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4th house in Taurus. Protected by happy karma

Taurus brings comfort and consistently good development to any sector of the horoscope. However, this is 100% true only with a harmonious position of the house and its ruler Venus . When defeated, grace turns into stagnation and greed, stubbornness and snobbery. The 4th house of the horoscope symbolizes the mother, the atmosphere in the parental home, inheritance of ancestral possessions and genetics.

It will show in what conditions childhood passed, and why a person builds family relationships according to the usual model. Surprisingly, the events of the last 20 years of life are also read in this sector. Taurus wards usually grow up in an atmosphere of love and prosperity, they are surrounded by care, attention and gifts. This is an indicator for happy family relationships and a quiet old age in a family estate with a large garden. But if there are negative arrows from Mars, Pluto, Moon and Venus, everything will be difficult.

Childhood and relationship with parents

4th house in Taurus symbolizes mother – the fairy of the hearth. She is a master of cooking, master of cleaning, always listens, hugs, comforts. It is much more difficult if the Moon and Venus are struck by a square or opposition to Mars. This creates a confrontation between parents, when the adored mother suffers, and the child subconsciously takes her side. In this case, the imbalance in the relationship turns into the native’s own marriage and creates quarrels out of the blue.

The partners are expected to repeat the role model of the cozy and homely head of the family, but the spouses of the owners of the 4th house in Taurus perceive such an offer as imprisonment.

For a native it is important that the house is clean, beautiful, smells delicious of fresh pastries, and only close and reliable friends come to visit. Food is a symbol of stability and safety. At a low stage of development, a person seizes on problems, returning psychological comfort, at a high stage, he arranges feasts or beautifully sets the table, enjoying the aesthetics of food. Regardless of the level of spirituality, there are common lines of influence of the 4th house in Taurus on fate:

  • the expectation that his parents will protect him from all the hardships of life, the feeling of home as a refuge from the injustice and cruelty of the world;
  • firm principles and beliefs are formed in childhood under the influence of mom and it is unrealistic to change them later;
  • transformation into Plyushkin with age occurs inevitably in the absence of spiritual development;
  • any relationship in the family and with relatives is stable: not only good, but also hostile, when the Moon is struck, and all life there is a confrontation with the mother and women of the clan, and if the tension comes from Mars, then with men;
  • luck associated with the purchase or inheritance of real estate: a native is rarely left without his home, fate itself offers him options, and the procedures for registering property are easy.

For the development of spirituality and professional self-realization, it is necessary to choose a specialty along the line of influence of Scorpio, where the 10th sector of fame and success inevitably falls with the cusp of the 4th house in Taurus. Otherwise, there is a high probability of getting bogged down in materialism, pettiness and withdrawing into a narrow circle of contacts. However, it is women who often prefer to be housewives, and men strive for more.

Residence, problem solving, old age

A native will always find a way to decorate his home, even if it’s just a house in the village. Since childhood, the owners of 4 houses in Taurus turn their room or corner into a comfortable and beautiful abode, according to their tastes. With Venus struck, the design can be clumsy and overly pretentious with a predominance of pink or a combination of completely inappropriate colors: red and blue, for example. But if the planet of love is harmonious, then the interior and landscape will delight the eyes of the host and guests.

The carriers of the 4th house in Taurus prefer quiet sleeping areas, where their favorite restaurants, supermarkets and family parks are within walking distance. The ideal solution would be comfortable and spacious residential complexes in ecological forests, far from the noisy city life, but with everything you need around.

Most likely, they will meet old age at their favorite dacha or residential complex, where they can wander in the forest in the morning and enjoy herbal tea on the terrace.

Problems should be resolved as diplomatically as possible, in a comfortable atmosphere, endearing to yourself with gifts and delicious food, if possible.

Working out the 4th house in Taurus 

It is always easier to harmonize the 4th sector under the control of Venus than in other hands. It is important to understand that besides beautiful things and delicious food, there are higher goals. Having satisfied the basic needs for beauty and comfort, you need to go further along the Scorpio line, developing the sensual and exploratory nature of the axis of 4 and 10 houses. These are religion, philosophy, medicine and secret knowledge.

An excellent way of development would be to spread your skills in creating aesthetics of home comfort, clothing design, landscape, interior design. The position of Venus will indicate the leading direction.

You will also have to recognize the self-sufficiency of the partner and not impose your model of relationship on him. The only thing Taurus not to give up is that in marriage he should feel the loyalty and reliability of his companion.

Disadvantages – laziness and narrow-mindedness, in which sitting in front of the TV is often a favorite pastime, which contributes to excess weight. It is advisable to buy a house outdoors in order to work in the garden in the fresh air and walk in the evenings, which will have a beneficial effect on health and appearance.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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