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Cacholong – magical and healing properties of the stone

Cacholong is an incredibly beautiful milky-white crystal with grayish patterns and mother-of-pearl sheen. It belongs to the chalcedony family, contains a lot of chalk and quartz compounds. The name refers to the Kalmyk language and means “river gift”. It is opaque, has a glassy luster, due to which the Indians called it “the fossilized milk of the sacred cow.” Also known as pearl opal, white chalcedony and milky quartz.

The magic of the stone is to support the fertility of the woman and the land on which it is located. In Egypt, cacholongs were presented as a gift to the goddess Isis, who patronizes childbirth, women in position and girls who dream of motherhood.

Romans adored cacholong for its amazing shade, it favorably set off the beauty of brown-haired women, brunettes, red-haired ones. Ancient dentists made plates from it to hide cosmetic defects in teeth. Due to the softness of the mineral, such inserts could not serve for a long time, but they fit well with the natural shade of the dentition.

Pearl opal beads were popular in the 18th and 19th centuries among the romantic young ladies of the Turgenev type. Bas-reliefs, gems, cups and figurines were carved from it. Cacholong does not tolerate a dry climate and heat, it cracks easily from drying out. Jewelers recommend lubricating it with natural cosmetic oils and removing it while swimming in the sea. Shades of a gem, white with lilac and bluish undertone, are perfectly combined with turquoise, malachite, carnelian.

The magical properties of the stone

Kaholong is a stone of immaculate purity and heavenly beauty. It clears the mind of harmful thoughts, awakens the desire to spiritually improve and develop. This is a great talisman for young girls that will protect them from malevolent men, aggression and attacks, awakening spiritual beauty, which will immediately be reflected in their appearance.

The mineral is pacifying and incredibly useful for families, where everyone screams and swears, as it will bring harmony and freshness to each other's perception. This will allow faded feelings to move into a stage of warm tenderness.

The power of the cacholong is gentle and gentle, so it can be worn throughout pregnancy, and especially during the planning period. It helps to conceive, even in medically difficult cases.

A pendant and beads made of pearl opal are the best talisman for young mothers, as well as for:

  • politicians, civil servants, lawyers, managers – will refine intentions and direct them to the path of serving the people;
  • gynecologists, neonatologists, teachers – will connect them to the highest wisdom, helping to take the right direction in treatment and education;
  • healers – will tell you where the root of the problem is during the energy examination of patients.

Cacholong is an absolutely feminine stone, it will help remove difficulties on the path to female happiness, endow it with beauty, understanding, flexibility of thinking. For its quick activation and tuning to the energy of the owner, lithotherapists advise wearing a ring or bracelet alternately on the left and then on the right hands. A yellowed gem signals a magical attack on the wearer.

To attract a spouse, young girls need to wear a ring with a cacholong on the ring finger of their left hand, and after marriage – on the right, with this position, the stone will quickly establish harmony and understanding with their beloved.

Healing properties of the stone

River magic of fertility heals female diseases of the pelvic organs: infertility, adhesions of the tubes, inflammation of the appendages, endometriosis. Of course, the main task of the mineral is to help get pregnant; it is for this purpose that the ancient Mongols gave it to brides during their weddings.

In our time, conception can be controlled by medical means, but it is better to give a milk stone miracle to the full restoration of women's health. In addition, it will have a beneficial effect on:

  • the central nervous system, relieves stress and pain;
  • restoration of the menstrual cycle;
  • the amount of milk in the breast after childbirth;
  • the gastrointestinal system – frees from toxins;
  • opening of the crown chakra, through which the body is saturated with healing energy and information from the Subtle World is received;
  • the condition of the enamel of the teeth – protecting it from damage at the level of the etheric body;
  • organs of vision – will lower the intraocular pressure during daily meditation, for this it is better to use a large geological specimen.

If, shortly before giving birth, the baby is in no hurry to roll over, then it is necessary to carry the cacholong in a pocket near the abdomen. This will miraculously help you avoid a caesarean section. If the mother carries a milk gem during feeding, then the baby will not have colic.

Who is suitable for the zodiac sign

Caholong will not harm and suits all signs of the zodiac , but it will most effectively affect Pisces , Scorpions , Cancers , coinciding with them in energy. It harmonizes mood swings, removes unreasonable sadness.

Priceless gift will pearl opal women Capricorn , Virgo and Taurus . Being overly straightforward and categorical, they often cannot start a family and suffer from too much male energy. Kaholong will tell you how to reveal femininity and sensuality, make them seductive. It will provide success and good luck to Aquarius , Libra and Gemini , but representatives of the element of Fire can feel unreasonable sadness when wearing milk opal jewelry for a long time.

The unique impact of the cacholong is due to its connection with the Moon and Venus . If in the natal chart these planets are weakened by squaring with each other, Mars and Saturn, Neptune, then to correct the situation it is necessary to wear jewelry made of stone and place it at home in the southwest and north.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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