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12th house in the sign of Cancer

The 12th house of the horoscope is responsible for the lower programs of the subconscious, the secrets of the family that need to be revealed and cured, as well as for the long-standing and hidden enmity, which may have begun long before the birth of the its owners. Sometimes people themselves become an obstacle on the way to personal happiness, not being able to cope with deep fears and complexes. Having chosen the wrong path, they fall into certain restrictions: a hospital, a prison, a monastery in order to rethink their existence.

The 12th house in Cancer makes its owners overly sensitive, sometimes so much so that they close their empathic gift, because it is too painful to feel injustice and betrayal. If the Moon, the ruler of Cancer, is afflicted, then the owners of the horoscope will be emotionally imprisoned all their lives, feeling alone even in moments of intimacy.

Problems and limitations

It is far from always possible to melt the ice shell on the heart of individuals with the 12th house in Cancer, but if they themselves understand the essence of the problem and want to freely feel and love, then they are already halfway to healing. This is possible with harmonious Venus, Mercury and the Moon, as well as the presence of trines between these planets.

There are two options for development – people are acutely worried about the feelings of the disadvantaged and offended, seek to help, since the Ascendant is most often in Leo, which means that the role of a good king is very desirable. Another point is that with a weak and afflicted Moon, these are real Machiavellis, for whom the end justifies the means, and emotions are not important. Ruthlessness, a penchant for intrigues and exploiting the weaknesses of others through a brilliantly played role of a noble and misunderstood by society of a person is the lot of a native without a spiritual basis. But in any case, the owners of the 12th house in Cancer have a feeling that they are better off alone than in the company.

The main difficulties and nuances of the influence of this house on fate:

  • isolation from the family, unwillingness to continue a common cause or choose a profession by inheritance, quarrels and breaks with loved ones, especially with the mother, if there are negative aspects between the 12th and 4th houses;
  • forced sacrifices of an emotional nature, for example, giving up personal life for the sake of a career or the need to work hard and hard (6th house in Capricorn);
  • many family secrets of an unpleasant nature, especially if Saturn, Lilith or the Moon is in the 12th house;
  • fears, obsessive dreams, phobias, interest in magic, herbal medicine, healing, solving dreams;
  • addiction to solving mysteries, enjoying the position of the gray cardinal, the ability to cunningly weave intrigues and manipulate;
  • secrecy, vindictiveness with external invulnerability to criticism;
  • a strong contradiction between the need for a warm family hearth and the inability to give love and attention in full;
  • subconscious understanding of the behavior of animals, birds, natural phenomena, the psychology of young children.

Often, youth is spent traveling by water, more often by sea, or its owners  want to connect their profession and life with the water element, for example, to settle by the ocean. However, they need to carefully evaluate how harmonious Neptune and the Moon are in order to understand how safe it is.

Enemies and diseases

All the stresses, phobias and anxieties of men and women with the 12th house in Cancer are experienced deep within themselves. Obsessive fears pretty exhausting their nervous system. Moreover, if the Ascendant is in Leo, they will not seek help, they will hide behind the mask of a royal optimist, despite mental suffering.

The 6th house in Capricorn makes them also stoically endure, hide their weaknesses and go headlong into work. Perhaps this was done by representatives of the genus of them of the same sex with them. This leads to serious disorders of the endocrine and nervous systems, and women experience gynecological problems and breast tumors.

Enemies are most often inherited: people who still annoyed the parents of the native, but in the presence of negative aspects with the Moon, there can be a difficult and even hostile relationship with the mother. Perhaps she was not around during childhood for various reasons, or she deprived her of affection and attention.

Tense connections from planets in the 12th house to other sectors will show where to expect problems and enemies.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Cancer

The source of energy for the owners of the 12th house in the sign of Cancer  is a cozy and peaceful home with a loving family. It is important to create this atmosphere for themselves. Even if someone from the family provokes aggression and stress through the rejection of the owners of the horoscope, their thoughts, creativity, lifestyle and religious views, they can always create their own family, leave and rent an apartment where everything will be arranged in the best possible way.

It is important for such individuals to know the history of their ancestors, to study old photos in order to understand how they lived and what problems they had. Then it will be easier to realize which generic programs to continue or complete.

The elaboration of the karma of the 12th house in Cancer is facilitated by charitable assistance to the elderly and children, to their own mothers, and this is not necessarily material means, but simply attention and participation.

They need to find a balance between empathy and denial of emotions in order to be involved, but not suffer from experiencing other people’s feelings.

To protect themselves from pain and at the same time open their heart at the position of the 12th house in Cancer, jewelry with talisman stones will help: larimar, selenite, cacholong (for women), corals and angelite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Cancer:


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