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3rd house in Sagittarius. Soul wide open

Successful schooling, a bank of ideas that will bring prosperity, relationships with friends and immediate family, starting with a brother and sister, shows the 3rd house. It is important to determine the sign where its cusp falls, in order to find out in what atmosphere childhood and adolescence will pass. Parents can then adjust school and teacher choices for maximum learning efficiency.

Although for the third house Sagittarius, this is unlikely to be required. Jupiter , the ruler of the sign, endows the wards with inexhaustible optimism, friendliness and the ability not to notice the shortcomings of the environment. Most often, a person grows up in a large and friendly family, studies in a huge school and is friends with the whole yard. When a native is defeated, or at a low level of development, there is arrogance, boasting and a desire to teach, which complicates relations with family and friends.

Communication at school and with relatives

Jupiter is a symbol of international connections and travel, as well as the expansion of space and knowledge. Therefore, the third-home Sagittarius studies, as a rule, in a prestigious large gymnasium with in-depth study of foreign languages ​​and the possibility of internships in foreign educational institutions. With harmonious layouts, the best teachers in their field teach there, the classroom has a friendly and creative atmosphere. In addition to the main studies, the child often visits other educational institutions: palaces of culture, sports complexes, travels to international competitions.

Third-house Sagittarius learn easily, with enthusiasm grasping new knowledge, but only if the subject is really interesting to them. They need an artistic and inspired teacher who turns the lesson into a theatrical performance and adventure. If you need to concentrate on a difficult and boring topic, the material slips out of memory, which depresses the native. In communication, there is some rudeness, because these are people with a wide open mind, what is on their minds is in their language, and a number of common features of behavior and character:

  • straightforwardness of statements, wit, good nature, superficiality of emotions, high conceit;
  • the role of a benefactor and patron in relation to loved ones: gives gifts, solves problems, and on his birthday arranges a feast for the whole class;
  • the desire to become the most important person among the close circle of friends, with a certain bright status, so that everyone would come to him for advice;
  • the perception of older brother and sister as a happy talisman and role model, and if they are younger – the need to pamper and take care of, to become an idol for them;
  • interest in jurisprudence, brilliant ability in languages ​​and the ability to establish contact with any person, which allows you to be on a short leg with the director and teachers;
  • the ability to inspire others to do both good and bad;
  • talent of a leader, writer, lawyer, translator who knows how to work in a stressful environment, for example, in political negotiations.

If the 3rd house is hit, then academic and work success is impossible without purposeful efforts and diligence. This is solved through the study of Virgo and Capricorn. Their energy will support a weakened Jupiter. With a harmonious position, most of the bonuses go to the native through pull, because numerous relatives do not occupy the last place in society, they enjoy using useful contacts in various spheres of life.

Car driving and paperwork

Third-house Sagittarius prefer large cars in unusual colors: purplish gold or fluorescent blue. Their problem is overconfidence. Having barely read the driving instructions manual and got behind the wheel, they consider themselves experienced drivers, which of course cannot but lead to accidents.

But giving themselves the trouble to study thoroughly, especially if Saturn and Mercury are harmonious, they feel free in the role of a driver, equally well driving a bicycle, an SUV, and even being in the saddle of a black horse.

They have a special bond with horses and have a chance to make a career in equestrian sports.

If the traffic police stop the third-house Sagittarius, he will be very surprised by his legal knowledge and freedom to defend his rights. Not to mention the calls to influencers to get out of a difficult situation.

In matters of documents and bureaucratic instances, the native is lucky without additional connections. He surprisingly skips the line, gets to a benevolent official, but his innate carelessness still causes trouble. For example, a person can easily forget a passport or tickets at home and find it only at the airport.

Working out the 3rd house in Sagittarius

The native is usually lucky in all areas of the 3 houses. If something does not work out, the reason is always inattention to the little things and the lack of systematic application of efforts. It is especially difficult for the owners of trines affecting the third sector. The owners of the 3rd house in Sagittarius get so used to the ease of obtaining material wealth and success in exams, and do not know that the energy of the favorable aspect is not infinite, that spending it risk losing everything.

Without the application of personal efforts for self-development, the stream of luck dries up. There is no habit of working, luck has disappeared, and the former favorite of fortune remains at a broken trough. But this will not happen if you train yourself to immerse yourself deeply in the learning process and not put off urgent matters until tomorrow.

Also, do not recklessly make promises that you can hardly keep. The inflated ego and pride will have to be humbled by spiritual postulates, and in striving to become an authority, not to belittle the achievements of family and friends.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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