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9th house in the sign of Libra

The ninth house is the basis of a person’s worldview. When analyzing a map, it is often skipped, believing that knowledge is obtained in any case, but in fact it is about choosing the right way to interact with the world and thinking, which will lead to the success of a particular horoscope owner. They are formed through participation in social life. This process is individual for everyone and goes through higher education in a certain sector of society and travel to other countries, as well as through communication with relatives from a life partner. They often have a completely different behavior than the native, which helps to expand their understanding of the world.

Owners of the 9th house in Libra always have a role model to follow and stand out from their peers with dreams of high status and purpose. They try to be the ideal of beauty and developed intellect, confidently heading towards the goal of taking their place under the sun. Beauty and the external trappings of success are their triggers, so they are willing to do anything to get both.

Education and knowledge

The ruler of Libra in the 9th house is Venus, like that of Taurus, but its influence is different. It is also important for Taurus to study in prestigious, luxuriously decorated educational institutions, but their fetish is material comfort. Libra also wants the university to be in a beautiful architectural building with a unique dress code, insignia, nameplates of celebrities who graduated from it, but much more important is the status that they will receive after.

If Taurus women with the 9th house after graduation calmly get married and take care of the house, and the men sit down for years in a quiet place of work, the nine-house Libra will go up the career ladder, applying everything they have learned. They are warmed by the thought that they are growing up, approaching the ideal of a movie star, politician or businessman from TV, which they saw once in childhood.

With a harmonious Venus, the whole world contributes to the realization of their dreams, but if it is struck, there is a choice between observance of moral standards and success. Sometimes the owners of the horoscope have to go to obvious adventurism in order to be in the desired university, in the circle of the elite. Common features of the influence of the 9th house in Libra:

  • neatness and organization: a perfectly clean desktop, a working laptop, books arranged in alphabetical order;
  • the desire to enter universities known to most people by ear: MGIMO, Oxford, Harvard, and only later choose a specialization for themselves;
  • the desire to stand out from the crowd due to knowledge combined with an elegant appearance;
  • the need for justice encourages an active social life among the students: the head students of the course, assistants to the rector;
  • fear of open conflicts and quarrels, when Venus is struck, they suck up to teachers, give gifts to improve grades, and even bribes are not ruled out;
  • politeness, diplomacy, eloquence, elegant written style;
  • interest in astrology, numerology and any secret knowledge.

It is good to choose a profession in the field of beauty and medicine, for example, plastic surgery, which correlates well with the 10th house in Scorpio, as well as jurisprudence. More precisely, they can see by the aspects of Venus.

Travel and religion

Once having chosen faith, they will not change themselves. However, if the religion of the family does not meet their aesthetic ideas, they can change their principles and sincerely believe in the new ideology. It is important for them that everything is beautiful, elegant and fair. The nine-house Libra, faced with the rudeness or duplicity of the clergy, can leave the church or switch to another confession. Psychologically, they are closer to Confucianism and Catholicism.

They agree to travel only in first class with maximum comfort to countries where it is beautiful and safe. They do not like to travel around their country and go on business trips out of necessity, reluctantly. However, nine-house Libra treats foreign culture with admiration and respect. It seems to them that it is better abroad than at home, and the only reason why they do not like long trips abroad is the fear of not meeting the high standards of the people living there, which is most often not true, but it is difficult to work out the complexes of the owner of the 9th house in Libra. Therefore, they start traveling late, with a decent amount on their account and choose only the best hotels.

Elaboration of the 9th house in Libra

The owner of the 9th house in the sign of Libra is an excellent lawyer, but a very bad judge. It is important from early youth to find a good adviser and spiritual teacher who will become a tuning fork in the stream of eternal choice in the mind of a person. Once such owners make a decision, everything starts to line up by itself, but the problem is that they don’t know where it’s better, they want to do everything. The main thing to understand is that not all that glitters is gold, and a prestigious university does not mean that talents will be revealed in the best possible way. It is important for them to decide on their purpose, mission, and then choose an educational institution.

It is better to travel by air if Venus is harmonious without bad aspects to Uranus.

Elegant appearance is a kind of Libra talisman in the 9th house. Sometimes it is possible to get into the circle of the elite simply out of personal sympathy for someone from this society, but knowledge of etiquette and good manners is also necessary for success.

Jewelry with diamonds, raspberry tourmaline, zircons, paired alexandrites in white gold will be good energy assistants for the ambitious goals of the native.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the 9th House in Libra:


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