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10th house in the sign of Gemini

The 10th house shows in what area of human activity glory, honor, and most importantly, satisfaction from the fulfillment of one’s destiny awaits. There is no definite answer, but knowing the zodiac sign of this horoscope field, people can see the range of suitable professions and choose the one that they like. In addition, the image of the parent is registered here, which has the greatest influence on the adoption of crucial decisions, and most often this is the mother, as well as the relationship between the boss and the subordinate. Few people know that the 10th house affects the circumstances of military service, career mistakes and friendship with equals.

In Gemini, it contributes to the rapid acquisition of popularity and the fulfillment of desires. The point is a special resourcefulness in communication, the ability to maintain contacts with a variety of people and arouse sympathy in them, ease of communication, but to whom much is given, more will be asked.

Dream job

The ten-house Gemini are not against fame, but it is not their end in itself, rather it comes by itself, like wealth, when they fully reveal their intellectual potential. Success and money are directly related to the wealth of thought and word. If Mercury is retrograde in the natal chart, the process of climbing the career ladder slows down, but it all depends on the owners of the horoscope themselves.

In the case when men and women with the 10th house in Gemini work tirelessly to increase the level of erudition, speak in public, broadcast live on social networks, showing their level of expertise, hold business meetings, then Mercury will be strong in any scenario and will help to realize all plans. . The ideal choice of profession would be journalism (preferably on radio and television), commerce, intermediary services, real estate sales, retail trade, accompaniment of diplomatic missions as translators and secretaries, assistants to leaders.

Such people need a profession where three components can be used: mind, hands, word. Work in applied arts, for example, jewelry and sewing, is not excluded, and with certain aspects with Uranus, some representatives of the 10th house in Gemini become illusionists. At low energies, there is a temptation to follow the path of a thief.

The meaning of life and popularity

The owners of the 10th house in the sign of Gemini are destined for fame, mainly because they are very eager to appear omniscient, and will not miss the opportunity to demonstrate their intelligence in public. They get involved in discussions, participate in various competitions, auditions for roles in films and leading programs on television, even if their occupation is far from show business.

The meaning of life for the owner of the 10th house in Gemini is in constant development, acquiring new skills, expanding the circle of friends and victories in challenges thrown to oneself. For example, learn English in 3 months and get a job in a foreign company when no one believes that it is possible.

Chief and subordinate

The ten-house Gemini can change several professions in their life, be in the position of a leader and an executor at the same time. They are not eager for top positions, because they do not want responsibility and monotonous, albeit prestigious, management duties for various departments of the company. It is easier for them to be performers, travel on business trips, communicate with people.

In the position of boss, men and women with the 10th house in Gemini need a good assistant manager, which, paradoxically, they themselves can be for another person, but not for themselves personally.

A high post relaxes them, they do not keep track of time, they are distracted by more interesting things, it is difficult for them to get through on the phone. Most often, they shift almost all responsibilities to deputies, and reserve the right to make final decisions for themselves.

If the horoscope holders are simple employees, they come across a frivolous boss who has seven Fridays a week, or they have to communicate with such a boss through an intermediary. But freedom of action and choice will be given.

Parents and military service

The 10th house symbolically reflects the nature of the closest and most significant parent. In a classical family, this is the mother, but if the composition is incomplete or there are many connections with the Sun, then the father may also be. This can be understood more precisely by nature. This is definitely a diversified personality with many interests and hobbies, and sometimes jobs. The native adopts the ease of communication with people and hobbies from this parent, but also the shortcomings: carelessness, infantilism, inability to think through the consequences of their actions. The nature of the relationship can be recognized by the aspects between the Sun, Moon and Mercury.

Service in the army is easy for the native. He will find a common language with everyone, will be able to get a good job using connections or intellectual abilities, for example, knowledge of foreign languages or computer programs. However, lack of punctuality and dislike for discipline can cause trouble.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

The main enemy of the native is haste and a boneless tongue. These people need to learn to keep secrets, even when they really want to share what is happening in the service. Trouble will bring the square and the opposition of Mercury with Neptune, Saturn, Uranus. They need to be wary of intrigue and gossip, to avoid the temptation to gossip about others. They rely on networking and intelligence. The best charms from the evil eye and troubles at work will be emerald, citrine, green aquamarines.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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