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12th house in the sign of Pisces

The 12th house of the horoscope – a strong karmic field. Here people can read everything: the sins of the ancestors of the family, supposed illnesses, secret enemies and hidden resources that they have to reveal in themselves right now, so as not to aggravate the karma of descendants. This is a place of loneliness. During any isolation, they should pludge into themselves and understand what to improve and correct, otherwise life itself will limit communication through imprisonment, hospital, monastery.

The 12th house in Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac circle, means that its owners have learned the secrets of other sectors, and now they will face the most difficult exam in Neptunian energies, or vice versa, a great reward awaits, if there are positive aspects with other signs and planets. However, initially given weak energy, pessimism and weak will.

Problems and limitations

The owners of the 12th house in Pisces are very sensitive to the suffering of other people. They sometimes experience them as their own, remaining outwardly absolutely indifferent. Emotions and pain are their inner prison, where they feel uncomfortable and restless, fearing that these waves will hook them and carry them into unconsciousness.

Loneliness in the bosom of nature is as necessary as air. Especially if it is connected with meditations in a circle of like-minded people. It is good to splash out the mystical revelations received at this time through painting, poetry, literature, since it is difficult to talk about it aloud.

It is difficult for the owners of the 12th house in Pisces at a low level of development, because in this case there is no protection of higher powers and a channel of communication with space. They consider them strange, they don’t want to communicate, let alone be friends, they don’t get promoted. Such individuals experience all this very sharply, rushing about in search of like-minded people. It is impossible to find them largely because of the hidden destructive programs of the subconscious.

The main problems and nuances of the influence of the 12th house in Pisces on fate:

  • attraction to everything mystical and mysterious, from magic to religion, constant clash with deceit, betrayal, separation from loved ones due to circumstances;
  • self-doubt, one’s talents and attractiveness, painful suspiciousness, jealousy, suspicion;
  • sensitivity, musicality, plasticity, the ability to express feelings through painting and art;
  • strong empathy for the sick, the homeless, the unfortunate, but at the same time the inability to help them practically, which depresses and makes them feel guilty, so they abstract from other people’s pain and stop noticing it;
  • at a high level of development, with strong Sun, Moon and Mercury, charity work;
  • consolation with illusions, unfulfilled dreams, fears, depressions, which are drowned out by alcohol or drugs;
  • masochism, pleasure in deceit or constant clash with swindlers, intrigues, dirty games of dignitaries.

Pisces in the 12th house are inherent in sacrifice. With inner joy, they can part with material wealth and even with life itself, but on the condition that others will appreciate this impulse as emotionally as possible. If they refused something, and the sacrifice is taken for granted, then the real torment begins here.

Enemies and diseases

The main threat to them is mental disorders that can be inherited. If there are negative connections with the 4th house, then such individuals need to look at the participating planets: what kind of diseases they provoke. Depression, neuroses and chronic fatigue are the top of this iceberg.

The second line is addictions of any kind, starting with emotional unhealthy attachment to relatives, loved ones and even religious postulates, ending with alcohol and drugs. Predilection for bohemian, pseudo-unfortunate individuals with similar habits makes them vulnerable. Most often, alcohol, swearing, the hippie lifestyle are taught by their friends.

The 12th house in Pisces is a lot of secret enemies who, like Aquarius, pretend to be friends, but unlike Uranian friendship, here they are really close people who betray and deceive, while being a kind of teacher. They test for understanding the higher truths of forgiveness and love.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Pisces

There are three things that will help people with the 12th house in the sign of Pisces pass the karmic exam with honor: intuition, empathy, the ability to forgive. These are their strengths, which can actually be applied only at the highest, spiritual level of development. It is vital for the parents of such children to educate them according to the high canons of culture and morality, otherwise degradation is inevitable. It is very difficult for these people to grow up in a family where there is violence, addiction to alcohol and wastefulness. Only a person with a strong Sun and Mars, or one who deliberately wants to strengthen them, can overcome these factors.

An excellent study of Neptune will be sincere religiosity (attending worship, regular confession, communion and any rituals of other religions to which representatives of the 12th house in Pisces belong), as well as working with a good psychologist, since the native has a lot of childhood traumas and accumulated conflicts.

People with such position in the horosocope need to be able to listen to their inner voice, to refuse the temptations of low-energy pleasures like drinking, sex without love, gossip, intrigue. An excellent choice of hobby would be the study of astrology, acting, painting, photography.

The energy of talisman stones will help them resist the forces of evil. As a talisman, they need to wear a serpentine, blue topaz and aventurine of any shades .

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Pisces:


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