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4th house in the sign of Scorpio

Everything related to the formation of a personality much earlier than birth: roots, heredity, real estate, and later: years of life in the parental house, mother – the universe, under the influence of which the native is formed, as well as old age as a result of the growth of the soul, are reflected in the 4th house. Depending on the level of experience and work on themselves,people turn into who they were in childhood or go to the upper floor of a sign standing on a cusp.

Scorpio always means karmic lessons. In the 4th house, this foreshadows a difficult psychological atmosphere in a house where one of the parents was a tyrant or had a hot-tempered character, used physical punishment. Love for such individuals alternates with hatred and vice versa. Rarely when these owners of the horoscope did without pain and breakdown in childhood.

Childhood and relationship with parents

Such owners of the natal chart have no experience of safe, blissful infancy. From birth, they fall into the flame of other people’s problems, conflicts, quarrels.

It can be as openly criminal showdown in the clan or parents suffering from financial debts who are not up to fun games with the baby, and the high exactingness of the mother, who squeezes the energy out of the children by constant nagging.

She is, more often than not, a manipulator who achieves her goal through resentment, guilt and devaluation. Unfortunately, these matured natives copy this style of behavior in their own families.

For an accurate analysis,they need to take into account the position of the moon. If it is in Aries, Leo, Virgo, Capricorn, Scorpio, Cancer, then parents interfere in the lives of children, impose their will. In other cases, it’s easier to find common ground.

There is an atmosphere of fear in the family home, there are no personal boundaries, respect for privacy. Family members tease each other, make fun of weaknesses, and can fight at the moment of a surge of emotions. However, such an alignment seems normal to them, as well as the main lines of influence of the 4th house in Scorpio:

  • bursts of unmotivated aggression and joy from the failures of others (in severe cases, it applies to children and spouses);
  • the home is full of dark secrets, criminal stories in the family, cruel oppressive parents, even in the lightest version, interfere in personal experiences, impose their way of life, forbid simple joys;
  • the apartment is dark, uncomfortable, there is no way to retire, and if in the 4th sector Mars, Uranus and Pluto, subconsciously a person feels danger and seeks to come home later;
  • uninvited guests in the apartment in childhood, and let the chosen ones into their homes, do not like to celebrate birthdays and New Year at home;
  • there is a secret hideout or room wherethey can hide for privacy and creativity;
  • fanatical devotion to family traditions and religion;
  • the need for “destruction” and renovation of housing: general cleaning, renovation, redevelopment;
  • inspiration by rivalry with family and friends: when natives cease to see them as competitors, they lose interest and devalue ​​them as individuals.

Living with such individuals is very difficult. If there is no development and transition to new levels of consciousness, and they grew up in a religious family, then the partners will be forced to live by the same rules. Collaborative improvement is not about them. It is important to understand that without an intense sex life, men and women with the 4th house in Scorpio turn into aggressors and abusers.

Residence, problem solving, old age

The apartment of the owners of the horoscope is often uncomfortable, damp, dark. A rare person will feel calm and comfortable there. Much depends on the position of Venus. If it is in Taurus or Leo, then it will be a rich interior with a predominance of black, in Aquarius – naked hi-tech, reminiscent of a spaceship, in Virgo and Capricorn – Gothic asceticism. Religious attributes are prominently displayed, and not infrequently not far from the house is a church, mosque, cemetery or psychiatric hospital.

Old age also depends on karmic processing. At a low level, people with 4th house in Scorpio remain alone, scattering loved ones with endless humiliation, claims and aggression. They themselves are offended by the whole world, believe that they were betrayed, although there is no one to blame other than thier difficult characters.

Such a fate is typical with the Ascendant in Leo, Venus in Aries, Capricorn with a weak Sun in Cancer, Pisces, Libra. At a high level, this is a wise and experienced head of a huge family, who ensures their material and psychological well-being, ready to help with advice and money.

Problems need to be solved through psychological adjustment to superiors, personal charisma, analysis of the situation. Courage and calculation will help in any business.

Elaboration of the 4th house in Scorpio

The roots of the native’s failures and misfortunes are to be found in the history of the family. There, in 90% of cases, they can find a cabinet with skeletons. Some of the ancestors were cruel to their wives, the mother beat the children, the father drank and secretly loved another: any fact is a source of internal aggression of the owners of the 4th house in Scorpio, which requires elaboration and healing. Otherwise, the people themselves do not understand why they are not able to restrain the flow of abuse and blows of fists in the usual situation for others.

Particular attention should be paid to gaining financial well-being in the area of ​​the 10th house, the cusp of which is most often in Taurus. Wealth, own property and freedom from picky bosses are the key to the psychological comfort of the family.

The owners of the 4th house in Scorpio should analyze in detail their deep motivations, designate goals and priorities. Without education, self-improvement and communication with enlightened people, degradation and immersion in darkness will definitely occur.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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