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4th house in the sign of Cancer

Corner houses always have a strong influence on the fate of a person. The 4th sector symbolizes the relationship with the mother or the person who replaces her, the atmosphere of childhood and the last years of life. These are the roots of the clan, material and genetic heritage, including talents passed down from generation to generation, which need to be developed. On tangible plan the4th house denotes the style of the apartment, everyday habits and even the area of ​​residence.

The ruler of Cancer is the Moon, which also symbolizes mother. With harmonious positions, people receive a sea of ​​love, care and attention. They have ideal parents who do not cherish souls in their creation. Even in adulthood, mother calls them an affectionate name and brings delicious food for a week. If the aspects are negative, such individuals are completely in her power and do not dare to make their own choices.

Relationships with parents and childhood

Mom and the house she created is the whole Universe for the owners of the 4th house in Cancer. They often miss important events in social life, as their heart is in their home, where loving parents are waiting. However, it cannot be said that the relationship will always be smooth. Childhood is great, but later there are frictions.

Mom does not want to let her chick go into the big world, where they can offend. She remembers the enemies of the child for a long time and often forbids communicating with them, even if the quarrel is in the past. When these individuals grow up, they will be required to start a family and give grandchildren as soon as possible, but psychologically the mother is not ready for the child’s independence and opposes the choice of a partner. If, at the same time, people have the Sun, the Moon and the Ascendant in water signs, it will be difficult to defend their personality and most often they live by parental standards. There are other common features of the wards of 4 th house:

  • a burning interest in traditions and history of its kind: studying documents in archives, restoring old photographs and real estate received from grandparents;
  • sentimentality, kindness, sensitivity, desire to warm and feed guests and relatives staying on their territory;
  • treating employees at work as family members, since the office is perceived as a 2nd house, but with the affected Mars, since the Ascendant is in Aries in 90% of cases, it is also a desire to subordinate employees completely to their interests;
  • emotional dependence on the mood and approval of the mother, even in the choice of a spouse and profession;
  • deep religiosity and at the same time resentment, vindictiveness towards those who disturb the peace of the family, and despite the peacefulness, the ability to kill for insulting the mother and household members;
  • at a low level of development – materialism, greed under the motto: “all in the house”, philistinism, competition with relatives on the topic, whose housing is more beautiful;
  • patriotism, inherited attitudes of the subconscious: sometimes the healing of the body or generic programs, like alcoholism and celibacy, occurs precisely through the psychological study of old events.

This position is also an indicator of the impossibility of living abroad. No matter how good it is in a foreign country, the soul toils and suffers from nostalgia. People with such position need to make every effort to realize themselves in the city where they grew up, or at least not to leave their state. Ideal is to work as a freelancer from home.

Residence, problem solving and old age

The owners of 4th house in Cancer rarely live in new buildings of their own free will. They prefer the old areas with a rich history. They will refuse to leave even from the ecologically unfavorable city center, because there are so many symbols and memories. Their apartment contains many antiques and, as a rule, the owners are well aware of the fate of the previous owners.

If the wards of the 4th house in Cancer are rich, they will not refuse to purchase a haunted house, especially if it is related to their family. In general, this situation favors the acquisition of real estate and the expansion of living space, even if initially the native only has a room in a communal apartment. The interior of the apartment almost completely recreates the picture of the parental house; there is a gravitation towards the rustic-folklore style.

To solve problems, the owners of the 4th house in Cancer should establish an emotional connection with potential patrons and helpers. As in the case of Taurus, it is favorable to invite them home and treat them to their own dishes.

In a harmonious scenario, old age takes place in the circle of loved ones, among grandchildren and children. Negative aspects do not interfere with living together with them, but the native manipulates, pretends to be sick, demanding more attention.

Elaboration of the 4th house in Cancer

Family comfort and confidential atmosphere are the main components of happiness. When the moon is affected, the native becomes a hostage of emotional dependence on the mother, not daring to go against her will and desires.

Such a woman requires children to live under her roof even after the creation of their own family, or imposes her presence, inventing non-existent problems and diseases.

It is important to realize that loving mother does not imply complete submission to her, just as a partner does not have to be like her.

Especially often, men with a 4th house in Cancer demand that the wife cook like a mother and repeat her lifestyle. This is the path to divorce.

The main thing is to focus on warm trusting relationships, to take care in practice, but at the same time confidently go the own way. By and large, having a heart-to-heart talk with a mother, there is always an opportunity to settle differences peacefully.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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