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12th house in the sign of Gemini

The 12th house is a place of secrets hidden in the subconscious, generic destructive programs or talents that need to be unpacked and put into practice. Here people with such a position of the horoscope can see enemies and their own negative attitudes, dangerous diseases and recurring scenarios of problems that need to be solved in this life, so as not to be passed on to the next generation.

The 12th house in Gemini shows the mind in the shackles of complexes and fears, as well as a strong dependence on any kind of information. On the one hand, this makes it easier to process and perceive it, on the other hand, any fact can launch a destructive program, confuse, disrupt psychological harmony. The owners of the horoscope hide their true thoughts and views, concluding them in the dungeon of the mind, for fear of being misunderstood.

Problems and limitations

Gemini is an air sign, and in the realm of Neptune, the consciousness of its owners is blurred by streams of a wide variety of information. It is difficult to focus on one topic, they are constantly distracted by gossip, yellow press, discussing other people’s plans with pleasure, but they keep their intentions a secret.

At a low level of human development, such a complete connection to the mental field of the Universe is frightening. It blocks the fountain of ideas that come from outside during a period of loneliness. It is also the cause of emotional restraint and sociability.

Owners of the 12th house in Gemini often write to the table. They come up with extraordinary plots of books, poems, computer games, but they rarely share them with others, and even more so with publishers, fearing rejection and ridicule. However, if they decide, they will receive dividends from their creativity during their lifetime, because most often their legacy is recognized after death.

The ideas of people with 12th house in Gemini are used for selfish purposes by brothers and sisters, neighbors, colleagues, therefore, before voicing them, they need to take care of the patent or already begin to implement.

The main features of the influence of the 12th house in Gemini on fate:

  • lack of confidence in their mental abilities and talents, frivolity, carelessness, complexes in relations with people;
  • talkativeness that interferes with work: they prefer to talk on the phone about trifles all day than to focus on useful things;
  • secret business connections, when they work for one person and leak information to another, or knowingly work as spies, extracting hidden data;
  • hacking, the desire to find out the shameful secrets of other people and make them public, for example, as a paparazzi or a journalist of the “yellow” press;
  • the need to sacrifice success in life, career advancement, social circle for the sake of saving reputation;
  • understanding all the dark corners of the human subconscious – success as a psychiatrist, investigator, detective, scientist;
  • naivety, gullibility, when they need to constantly remind themselves that a stranger may be a fraud;
  • the danger of losing documents or goofing off on business trips and trips of a personal nature.

The main problems for men and women with the 12th house in Gemini bring an emotional vacuum around them in the team and constant rumors and gossip behind their backs. They need to accustom themselves in advance to be calm about other people’s fantasies.

Enemies and diseases

The main enemies are the closest relatives, neighbors and colleagues. They can hurt with a word, but also steal important business ideas, or the whole thing, if we are talking about an information product. The ascendant most often falls into the sign of Cancer, that is, the owners of the 12 house in the Gemini in communication with people show themselves sensitive, soft and vulnerable, which makes it easier for ill-wishers to ingratiate themselves and find out secrets.

If there is enmity with brothers and sisters, they need to watch birth programs: were there similar problems in the families of parents, grandparents, and solve this through constellations, because otherwise their children will experience such difficulties.

Most owners of the 12th house in Gemini are not averse to lying, telling the same story to different people in fantasy angles, which also repels others and harms their reputation.

It is difficult for them to survive nervous shocks, and diseases of the respiratory organs and joints are often caused by psychosomatics and prolonged worries about their inability to maintain emotional contacts with people.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Gemini

People with 12th house in the sign of Gemini should accept the fact that in past lives sins were associated with excessive talkativeness and gossip, so now slander and condemnation accompany their appearance in groups. They can work it out by refusing to discuss the lives and actions of other people, as well as forgiving gossips and schemers. There is no other way, but it is difficult to do this, since the temptation will be strong, especially if Lilith is in the 12th house or Mercury and Neptune are associated with it.

It is necessary for such individuals to make peace with brothers and sisters, to maintain good relations with neighbors.
To solve the problem of the 12th house in Gemini, Mercury should be strengthened:

  • force themselves to speak in public, participate in theatrical performances, master-minds;
  • take sessions with psychologists, restrain the desire to chat in vain or vice versa, not allow themselves to sit at home for weeks without communication;
  • constantly raise their intellectual level, open their literary works to the world.

If this is difficult, they can support their 12th house in Gemini with the energy of natural stones. Ideal choices would be serpentine, emerald, jade, and green aquamarine.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Gemini:


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