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Turquoise: magical and healing properties of the stone

TurquoiseTurquoise is a very popular opaque semi-precious stone. It attracts attention not only due to its beautiful blue or greenish shade, but also due to the mystical trail stretching from the countries of the East. Turquoise translated from Persian literally means “lucky stone”. In the old days, it was believed that he helps to win victories, averts troubles and increases prosperity.

In ancient times, turquoise was mined in Egypt and Sinai. In the Middle Ages, the blue stone of happiness, mined in Iran, spread throughout Europe through Turkey, therefore, in Europe today, turquoise is often called the “Turkish stone”.

Most often, you can find blue turquoise, however, due to the complex interaction of aluminum and copper present in the mineral, other shades of turquoise are possible: blue-green, dark green, white and pale blue.

The magical properties of the stone

According to the information that the ancient occultists left behind, turquoise has such a wonderful magical property as the reconciliation of warring parties. It is an irreplaceable stone for those who want peace, understanding and love in the family.

The positive effect of turquoise on personal life will be most appreciated by women. The blue mineral will reveal their external and internal beauty, attract sincere, pure and mutual love into their lives.

The use of turquoise has a beneficial effect on both the psychological and material well-being of the family. However, the mineral will not tolerate if moral commandments are violated in the pursuit of earthly goods. Turquoise is very hostile to evil, deceitful and aggressive people. The owner of the stone must be a worthy person, otherwise interaction with a magical mineral will bring problems and trials to him.

In India, turquoise is believed to represent the connection between soul, man and sky. The stone increases the independence of its owner, gives him the ability to think objectively and act independently, without regard to the opinions of others.

Besides, turquoise stone helps to get rid of old habits and start something new in life. The owner of a miraculous mineral becomes more open to the world, thinks progressively and discards all the old patterns by which he lived earlier. Thanks to the stone, bright prospects and rich opportunities open up before a person, which he successfully uses in life.


Healing (medicinal) properties of the stone

Ancient healers used turquoise to diagnose the disease. They noticed that the mineral changes its color, becomes darker and loses its inherent luster in the hands of a person who is seriously ill.

For medicinal purposes, turquoise of a bright blue color is most suitable. It is considered young or mature and has a much more effective effect than the green “dead” mineral.

The stone is primarily useful for those who suffer from insomnia, internal fears and nightmares. Bright blue turquoise will drive away evil spirits, relieve nervous tension, clarify consciousness and cleanse thoughts of negativity.

In addition, turquoise is indispensable for meditation. It will allow you to focus on the processes taking place on the inner plane of consciousness, concentrate on solving long-standing problems and enter the path of spiritual development and self-improvement.

Turquoise is able to reduce bleeding, relieve headaches and reduce fever in infectious diseases. In addition, the stone relieves cramps and sensory disturbances.


Who is turquoise stone suitable for

In the Vedic tradition, it is believed that turquoise embodies the principle of Saturn on Earth, and therefore many representatives of the signs Aquarius and Capricorn will find spiritual unity with this mineral. Capricorns will feel the support of turquoise in achieving their goals. The mineral will help increase their endurance, patience and stamina, give self-confidence and help overcome depression. Turquoise will allow Aquarius to get rid of nervous tension, it will direct their powerful intellectual potential for the benefit of people.

If Saturn is poorly located in the natal chart (horoscope), then jewelry with turquoise should be abandoned, otherwise the stone can harm its owner, introducing unnecessary trials into his life. If the planet in the horoscope is well located and harmoniously aspected, then the stone will contribute to stability and success in the area for which Saturn is responsible in the horoscope.

Western astrologers believe that in addition to the mentioned signs, the air signs Libra and Gemini can also be happy owners of turquoise . The blue mineral will save Libra from trouble and the negative influence of ill-wishers, will help to improve relationships in marriage and express yourself in creative activities. Gemini, thanks to blue or green turquoise, will become more collected, balanced and calm. They will receive support in their studies and travel, become successful at work and successful in their personal lives.

In any case, before purchasing a turquoise jewelry, it is advisable to consult with an experienced astrologer or lithotherapist. Your own feelings from this stone will help you make the final choice.

Garipova Lilia Ramilevna


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