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2nd house in Libra. Between modesty and chic

The sign, which accounts for the top of the 2nd house , shows the area of ​​activity where the success of daily stable earnings is likely, and the qualities of character that help manage money. In addition, you can find out the level of immunity and self-esteem, spending and eating habits, the nature of people helping in emergency situations. All this affects the general well-being of a person, and the best part is that if the planets and aspects weaken this sector, there are a number of actions through which it will be possible to harmonize it.

When the 2nd house is in Libra, it is important to pay attention to the resource environment, because without partnership, business and personal cooperation, it is impossible to reach a stable income, and this will affect health and mood. A balance is needed between personal charisma and team service.

Character and communication in the 2nd house in Libra

At the first meeting, it is difficult to guess in a lover of comfort and beautiful things a restless and even adventurous character. At a high level of spirituality, the native can simply dream and the possibilities for providing comfort and convenience come by themselves. However, the more negative factors of influence or destructive figures of aspects in the card, the more actively strange personalities are attracted, ready to drag him into dark affairs. The same fate awaits the naive Libra wards in early youth, so you need to avoid dubious companies both in friendship and cooperation.

The passion for art leads the owners of the 2nd house in Libra to the world of bohemia, where it is also easy to fall under someone else’s destructive influence. The main dilemma is tossing between long-term hoarding and the desire to boo, throwing a sparkle in the eyes of others. The second leads to bankruptcy faster than the native can foresee. There are common features of the influence of the 2nd house in Libra on fate:

  • practicality, logical thinking, prudence in communication in adulthood, in adolescence – enthusiasm and naivety, addiction to luxury combined with fear of big money;
  • lack of harmony between reason and feelings, especially if there were disappointments in people;
  • relationships are a sphere of self-development, a source of material achievements and problems;
  • a tendency to impulsive extravagance, when the desire to possess launches the slogan: “burn everything with a blue flame”;
  • the desire to get into a certain social circle and the ability to compromise the rules of decency, to forget about relatives and friends in order to get into the world of the rich and famous;
  • adjustment to the moral code and manners of a society that you like, which leads to personality degradation, if, for example, it is bohemia, where drugs and alcohol are the norm.

A native is a big child, undecided who he is: a modest art critic or a party star throwing a heap of money down the drain. Only by combining a love of beauty and a desire to manage money, being at the top of the social ladder, the Libra ward can become influential and rich.

Relationship with money

Earnings come through useful contacts, personal consultations, and also after marriage. For women, this often means financial protection from a husband or lover. Men can also be tempted to improve their material condition at the expense of the ladies in love with them. Especially if they originally grew up in poor conditions, far from secular circles.

Money for a native is an indispensable condition for meeting the upper social stratum, where he is striving so much, therefore, even with a low income, he will prefer to buy an expensive thing with the logo of a famous brand or go to a fashionable resort, limiting himself in daily spending. Astrologically, in order for money to come, you need to give yourself the right to purchase beautiful interior items, jewelry, new pairs of stylish shoes with pleasure: optional, but heart-warming purchases. This includes a resource for more cash flow.

The owners of 2 houses in Libra perfectly realize themselves as diplomats, journalists, star managers, producers, makeup artists, photographers, gallery owners, organizers of festivals and exhibitions. An excellent choice is a marriage and wedding agency in any capacity, from employee to owner.

Working out the 2nd house in Libra

It is better to keep personal savings in different currencies and sign contracts carefully. Since there will always be a temptation to get rich by dishonest means or at the expense of other people, which later comes out on the sidelines, great attention should be paid to the ethics of relationships.

The habit of letting money go by itself is also characteristic of the owners of the 2nd house in Libra, which is fraught with bankruptcy in the first half of life.

You need to learn to maintain a balance between generally accepted rules of behavior in the desired society and personal principles, and it is better to set them on your own, remaining yourself, and not adjusting to others. This is easily achieved by carriers of the Ascendant in Aries, Leo, Aquarius, Scorpio and Gemini. It is much more difficult if the rising sign and the Sun are in Libra and Pisces.

Financial success most often happens in the 2nd half of life, when the native understands that it is easier to come to prosperity in cooperation, and it is easier to show your professionalism, finishing what is not thought out and not completed by partners.

Wealth often comes after marriage, so it’s important to find happiness in your personal life. Not feeling loved and needed, a person is not able to be inspired for work and self-improvement.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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