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11th house in the sign of Scorpio

The 11th house shows how people manifest themselves as  friends, colleagues and employees. Here they can see the qualities of their friends, the nature of the relationship with them and any group association, whether it be a company of like-minded people, a work team or a social project. This sector is a continuation of the 5th house of personal hobbies, creativity and passion, but under the influence of the cold mentality of Uranus, its energy loses its character of physical attraction and turns into social activity and fellowship.

The 11th house in Scorpio generates a great desire to be an authoritative and significant figure in society, both on a large scale and in the company of a few close friends. If the owners of this house are not taken seriously, their opinions are not listened to, they simply gnaw themselves from the inside due to the lack of such a desired stability, because the 5th house most often falls into the sign of Taurus. Therefore, in relations with friends, they are especially vulnerable, which makes them dependent, or vice versa, possessive-manipulators.

Friendship and social activity

Owners of the 11th house in Scorpio are looking for nobility, devotion and selflessness in people, so they are very critical and picky. They do not believe that there is someone who meets their high standards. They themselves are reliable and loyal friends, although they do not forgive betrayal. Having been burned on injustice or self-interest, they become overly suspicious, inventing something that does not exist.

Disappointed in people or not finding a worthy comrade, 11-house Scorpios will prefer loneliness, although it is not recommended for them. Such individuals begin to engage in self-discipline, often cycle on negative emotions, turning into a pessimist. They are protectors of the weak and offended, as they see  in them their vulnerable part of the soul, but they prefer to be friends with strong, and sometimes ruthless personalities.

These owners of horoscope attracted by the dark side, criminal romance, so parents should carefully look at the social circle of a teenager with such a horoscope and develop creative inclinations in it according to the 5th house in Taurus, which will help to take root in oneself, and not look for support in others.

The main features of the influence of the 11th house in Scorpio:

  • interest in the secrets and mysteries of history, magic, criminalistics, astrology, detective stories, celebrity life;
  • mysterious interesting friends with a lot of hobbies that are not always safe for health, for example, extreme sports, exploration of underground caves, basements, bungee jumping;
  • troubles and problems from friends when Mars, Pluto and Uranus are afflicted, especially if negative aspects connect these planets together, however, tension may also appear during conjunction;
  • insight, caution, emotional vulnerability, resentment, vindictiveness;
  • the desire to join the circle of the rich and famous, but unlike Libra, they do not want to adopt their style, often opposing their individuality to generally accepted standards or becoming a gray cardinal.

If the owners of the 11th house in Scorpio work in a group or lead it, they always extol it as an elitist, forcing others to perceive their organization as well. In a friendly company, such individuals are  soft and caring, they will always help, but knowing the vulnerabilities of their friends, they often use this to manipulate in their own interests.

Goals and wealth

People with the 11th house in the sign of Scorpio seek to rule the world. The question is only on the scale of the desired kingdom. It can be a huge corporation or a company of like-minded friends, where they, like a godfather, own minds and make decisions. However, due to the position of the 10th house in Libra, the main ambition is to save the world through beauty and justice. Among the owners of the 11th house in Scorpio, there are many lawyers, plastic surgeons, dentists, designers, detective writers, and architects. Representatives of these professions are also among their friends.

By nature, they achieve success and wealth through the use of other people and their financial and energy resources. Therefore, at a low level of development, they become real vampires and  slave owners for their environment.

At a high level, the 11th house Scorpios understand that success requires a group of individuals whom they will lead to a higher goal and all will receive a reward. They know how to organize the process, set precise tasks and deadlines, helping everyone to reveal their talents.

Elaboration of the 11th house in Scorpio

In the presence of striking aspects and a weak position of Uranus, Mars and Pluto, the outlook and principles of the owners of the horoscope are very different from the views and goals of their social group. Their criticism irritates those around them, they are perceived as rude, insensitive, caustic, not realizing that the need to improve the world is at the heart of it. Such individuals themselevs are forced to cruelly pursue a personal policy of management or interaction with people, imposing their will, which the whole group begins to resist.

In order to avoid constant war, they need to control their emotionality, develop a philosophical attitude to human weaknesses, the ability to understand and forgive. The main task is to find a common language with the group, whether it be a class at school, a course at an institute, a company or a team at work.

Although in case of betrayal of friends, the best tactic is to throw this person out of life, because friends will always be a source of danger for the owners of the 11th house in Scorpio.

Talisman stones will help develop communication skills, mutual understanding and optimism. Garnet, carnelian, obsidian and hematite will suit the native .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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