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12th house in the sign of Aries

Previously, astrologers considered the 12th house the most frightening and unpredictable, but now it is well known that this is a source of unknown resources and untapped talents that have accumulated in the human race. Of course, there is a possibility of a negative influence of complex planets: Saturn, Mars, Pluto on fate, but if you wish, you can work out karma, just through the disclosure of hidden opportunities. It is no coincidence that the 12th house is associated with images of a prison and a hospital, because people will have to heal the wounds of the family and get out of the prison of fears and complexes. If individuals with such a position of the horoscope do not develop along the highest floor of the sign presented here, then they are limited through illness, loss of work and freedom, or they themselves decide to leave the world for a monastery.

The 12th house in Aries is the fire flickering in the cage and striving to break out. The ruler of Aries is Mars, and the 12th house is the kingdom of Neptune. The flame of passions and talents now and then floods the rain of external circumstances.

Problems and limitations

The main problem is impulsiveness and stubbornness. How quickly this will lead to restrictions and losses depends on the position of Mars in the natal chart. If it is struck, the retribution for rash actions will be quick. The location in the signs of fire and air also provokes acting according to mood, and it is more difficult to restrain emotions. However, in difficult moments, the native unexpectedly shows courage.

The 11th house in Aries gives a heightened perception of what is happening with the offended and oppressed, but the desire to help them and be on the same wavelength disappears as they move away, for example, departure. Another option is possible: after reading that money is being collected for the treatment of a seriously ill person, the native will worry and suffer, but will be distracted by everyday affairs and in a day will forget about the desire to transfer money to the account. Help should be quick, until the fuse is gone.

On the other hand, other people’s active actions and social asceticism cause irritation. The owners of the horosocope want to act independently for the benefit of society and themselves, but do not understand how to do it, because the possibilities are karmically blocked.

The main features of the influence of the 12th house in Aries on character and fate:

  • irascibility, resentment, vindictiveness, which are suppressed for the sake of producing the impression of a good person, therefore, cause the psychosomatics of inflammatory diseases;
  • fear of leadership, public speaking, revealing themselves, because of this, they seek to portray Superman, are afraid to show their weaknesses;
  • drawing attention to their problems, which are exaggerated, in order to increase their own significance (with Mars in water signs);
  • an acute experience of loneliness, intolerance of confinement in a hospital, prison, self-isolation, and just being at home during an illness is unbearable;
  • inability to analyze one’s own state of mind, to understand what one really wants and what one should strive for happiness, superficiality of thinking;
  • unconscious desire for places of increased danger, where quarrels occur and a fight is planned, the danger of falling under accidental fire;
  • carelessness, selfishness, lack of empathy and sensitivity in dealing with people.

With a strong Sun in fiery signs, the owners of 12th house in Aries are self-centered, but overcome problems and follow the path of self-development. However, a weak and afflicted luminary promotes parasitism, when they sacrifice other people for their own interests, or for the sake of saving themselves.

Enemies and diseases

The 12th house reveals the identity of the enemy as a real person, but also shows the destructive programs of the subconscious. People with 12th house in Aries are here like soldiers who come to a strange monastery with their charter and provoke hostility towards themselves. They do not have an understanding of the measure of Martian energy, they are either too shy, or too assertive and even impudent.

This imbalance is reflected on the physical plane in the form of:

  • inflammatory diseases with high temperature;
  • physical injuries due to impulsivity and thoughtlessness: fractures, burns, gunshot wounds;
  • constant getting into dangerous situations: fights, quarrels, clashes with crime, attracting aggressive personalities.

The most vulnerable place is emotionality. It is hidden by external bravado and the image of a warrior, which most often do not correspond to the true self. Inside there is a constant struggle of fears, suffering because of the fear of falling into a ridiculous position, becoming an impostor and discovering one’s weaknesses. The secret enemies of the owners of the 12th house in Aries are cruel and vindictive. They can only be defeated by developing willpower and discipline.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Aries

The main problem of people with the 12th house in the sign of Aries is depression in conditions of loneliness. This causes bursts of despair and outbursts of rage, which entails problems on the physical plane of life.

The second reason for failures is stubbornness and inability to listen to anyone but themselves. Elaboration consists in finding and gaining a foothold within themselves, but taking into account the experience and knowledge of other people, taken from books and master classes as well. They need to find an inner fire that ignites and inspires in any conditions, even when they get into the hospital, separation from friends and job loss.

The second stage is the development of humility in front of the necessary sacrifices, which fate will periodically demand, setting in certain conditions where they have to show endurance and courage. Men with the 12th house in Aries need to be brave and noble even with enemies, and women need to show respect for the stronger sex.

To maintain inner fire and self-confidence, it is recommended to wear jewelry with amulets: mukaite, obsidian, jet. They will also protect them from hidden enemies.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Aries:


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