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3rd house in Cancer. Fragile snail shell

The third house is associated with information, ways of interacting with the outside world, studying at school, driving any type of transport and communicating with the nearest circle, where neighbors, younger relatives and classmates go. He will also show troubles with documents, which can be avoided if the rules related to the sign on the cusp of this sector are followed.

A position in Cancer gives a sensory perception of all of the above: caring for loved ones, an emotional attitude to school and a painful experience of any changes, moving, conflicts. Even short trips and business trips feel like stress. In tense social situations, a mass of complexes and fears emerge. It is more convenient for him to dispose of familiar information than to learn something new.

Communication at school and with relatives

At a low level of development, the native is biased towards people from a close social circle. Warm feelings are evoked by those who sympathize with him, but if the counterpart is indifferent, the third-house Cancer will not seek his attention, partly because of resentment, but basically, he does not even believe that he will be interested in a cold audience.

Studying at school is arguable if the teacher is sympathetic and kind. The case when a person is doing well in a subject due to the fact that he likes the teacher. A tough and arrogant teacher will for a long time discourage the desire to develop and learn new things, therefore, when choosing a school, you need to inquire in detail about the personal qualities of the teaching staff.

Third-house Cancer does not tolerate criticism, is afraid of quarrels and a showdown, so it tries to please everyone, but the mask of kindness does not always correspond to true intentions. She often hides the need to manipulate others in order to get what she wants. In communication with people, men and women with the 3rd house in Cancer have common features:

  • desire to be in good standing with blood relatives of the first and second line, the desire to study the history of the genus and genetic scenarios;
  • the need to care for and patronize younger family members, especially if the Moon is in the 3rd house or there are harmonious aspects with it;
  • painful experience of any conflicts with relatives, which will not be long in coming in case of defeat by Mars or Pluto;
  • fear for brother and sister, problems due to distrust and resentment of loved ones, if the Moon is struck by Pluto;
  • academic success depends on the emotional atmosphere in the class, if classmates are rude and cocky, then a talented native will simply bury his abilities instead of development;
  • difficulties in communicating with unfamiliar people, cannot advantageously reveal themselves at an interview, which is why they lose many chances;
  • vulnerability when moving, changing climate, traveling to countries with a radically different worldview and religious beliefs;
  • love of gardening and pets softens complexes and internal stress;
  • close relationship with the mother, it is important to look at the position of the moon to harmonize the 3 houses as a whole.

It is important for a native to have a spiritual teacher of the Capricorn type: wise, laconic and serious, who will provide a powerful psychological foundation for confident development.

Driving a car and handling documents

The road for a third house Cancer is always stressful. A person several times checks whether he has collected everything, whether he has put the entire package of documents, even if he calls a taxi to the airport. In the case when you need to drive the car yourself, insomnia happens the day before and endless replay of the travel scenario in your head: which route will you take, where will you park, what will you say if the police stop you.

Experience is the solution to all psychological problems. There are drivers with 3 houses in Cancer for whom the road is their native element, but at the beginning of the journey it was also difficult and scary for them. The exception is harmonious aspects with Mars and Saturn.

If the Moon is in Aries and is defeated by Neptune, Mars and Pluto, it is still better to take a taxi or hire a driver, especially if everything inside is hot with excitement. Women with a 3rd house in Cancer often refuse to drive a car, especially if the Moon is affected.

The documents are alarming of a different nature. Due to the increased suspiciousness, all the papers that are important for the family: generic certificates, certificates, passports are in order and in a safe place. However, if during their registration the native stumbles upon a rude bureaucrat, going through the authorities will bring stress. It is better to take the owner of the harmonious 3 houses with you for good luck.

Working out the 3rd house in Cancer

In matters of the third sector, it is important to strive for the role model of Capricorn according to his highest scenario. Make sensuality your forte. Build strong emotional bonds at school and with family members from a position of unconditional maternal love rather than fear of rejection.

Dignity, inner strength, reliability of principles will be salvation for the hesitant and infantile native with Cancer in the 3rd house. 90% of problems arise from an inharmonious moon. Before solving issues of the 3rd house , you need to strengthen the Moon , then difficulties in communication and self-expression, as well as when driving a car, will be automatically corrected.

You will need to remove bias in the assessment of others. If someone is cold about the native, it does not mean that he is bad. By learning to see and respect the dignity of other people, regardless of their emotional attitude, a person heals his karma and attracts more positive events. This is also related to the study of a kind, the study of negative scenarios, especially those associated with accidents, in order to avoid a repetition of this in your fate.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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