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12th house in the sign of Libra

The house of loneliness and forced restriction of activity through imprisonment in a hospital, prison or monastery, frightens and fascinates with the dangers hidden in it. Many of them require the development of ancestral programs and radical forgiveness on the topics of the planets that are in it. They also show secret enemies and destructive programs of the consciousness of the people themselves. However, there is nothing fatal in the 12th house if measures are taken in time.

When the house is in Libra, the main problems arise in relationships with the opposite sex. Whether it will be a conscious choice of loneliness or betrayal will show the location and connections between Venus and Neptune. Even marriage does not guarantee a trusting warm relationship. People with such a position of the horoscope need to be wary of the deception of the second half and not flatter themselves that personal attractiveness will solve all difficulties.

Problems and limitations

Owners of the 12th house in Libra are uncomfortable at social events. They are introverts by nature and public speaking scares them, and a noisy company irritates them. This does not add to their popularity, especially since the 11th house in Virgo gives them excessive criticality in relation to the environment. Even if they need to be in society for work or with children, men and women with the 12th house in Libra fall into irritability and depression.

In addition, they are tormented by a contradiction: a thirst for material wealth and an aversion to communication with colleagues, superiors, collective gatherings, without which it is impossible to climb the career ladder.

The desire to get rich overnight and the lack of influential friends pushes them to dangerous reckless actions. For example, invest all the money in an adventurous enterprise or mortgage a house for a future business project. Also, it is not necessary to touch upon issues of morality, legal justice and beauty in the presence of them. These topics bother them.

The main problems and shades of influence of the 12th house in Libra:

  • hidden ambitions and a dream of being accepted in a certain social circle, for which they can easily give up passionate love;
  • low empathy, but can be active philanthropists for the sake of creating a reputation and to become an honorary member of society;
  • the ability to impartially distribute financial resources, to act calmly in a dangerous situation, especially if someone needs medical care for injuries and accidents;
  • a completely different nature of relations with people: they communicate with someone respectfully and warmly, someone nods their heads dryly;
  • positioning oneself as an elite person in matters of aesthetics, politics, jurisprudence up to snobbery;
  • development of their own philosophy and even religion, where the measure of morality is beauty;
  • the desire for sacrifices for the sake of justice, but most often the they themselves decide who will suffer and atone for sins, and who is worthy of mercy.

Such individuals will have to experience self-denial in the professed principles of morality and philosophy, completely change the mental picture of the world in order to achieve success in the matters they desire. It is especially difficult to understand one’s role in matters of love and marriage.

Enemies and diseases

It used to be that the 12th house in Libra and the Ascendant in Scorpio is a prerequisite for an unhappy marriage. But again, there is no fatalism here. Just at a low level of awareness in this situation, people with such position of the horoescope are looking for a special relationships, fascinated by the external beauty and exotic appearance of a partner, completely unaware that common interests and tastes are needed for happiness in marriage. As well as attention to the personality and desires of their other half.

If this is understood, then there is no threat to personal life, even when fate throws up karmic checks in a relationship. Enemies of the native from high society, smart, sophisticated and prudent. There may be competition on the basis of beauty and elitism, especially among women, but this also applies to men, for example, when cars, positions, even the external attractiveness of wives are compared.

Due to low sensuality and suppression of true emotions, the owners of the 12th house in Libra are prone to diabetes, kidney nephritis, and pancreatic diseases.

Elaboration of the 12th house in Libra

When communicating with the owners of the 12th house in the sign of Libra, people notice a strange feeling of deceit. As if they pretend not to be who they really are, hiding their true views and opinions.

The ascendant in Scorpio creates an erroneous impression of a passionate and sensual person, but in fact the emotional side of a person is poorly developed. Individuals with such horoscope need to develop their Venus, enjoy the spheres of the house in which it stands, understand their real self and broadcast their values to the world, and not those that are close to the social circle where they want to get.

It is important to understand that an outwardly beautiful person is not necessarily good, and expensive things are not an indicator of happiness, and look deeper, to the root, so as not to become a victim of idealistic views.

The 12th house in Libra creates the prerequisites for betrayal by a partner, so many begin to suspect their chosen ones of treason and deceit, but the problem lies in the erroneous choice of the owners themselves, and not in the husband and wife.

With a divorce, there will certainly be a trial and they need to prepare for this development of events.

The necessary energy of love and empathy will be given to the native by pink diamonds, sapphires, tourmalines, pearls.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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