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5th house in Aquarius. Striving for the ideal

Love as pleasure, creativity as pleasure, and raising children, thanks to which a person is able to discover the resources of both, go along the line of the 5th house of the horoscope. This also includes the sexual potential and circumstances of conception, as well as, oddly enough, religious experiences, but not in terms of following dogmas, but the inner feeling of God. Knowing what sign is on the cusp of this sector, you can become happier in love and personal relationships, as well as understand in which direction to create.

5th house in Aquarius gives a passion for everything unusual and exotic. Under mystical circumstances, feelings flare up and a child is conceived, a mental connection precedes sexual desires, and creativity is inseparable from the image of a native, tirelessly looking for his ideals, in the pursuit of self-improvement. Becoming a narcissist or reaching the highest level of love depends on karma and desire.

Children and creativity

In relationships with children, the key word is freedom. From an early age, they are given the right to choose. They are not forced into responsibilities, homework, and social norms. The native’s spirituality will become a measure of the child’s adequacy, who becomes either an outstanding personality with no boundaries in his head and many talents, or a strange outsider who does not know how to maintain friendly relations and find his place in the team.

At the middle level, the younger generation is allowed to try all areas of life, but the parent of course explains what is good and bad, leaving them to draw conclusions on their own.

With the defeat of home and Uranus, all-round freedom arises due to circumstances when mom or dad is on the road, or works late, and the children are left to themselves. The community of interests and mutual support disappears, a uranic cold appears, incomprehensible to the heart of the child. This creates psychological trauma that is difficult to work through. In a favorable scenario, parents and children are best friends.

The main lines of influence of the 5th house in Aquarius on the fate of the native and his descendants:

  • a feeling of being chosen by the Higher Powers, endowment with artistic and musical talents, a non-standard vision of the world and behavior, a unique sense of style;
  • the ability to draw creative ideas directly from the global subconscious, thanks to which they create fantastic works about the future or a new format of music that amazes the imagination;
  • a combination of a humanitarian mindset and an understanding of innovative technologies, while carelessness in relation to finance;
  • the desire to make the child an ideal that everyone will admire, but not by force, but through the support of his true desires, even if they go against the stereotypes of society, for example, when choosing an impractical abstract profession;
  • Difficulty controlling unusual behavior, especially in adolescence, when defiant protests against the ideals of parents and teachers will occur;
  • neurological problems, autism, disobedience, low empathy, lack of understanding of moral and cultural norms of behavior with a strong defeat at home, Uranus and Saturn.

Five-house Aquarius are great lovers of personal freedom, especially if they work in the creative field, therefore they often give their children up to be raised by grandparents, and they themselves go sailing on the seas of life. If there are no negative aspects, the relationship with the heirs does not suffer.

Love relationships

The desire for independence and strong falling in love through the mind leads to dozens of novels with different people, half of which do not go into the intimate sphere. Five-house Aquarians can meet for many months and do not even strive to drag a companion into bed. Moreover, the assertive passion of fans or overt sensuality in sex scares them away, removes the flair of platonic romance, which they need for enthusiastic inspiration in creativity. Uranus always brings an element of surprise and eccentricity to the affairs of the 5th house, which means there will be an unplanned pregnancy, spontaneous marriage, if there are connections with the 7th house, sudden falls in love and breakups, when the native is least ready for such a turn of events. Extramarital affairs and children are also not excluded.

If the native and the partner are connected not only by flirting, but by spiritual or professional goals, and feelings have cooled, it is quite in the spirit of Aquarius to imagine an ideal companion during sex, and not a real person.

With the defeat of Uranus, inadequate antics of the owners of the horoscope in relation to the chosen ones lead to conflicts and quarrels, and if the destructive aspect comes from the 7th house, the child will have problems with his stepfather or stepmother.

Study of the 5th house in Aquarius

Any monotonous activities, routine, overload with everyday problems provoke the native’s neurosis and aggression. Strict rules and dogmas awaken a revolutionary spirit in him, which destroys relationships with loved ones or his soul. Therefore, it is important to do exactly what you love, to study everything new and modern, especially in the field of IT, aviation, astronautics and secret spheres of the Universe, for example, astrology and neurographics, to learn and teach others, to invent and see the benefits of your discoveries in practice.

Women with the 5th house in Aquarius have problems conceiving and carrying a pregnancy if there are negative aspects. This is neutralized through the harmonization of the Moon, since it is much more difficult and longer to influence Uranus as the highest planet. With the dominance of the fire element, the propensity for extreme can lead to accidents if Uranus, for example, is in the 8th house and in square with Mars. It is important to work this out in advance by cycling, skiing, rock climbing, long jumping, high jumping, water after thorough preparation in training.

Paraiba tourmaline, blue topaz, cacholong , white opal , sultanite and lapis lazuli will become talismans-amulets .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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