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12th house in the sign of Taurus

All the secrets and keys to the doors of the horoscope are in the 12th house. This is a place of tribal karma, where it is clearly read that it is urgent to correct what energy resources are blocked, and what actually threatens people if they do not follow their destiny and do not begin to develop talents. This is indicated by both the planets in the 12th house and the sign of the zodiac itself.

The position in Taurus shows secret temptations with big money, concealment of income and taxes, as well as the presence of enemies related to the topic of finance. If in the case of the 7th house, enemies are meant to be individuals, then here we are talking more about the destructive programs of the subconscious, old pests, when hostility may have begun long before the birth of a person.

Problems and limitations

Usually the sign of Taurus softens the negative impact of complex houses, but not in the case of the 12th sector. Subconsciously, the owners of the horoscope strive to accumulate money, own land and real estate, and sometimes this takes on the character of an obsession, and the slightest difficulties along the way cause apathy and unwillingness to fight for one’s happiness. Venus – the ruler of Taurus is very weak in the field of karmic secrets. Men and women equally have problems with the system of personal values. An inferiority complex, lack of confidence in being attractive to the opposite sex, a feeling of unworthiness of large funds – programs that will have to be worked out using psychological and astrological tools.

Owners of the 12th house in Taurus misperceive the emotional experiences of other people, they need to step back, be alone in order to get a more or less clear picture of what is happening. If they make decisions impulsively, they can make serious mistakes that will adversely affect relationships and finances.

The main problems of the 12th house in Taurus:

  • inability to deeply empathize and provide spiritual support to those who suffer: dryly offer material assistance;
  • feeling of guilt associated with receiving money, the desire for a voluntary ransom, for example, from each salary to buy gifts for relatives or friends, give alms, or a subconscious blocking of finances;
  • renunciation of pleasures and material goods, as atonement for the sins of ancestors (often unconsciously) or a double life: pretending to be an ascetic, but secretly enjoying forbidden fruits;
  • strong vulnerability to bankruptcy, debts, the need to pay alimony, support someone;
  • the habit of falling into depression, inertness of consciousness, fear of change, self-development, misunderstanding of the nature of generosity;
  • with a strong defeat, a vicious circle of material difficulties, losses, when higher forces push to change views and attitudes;
  • desire for loneliness, life away from civilization, in nature;
  • problems are created by beautiful, bright women.

Despite the difficulties with the emotional sphere, peopel with such a position of horoscope are not insensitive crackers. It’s just that people’s problems associated with the loss of finances respond to them, but other people’s depressions and love sufferings leave them indifferent.

Enemies and diseases

The main problem of the owners of the 12th house in Taurus is the shameful secrets associated with sensual pleasures.

At a low level of development, this is a hypocrite who pretends to lead a virtuous lifestyle, but in fact secretly visits brothels, overeats at night and drinks wine when no one is watching.

At the same time, the fear of exposure can be so strong that suppressed emotions affect the throat. Individuals with such a horosocope need to be attentive to their health in terms of the respiratory organs, tonsils, adenoids.

The second weak point is the nervous system. They suffer from overwork due to the contradictions between the desire to save, get rich and the fear of losing everything. Given that the 6th house falls into the sign of Scorpio, workaholism, secrecy and self-criticism arise from an internal hook for material comfort, which adversely affects health.

Enemies are peaceful and lazy, they do not pose a particular danger, but they can harm external attractiveness and relationships with the opposite sex.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Taurus

Since the main trigger of the 12th sector is material resources, it is necessary for people with 12th house in the sing of Taurus to find out their family history: whether the ancestors were dispossessed or deprived of property during the revolution and other events.

Release from the ghosts of the past will open the doors of abundance. In astrology, planets and aspects of the 4th house can be analyzed, especially if they are associated with the 6th and 12th houses.

They need to learn how to handle money freely and without fear, to help loved ones not only financially, but to console, listen, and delve into problems. Such individuals should not worry about secret hobbies for a long time. Here they will have to choose: either refuse temptations, or simply enjoy them without guilt, if this does not harm anyone.

The root of evil lies in an inferiority complex. To consolidate a sense of self-confidence, they need to purchase their own home as early as possible and equip it to their personal taste.

The necessary energy to accept their individuality will be given by mascot stones: rose quartz, turquoise, rhodonite.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 12th House in Taurus:


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