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1st house in the sign of Aquarius

The first house strongly influences the external manifestation of a person’s character in society. The solar sign shows the inner essence of the personality and the true nature, but how exactly it will be expressed in society can be seen from the 1st sector of the horoscope, which does not always coincide with the position of the Sun. Of course, if it is on the Ascendant, its owners will be a vivid example of the characteristic qualities of the zodiac sign, but otherwise they need to seek a compromise and cultivate in themselves those traits that will bring success in their careers and relationships with people.

1st house in Aquarius is a sign of a cheerful and original individual with a bunch of ideas for all occasions. Such people never lose heart, they are always ready for adventure, but they are unlikely to stay around for a long time in difficult times, preferring the lightness of being. They can help at first, but they will not be deeply imbued with other people’s problems, because their goal is to live in such a way that it is not boring.

Circumstances of birth

The child is often born not where the mother’s pregnancy took place. Childbirth is possible in another country, under unusual circumstances, according to esoteric rules or considerations (in nature, in water, under mantras or prayers). The beginning of the process can be a complete surprise for parents, especially if there are tense aspects with Uranus, or between it and the Moon (premature birth).

Usually everything happens quickly and rapidly, but attention should be paid to the connections of Neptune and the Moon, which can complicate the process. Doctors solve difficulties with childbirth in original ways that were not previously applicable in medicine or with the latest technologies, so it is best to choose a maternity hospital with good technical equipment.

Image in the eyes of others

With men and women who have 1 house in Aquarius, it is never boring. It is very easy to meet and communicate with them, and they already write down the first person they meet as close friends and behave accordingly.

Owners of the first house in Aquarius are modest in appearance, but they know how to draw attention to themselves through a confident position next to bright prominent personalities, and reap their benefits by being easy to talk, joking and endearing without undue effort. These are witty and sharp-tongued interlocutors, they will not allow themselves to stoop to rudeness, but very subtly go through the weak points of the enemy, forcing others to laugh at such an enemy.

Such individuals can be overly decisive when Uranus is aspecting Mars, odious and strange if the planet of the originals is on the Ascendant, or selfless to madness with the Moon in Pisces, but in any case, in order not to be rejected by society, it is important for them to control outbursts of their feelings and not to assume that the whole world is interested in what is happening in their lives.

Positive qualities of the 1st house in Aquarius: originality of appearance, way of thinking, behavior, desire to change the world for the better through innovative ideas, liberalism, erudition, sociability, devotion to friendship, acting skills, diverse interests.

Negative qualities: lack of a sense of proportion, practicality and zeal, windiness, frivolity, strange actions that shock people, exaltation, impulsiveness.

Ways of self-expression

For Aquarians of the first house, freedom of expression is a vital necessity. Most often, people are gifted with different talents and can equally perfectly reveal themselves in creative terms and in the exact sciences.

Only inappropriate shyness and excessive assertiveness can interfere where you need to behave the other way around. At the interview, they downplay their achievements and are modest, and in a circle of friends they boast. Success will bring a creative approach in creating your own style and appearance, participation in amateur performances or professional theatrical performances and concerts, artistic and design events, corporate parties as a presenter and performer. It will turn out to attract attention by making presentations at various scientific conferences, including online. Any Uranian direction is the element of the primitive Aquarius: astrology, flying, invention, cybernetics, programming, television.

Style and colors of success

The desire to be unusual and amaze at first sight leads to odious color combinations in clothes, strange jewelry and hair coloring in acid shades, or at least bright red, blond, black. Purple, blue, green strands are not excluded, especially if Venus is also in Aquarius. However, it is better to contact a stylist to create an exotic, but not shocking look. The archetypes of such people are magicians or wizards. Based on this, they should choose a style of clothing. Success colors: white, lilac, blue with a brilliant sheen.

Elaboration of  the 1st house in Aquarius

The main problem of the owners of the horoscope is the eternal opposition. Out of a sense of contradiction, they can resist the authorities, superiors, even family members: quarrel, prove that white is black, engage in non-traditional treatment instead of the proven schemes of doctors.

Therefore, it is extremely important to acquire an unusual Uranus hobby in order to surprise and delight others. Ideal for studying astrology and any other esoteric direction, as well as skydiving, racing, designing, photography, fashion, dancing, singing. Combining such passions with a Uranian profession will help individuals avoid dangerous conflicts with country traditions, authorities, family, and friends. It is important to develop a sense of proportion and delight, but not shock people.

Talisman stones will help with this: amethyst of light shades, sultanite, tanzanite, blue topaz.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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