.

Career and finance

On the transit moon in Sagittarius, it is easier to expand horizons and remove obstacles on the way to the goal. It is easier for a newcomer at work to join a friendly-minded team and immediately show themselves in business, since dashing confidence and heady optimism will suppress any fears and doubts. It is not worth giving in to them entirely – the bosses will be sympathetic to the easy familiarity, but they will not appreciate the deliberate violation of subordination, and not all colleagues will like the “guy-shirt” openly voicing the program of personal career plans.

Success will come to honest, fair, respectful employees:

  • power structures – the police, the military;
  • politicians, public figures;
  • lawyers, notaries, diplomats;
  • teachers, heads of children’s centers;
  • athletes, artists and their managers.

Excessive frankness – the second temptation of the transit moon in Sagittarius, in the future will negatively affect the reputation, therefore, even inflamed with friendly feelings for colleagues and the leader at a corporate party, you need to follow the speech. The desire of the bosses to generously spend money on fulfilling the dream will pay off in the future with grandiose international projects starting now and millions of contracts in the business sphere. Mid-level employees should be realistic about their financial capabilities.

Love and health

The relationship that began on the transit moon in Sagittarius is based on passion and sports excitement, working competition, which, oddly enough, amuses both partners and encourages career achievements, promotion in society and strengthening of social status.

Romance, participation in adventures, extreme quests will not let you get bored. Significant acquaintances take place on trips abroad with representatives of foreign culture. A long-term union is possible only when social ambitions and spiritual views coincide, even passion will fade into the background in the absence of these two components.

The transit moon in Sagittarius includes internal energy that strengthens the immune system, so it is unlikely to contract viral diseases. In the danger zone – buttocks, thighs, rectum, veins: surgical interventions and blood transfusions are excluded. Jupiter is a lover of tactile pleasures, will awaken the desire to eat deliciously: you will want fatty, meat and sweet foods. Knowing this nuance, you can prepare in advance a varied menu of lean meat and fish, generously seasoned with spices and spices. Cheese, sweet dairy desserts are contraindicated these days.

It is important for children to feel their authority, to be in the role of a leader. It is helpful to let them lead at home or to assign an independent school project. Sports competitions and creative contests, exams and diplomas will be successfully held. The admissions office will be surprisingly supportive.

Favorable and negative period

The transit moon in Sagittarius is a time of miracles for creative, intellectual and political figures: their initiatives are picked up and developed by like-minded people, they are bathed in public recognition, shine from the confirmation of their own significance. It is especially important now to start and continue:

  • solution of legal and legal problems – to submit documents, appeals, petitions to government agencies, to issue passports;
  • registration of political parties, charitable organizations, cultural associations;
  • sign agreements on international business cooperation, study abroad;
  • to leave for other countries on business visits, as a tourist, as well as emigrate;
  • to meet influential people, potential sponsors, to raise old connections;
  • weddings, anniversaries, family celebrations (ceremonies on sea and river cruises will be especially favorable);
  • equestrian sports, participation in races, purchase and sale of horses;
  • communication with priests, performance of religious rituals;
  • planting and processing of fruit trees.

The danger threatens only overly gullible people, as well as climbers and mountain hikers. Piercing and cutting tools should be excluded from use.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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