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6th house in Aquarius. Opponents of the ordinary

The house of service as the highest value of human nature determines not only the household duties that we must fulfill in order to reach our destination, but also humility, recognition of greatness in other people, the ability to humbly accept rewards and pay off debts on time. Health as a gift for the correct perception of trials or illness as restrictions on the path of development, everything can be predicted and harmonized along the line of the 6th house.

Aquarius on the cusp symbolizes a creative freedom-loving person who does not recognize the rules and plays his own game. It is especially difficult for him to work through the main aspects of the 6th sector: the daily routine leads to depression, hence the layoffs, quarrels with the boss, a change of profession, nervousness and mental problems, because it is not easy to start from scratch in different areas, trying to retain past achievements.

Work and discipline

The ruler of the 6th house in Aquarius, Uranus , always encourages the native to improve and modernize his place of work. If there are no negative aspects, most likely, he will already come to the office with the best equipment with advanced gadgets, and receive the necessary equipment for personal use. But in any case, the owners of the 6th house in Aquarius will find a way to speed up the work process by connecting technical innovations or skillfully shifting some of the responsibilities onto less creative colleagues. They are not to be occupied with fantasy on this path.

Children with a 6th house in Aquarius are difficult to seat for lessons. They shy away from household duties, inventing stories as reasons. In adulthood, the ability to come up with a good reason not to come to work, if you do not want to, remains, so it is better for such an employee to immediately give the opportunity to work actively at will, in order to relax more due to what was done in advance.

The main lines of influence of the 6th house in Aquarius on fate and character:

  • an original approach to solving any problem, which often leads to a tendency to reinvent the wheel instead of simple and quick action;
  • creativity, the ability to do everything quickly in order to quickly get rid of unpleasant things and start an interesting part of the work;
  • hovering in the clouds, procrastination, optionality, lack of a sense of time: being late, delaying deadlines, starting the task at the last moment;
  • the need for a free schedule, no dress code, the need to obey and show respect to higher ranks;
  • Democracy and friendliness in communication, especially in relation to subordinates, a keen sense of justice, which often leads to conflicts with management and dismissals.

6th house in Aquarius is an indicator of working remotely from home, but not for oneself, but being attached to a large corporation with the opportunity to attend corporate events, master classes, symposia. A native needs a team to shine, but he does not intend to obey its rules.

Disease predisposition

The native suffers from an overstrain of the nervous system, and if Uranus is aspected by harmful planets, then sudden injuries often occur out of the blue. The nature of the diseases is always the same: a chronic problem is exacerbated by sluggish symptoms and suddenly explodes with a life-threatening ending. In the mild version, the accumulated nervous tension, suppressed conflicts and stresses result in tantrums, in the worst case, heart attacks, strokes, and thrombus separation occur.

An active mind of a native haunts the nervous system and legs. Aquarius in medical astrology is responsible for the shins, so they are also under threat. The main diseases in the 6th house:

  • epilepsy, neurosis, neuralgia of various organs, mental disorders, hallucinations, sleep paralysis;
  • vascular spasms, hypertension, asthma, sudden infectious and viral diseases;
  • leg cramps, pinching of the leg nerve, as well as dislocations, fractures, bruises;
  • thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, foot swelling, ligament rupture;
  • schizophrenia, Parkinson’s disease, speech impairment or pronunciation defects that need to be worked out by a speech therapist.

To accurately determine the likely illnesses of the cardholder, all aspects and their figures must be taken into account. Much depends on the level of spiritual development, awareness and desire to complete karmic tasks. As a rule, choosing the right profession is the best way to improve your health.

Working out  the 6th house in Aquarius

The purpose of the six-domed Aquarius is to work for the good of society, and after reaching a high position in the world, to engage in volunteering and charity. This perfectly harmonizes the problems at home, protecting against the acute course of illness, since the person will be in the energy flow.

The professions of engineer, physicist, astronomer and astrologer, pilot, aircraft designer, aircraft technician, photographer, mechanic, dispatcher, musician, architect, military signalman, actor and stage worker are shown. You should not strive to lead a large team. Six-house Aquarius is much more pleased to be part of the overall process or a vice president who has more freedom and less responsibility, but you can inspire employees to feat and influence events.

It is good to do energy practices like qigong, meditation, and attend prayer services to promote health. Swimming can help you relax after a nervous breakdown.

Talisman stones help to stay in the energy flow and protect against enemies. All types of blue topaz , paraiba tourmaline, star opal , paired alexandrite and rock crystal are suitable for the 6th house in Aquarius .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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