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4th house in Leo. Expanding the boundaries of the kingdom

The fourth house is corner, and therefore fundamental and influencing the basic values ​​of life. It symbolizes the image of the mother, childhood and old age, as well as the atmosphere in the home, first in childhood, and later in the period of cohabitation with spouses and children. The owner of 4 houses in Leo perceives the dwelling as a personal kingdom, trying to equip it with maximum luxury in order to proudly hold receptions and amaze with expensive design.

It is quite possible that the love of luxury was instilled in him by his mother, who certainly loves pomp and status. The child perceives her as a beautiful sorceress, with whom it is always fun and interesting, but with tense aspects, she becomes ambitious and authoritarian, believing that the achievements of children are the key to her personal success.

Relationships with parents and childhood

Most often, the owners of 4 houses in Leo live in a rich and comfortable dwelling, where they love holidays and try to bring a note of theatricality to any event. With a harmonious Sun, both parents adore the child, arranging a competition to spoil more and surprise with unique gifts.

But it is unlikely that such a fabulous childhood happens in the wards of the Sun with squares and opposition, or when the 4th sector is affected by them from other planets. It is especially difficult when such an aspect comes from the Moon, which also denotes the figure of the mother. In these cases, the tyranny of the parents is aimed at achieving their goals through the children.

They force them to appear in commercials, play on stage, participate in creative competitions for the sake of money, in order to show off to friends, without being interested in what the child is really interested in.

Woe to those children who do not have a bright talent. Throughout their lives, they have been compared to more successful and smarter peers. But in any case, Leo on the cusp of the 4th house endows the owners of the horoscope with a number of common features:

  • real estate and property are perceived as an indicator of status and wealth, and also often become synonymous with happiness;
  • tyranny in relation to home or strong dependence on the desires of the child, mother, father (with the square of the Sun and the Moon);
  • all energy is invested in life inside one’s home in the absence of freedom to implement ideas for the 10th house in Aquarius and an insufficiently stable position in society, taking into account Taurus on the Ascendant;
  • organizing home holidays for children and friends becomes a real source of strength for the native;
  • the desire to impress guests with rare expensive interior items, and if the 4 sectors and the Sun are defeated, with lurid barbaric splendor;
  • men with this position are fond of collecting edged weapons, and women satisfy vanity with sets of jewelry, exclusive perfume and cosmetics;
  • the foundation of personality is power, money, recognition that at a high level of development is transformed into a phenomenon in the world of family traditions and achievements, the continuation of the glory of the family.

With warm and trusting relationships with parents, the native’s Sun increases , respectively, self-realization, fulfillment of destiny, monetization of talents occur easily, as if according to a movie script. If a mother’s praise is as difficult to earn as the Empress’s favor, deep insecurity will ruin all areas of life.

Place of residence, resolution of issues and old age

A strong desire to be liked and to be the center of attention is expressed in the subconscious choice of an area next to beauty salons, palaces of culture, cinemas and concert halls. This is definitely a prestigious residential complex, where the rich and famous neighbors. The native’s soul is warmed by belonging to this social circle, but it is quite possible that he himself is not the last post in show business and politics.

If the Sun is strong, a person can easily acquire spacious, light housing, make custom-made designs and live in grand style. Problems in this case rarely arise, because he enjoys the sympathy and favor of high-ranking officials, or the father acts in this role, but if help is still needed, it is important to provide guarantees of debt repayment without acting as a helpless supplicant. Leo will receive more support from a cash-strapped king than a destitute bankrupt, especially if he provides an optimistic plan of action.

The end of life takes place in the luxury and contentment of your own home, meetings with friends and an active social life. True, in the presence of negative aspects, there is a risk of turning into a domestic tyrant, blackmailing loved ones by depriving them of support and money.

Study of the 4th house in Leo

Initially, this is an excellent position for the 4th sector, where there are all the prerequisites for a luxurious and prosperous life. The problems come from the nature of the native himself. Selfishness and the desire to feel the admiration of others around their home and way of life sometimes pushes for extravagant actions and the creation of a deliberately luxurious surroundings. You need to focus on your personal tastes, not thinking about how to capture the imagination of future guests.

Generosity should not translate into demonstrations. It is imperative to improve your relationship with your mom. The right way is to maximize your talent and embody it along the 10th house line . Even if a mother sees her offspring as a screen star, and he becomes a respected teacher or doctor, over time she will accept his choice.

Can not entertain feelings of parents, forbidding himself to follow his dream, especially when Meridian Midheaven in Aquarius. At the same time, you need to carefully work out the complexes, and meet any failures with pride and optimism.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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