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10th house in the sign of Taurus

Not only career and destiny are read by astrologers according to the 10th house of the horoscope, but also relationships with the dominant parent in the family (most often the mother, but if there are connections with the Sun, then it can be the father), boss, classmates at the institute. It is also the image of a person that he wants to show in society. But of course, if people choose a profession on the theme of the sign of the 10th house, then success is guaranteed.

With the location of the house in Taurus, the path to glory will be easy. Its owners love to communicate with strong people, they know how to make a good impression, and if the 1st house is in Leo, then they confidently position themselves as professionals in all areas. They will never complain about failures and will not admit mistakes in front of others, but will try to be honest with themselves.

Dream job

Men and women with the 10th house in Taurus are ambitious, but do not put this quality on display. They want to make a brilliant career, but they are slow and overly cautious due to their innate practicality. However, there is an amazing trump card – the ability to please the authorities. They are noticed and promoted.

The speed of obtaining a high salary and a desired position depends on the position of Venus, the ruler of Taurus. If it is strong, then even in the abode of Capricorn (the symbolic patron of the 10th house) it will endow its ward with the imperious attractiveness and charm of a close relative.

Nativ is perfect for working with people: trade, the beauty industry, especially through the areas of personal care, financial and banking, selling real estate as a realtor, and in the future – the owner of an agency. Ten house Taurus are great at taste and quality, so they will easily succeed in the restaurant business, or at least when they open a cafe and coffee bar.

Planets in the 10th field will tell exactly where to apply the energies of Venus. If the Sun is there, then a business career is closer, perhaps a profession on the father’s side. The moon is a sign of calmer activities related to nutrition and psychology, creativity and parenting.

The meaning of life and popularity

Men and women with the 10th house in Taurus dream of wealth and comfort more than fame. It is quite enough for them to be popular among friends, colleagues and acquaintances of the opposite sex. They do not impose their society, but are so charming and confident in their attractiveness (in the absence of negative aspects or if Venus is in the fall) that they simply accept signs of attention with a smile and gratitude. The meaning of life is seen in the accumulation of funds when they have their own home, the opportunity to travel, give gifts and delight themselves with delicious food and beautiful clothes. But all this will not bring joy if there is no work where they feel needed by people and in the center of attention of visitors.

Chief and subordinate

If Taurus is harmonious, and Venus is strong, then the authorities appreciate the owners of the horoscope for their serious approach to business and reliability. They will not let you down, will not miss the deadlines and will squeeze the maximum benefit out of any project entrusted to them in the most practical way. However, the management would like it to be faster, but they swing for a long time and slowly harness. But then, without a hitch, without a hitch, they roll along the rails towards the goal like a train that cannot be stopped. In the team, such individuals enjoy the sympathy of colleagues, also because they are always ready to provide delicious dishes and expensive alcohol to the corporate table.

As a boss, ten-house Taurus is also good. They do not delay wages, although they do not shower with gold, but they will provide sustainable comfort to their subordinates. If they see that a person is making a profit, then they are encouraged with bonuses and gifts. They don’t like lazy people. Lack of sensitivity to flattery, causing sips and social climbers to be mistaken for friends and active employees.

Fortunately, innate practicality does not allow one to be deceived at someone else’s expense for a long time, but when Venus is struck, one must be attentive to such a peculiarity.

Parents and military service

The 10th house symbolizes a significant parent in the life of the native. Most often, the mother is meant, since for each child she is the number one figure, but if she is not there, or the Sun is in the 10th house, then this may be the father. In any case, these parents are calm, confident in their rightness and keep the family budget in their fist, making financial decisions. From this house one can understand what kind of relationship connects them with the native and the nature of the influence of the mother or father on the choice of career, especially if there are aspects from the 10th house and Venus to the Sun and Moon.

Service in the army does not attract the ten-house Taurus. However, if it is inevitable, he will try to settle well with high ranks, for example, as a driver or in the ranks of suppliers. This is a good staff worker or an assistant in the kitchen, but army disciplines make him uncomfortable, so it’s better to graduate from a military department at a university than to be a private.

Career Mistakes and Talisman Stones

It is very difficult for the owners of the 10th house in Taurus to make a choice. Their decisions are always based on material gain and are practical. They rarely listen to the advice of people with dominant water, fire and air elements, which limits their horizons and sometimes deprives them of a fateful chance. Sometimes it is necessary to act quickly and be guided by high ideas and spiritual desires.

If People with 10th house in the sign of Taurus want to advance further in their career, they need to go out more often to Venusian events: concerts, exhibitions, dance evenings and pay attention to the female part of the team. It is possible that the boss will become the main patron or girlfriend, and in the case of a man, his wife.

Talisman stones for activating the 10th house in Taurus: diamonds, turquoise, watermelon tourmaline.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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