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4th house in Aries. Life on a powder keg

The fourth corner house shows the circumstances in which the native passes his childhood and adolescence, his relationship with his mother and in his own house after marriage or marriage, as well as the events of the end of life, approximately 20 years before death. Family traditions, culture within the clan, the atmosphere in the home, material and spiritual benefits acquired through the family line, everything goes along the line of the 4th house .

If he is in Aries, childhood and home environment in adulthood pass as if on a campfire, in harsh, almost military conditions. The native suffers from this, because the atmosphere in the house is red-hot: frequent quarrels and the struggle for primacy between mother and father. The paradox, but finding family happiness with a calm and loving partner, he begins to miss the battles and strife, symbolizing passion and incentive to development.

Childhood and relationship with parents

The owners of 4 houses in Aries with good aspects grow in a beautifully furnished house, where all the new household and computer equipment, deliberately luxurious design, many sports equipment and game consoles, but it is customary to swear loudly, carelessly treat things and not delve into each other’s emotional experiences … Because of this, in adulthood, they also communicate rudely with those who like it, and when Mars is defeated, they can throw up their hands if something is not to their liking.

Most often, the native’s mother was emotionally unrestrained. If the house is burdened with negative aspects, then the external situation of the house may not bother the parents at all. A bed and a dining table with a TV are quite enough, in their opinion. The main thing is the outside world. This situation is typical for athletes who are constantly on the move.

Since the IC at the top of the 4th house often indicates the zodiac sign of the future spouses, the native will subconsciously look for a person with the character of a mother. He will not be satisfied with a calm Taurus or romantic Pisces. Only a fire sign will do: Aries, Leo or Sagittarius.

The main life positions of the owner of the 4th house in Aries:

  • domestic tyranny, the requirement to obey the rules he invented, even if they are on the verge of absurdity, entrusting endless affairs to all family members so that no one rests – at a low level of development;
  • fear for the family, vivid images of violent interference from the outside, due to which the nervous system is disrupted, the desire to protect households through severe restrictions and control;
  • disgust for the weak, wavering, with a fine mental organization, painful and effeminate;
  • outbursts of anger and rage at home: for example, if the ascendant is in Pisces or Aquarius, then at work it will be sympathetic and magnanimous, and at home authoritarian and demanding;
  • self-confidence, willfulness, refutation of authorities, revolutionary manners, if the Ascendant and the Sun are in fire signs.

At home, the owner of the horoscope often has a collection of weapons, often firearms, but when Mars, Pluto and Uranus are affected, and especially if there are negative connections between these planets, the situation may sooner or later turn into disaster. Due to the explosive nature or negligence, injury may occur or worse. Therefore, it is not recommended to keep a weapon with you.

Residence, problem solving and old age

It is likely that the native will move frequently, especially if Chiron is in the 4th house. A person feels equally comfortable both in a tent and a hostel, and in a luxurious suite. The main thing is not to be there alone.

Most often, the owner of 4 houses in Aries lives in the city center or a business district, where life is in full swing, there are many sports and night clubs, entertainment centers. An interesting fact: in 70% of cases, the streets where the native’s house is located bore the names of famous military leaders. Childhood often takes place in the garrison, as parents may be related to the army, or near the training ground.

The cusp of the 4th house also shows a way to resolve urgent issues and conflicts, which will bring a successful conclusion. For the owner of the horoscope, it is best to act swiftly, to meet fears, especially if the problems are related to the purchase of housing or land, as well as to boldly and openly defend their beliefs. Even at a low stage of development, being a tyrant for the family, a person defends his nest with a vulture during enemy attacks.

The last 20 years of life will be incredibly active, interest in sports, communication, discussions will wake up, there will be a desire to change the world by participating in political games.

Working out the 4th house in Aries

The hardest part is to work through deep aggressiveness, since Aries usually does not recognize it in themselves. It comes from the native’s mother, as a consequence of the authoritarian educational regime, and magnetically attracts conflict situations.

Quarrels at home are especially dangerous. If there are negative aspects from Mars, head injury or gunshot wounds are likely. It is necessary to maintain a friendly atmosphere in the apartment, and sort things out on neutral territory or by phone.

Tense ties with the 5th house lead to unintentional injuries to the native’s children when he loses control of himself, therefore endurance and patience should be the main goals in self-development.

In religious matters, the owners of the 4th house in Aries quickly fall into fanaticism, which also leads to dire consequences. We need to learn liberalism by keeping personal convictions at heart, and not making them a subject for controversy.

Any stress is easily relieved by sports. It is advisable to choose team types of competitions and periodically visit the gym. To soothe the soul, farming and floriculture are suitable.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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