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4th house in Virgo. Everything on the shelves

The fourth corner house is fundamental in the development of personality. It symbolizes the roots of our family, our relationship with our mother and real estate inherited in the future. The atmosphere in the family of a matured native is also conveyed by a sign on the cusp of the 4th sector. By using opportunities correctly and neutralizing difficulties, it is easier to perceive old age. It is believed that the last 20 years of life will be under the influence of the 4th house .

In Virgo, he gives preoccupation with cleanliness, both literally and figuratively. The actual sterility of the room sometimes reaches the point of absurdity, as well as the high demands on the morality and integrity of loved ones. Such criteria were laid by the mother, but unfortunately, the native cannot remember the spiritual closeness and joyful pastime, since the parents had responsibilities in the first place, which affected the emotional development of the children.

Childhood and relationship with parents

Mom was focused on arranging the physical side of life: she tirelessly washed the apartment, cooked, washed. In a financially secure family, babysitters looked after the children, governesses taught, and parents carefully followed the rules. In both versions, one could only dream of spiritual intimacy and general leisure.

The owners of the 4th house in Virgo cannot call their mother tender and loving. They don’t realize that she simply does not know how to express her feelings otherwise than through a dinner warmed up on time and clean shirt collars. If Mercury is in Pisces, Cancer, Sagittarius, the relationship is easier and more trusting.

It is much more difficult when he is in Capricorn, Scorpio and Virgo. Then the native himself takes such an alignment for granted and does not know how to behave differently with his family. At the same time, if Mars, Moon and Venus are harmonious and strong, then during the period of romantic courtship before marriage, a person shows himself to be gentle and attentive, but after several years of marriage he falls under the influence of the 4th house in Virgo precisely within his family, also showing a number of other qualities:

  • picky about cleanliness, adherence to rituals and rules, for example, only everyone sits down at the table or watches TV at a specific time;
  • dislike for sensual expressions of love: hugs, kisses, lush celebrations of personal dates;
  • they rarely give home expensive gifts, more often useful and practical things, as the mother did in childhood;
  • complaining about low income and austerity, even if in reality the salary is good, but the downside is the ability, even with a minimum of money, to dress and feed the household;
  • increased severity of the mother to violations of the rules or when mistakes are made: public punishment or deprivation of favorite things, which subsequently repeats the native in his own family;
  • frequent visits to doctors, excessive use of drugs and antibiotics for any reason.

If the Sun and Moon of the owner of the horoscope are in Pisces, Cancer, Leo, Aquarius, Sagittarius, he suffers from the restraint and criticality of his mother or a person replacing her, for example, a grandmother. In her memories, she appears as a tyrant, forcing you to do a bunch of chores, homework, clean the apartment and scold over trifles. In other cases, the mother’s character is perceived as the only correct one and is taken as a model.

Place of residence, problem solving and old age

There is no place for unnecessary things in the house. Revisions are carried out regularly, the old is thrown away without unnecessary sentimentality, the new appears rarely and only for the sake of improving the standard of living: modern household appliances, a spacious wardrobe, gadgets necessary for work. If the 4th house in Virgo is affected, there is a possibility of littering with unnecessary things that were purchased at a flea market or brought from a landfill.

Everything should be in its place. Any permutations infuriate the native. The family is dominated by a sense of duty and a clear distribution of responsibilities. However, with a harmonious position at home, warm friendly relations between people are not excluded, but at a low level of development of the owner of the horoscope, squabbles, quibbles, and disassembly constantly occur.

Housing is often obtained through official merit or mortgaged on favorable terms. Nearby there are many repair shops, supermarkets, shops with useful things for the home. Serious problems rarely occur for a native, but if they do arise, you will have to delve into all the nuances and trifles of an exciting matter, because it is due to oversight and inattention that 90% of troubles occur.

Recent years have passed in running around the doctors, but most often this is the need for communication and attention, which are difficult to get from loved ones.

Study of the 4th house in Virgo

For owners of a horoscope, a small apartment or a small villa in nature will be ideal housing. It is easier to maintain perfect cleanliness and order, to monitor safety. Indoor plants will help get rid of excessive nervous tension and irritability.

To work it out, it is important to show feelings, especially sympathy and sympathy, including the sign of Pisces, thanks to which Virgo evolves in the 4th house, getting rid of pettiness and boring. When there is no practical action along the line of influence of Pisces, in old age such people become unbearable. If there is Mercury, then it is easier to gain the breadth of the soul and go to the highest level of creating a new world with the elaboration of important details, starting from your own apartment. Helping parents in finding the spiritual path and new knowledge brings material benefits and health. Particular attention should be paid to the quality of food, possibly poisoning and intestinal problems, which rarely happens outside the home.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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