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Aspects of the Sun and Saturn

Sun conjunct Saturn

You come across as a very adult, very serious person with a sober and gloomy outlook on life. You fulfill your responsibilities at any cost and take pride in doing them. You are great at self-control and self-discipline and are able to put in whatever effort it takes to complete the task. You have organizational and executive skills, and you know what it takes to get the job done. You are not interested in the frivolity and pleasures of life, but only in what can be achieved by hard work. Your low-key nature gives people the mistaken impression that you are cold, distant, insensitive and indifferent. It's hard for you to show your soft side because that's not how you were raised. You fear failure, which is why you work so hard to avoid it. Depression is common for you but you take it and everything else for granted. You feel lonely and realize that you have to do everything yourself if you want the work to be done right.

But, you are characterized by independence, and you are not used to scolding and complaining about your life. It could have been much worse – that's what you think. You are ambitious and conscientious to the point of stupidity. Your career progress in life to a position of power is a rather slow process, but you constantly work on it because you are patient and persistent. You tend to be pretty harsh and categorical, especially with yourself. Cautious and attentive – it is difficult for you to relax and be spontaneous and playful. You like to be in control of yourself and still feel uncomfortable showing your emotions and affection. You are shy and reserved. For you, life is a serious matter. You are highly disciplined and a bit boring. You understand the rules and regulations, and their need.
Aspects of the Sun and Saturn

 Harmonious aspects of the Sun with  Saturn

You are realistic, mature, practical, organized, disciplined, and serious. Hard work doesn't bother you, and you understand that it will take time to build something that has value. You are meticulous and attentive to detail. Your ambitions are justified and you don't make promises if you can't keep them. You have the ability to concentrate and keep working until it is completely finished and done correctly. You have the necessary patience and perseverance to be successful in your venture. You have a strong sense of responsibility and conscientiousness in carrying out your duties. You often do things because you feel that this is what is expected of you.

You are somewhat shy and reserved, while you do not like to make fun of yourself. You need to feel organized and orderly, as chaos and clutter in your home or workplace displease you. There is a chance to purchase something at the expense of older people. Those in power will be able to help you because they see that you are a hard-working and conscientious worker. You are a born leader with the ability to assess and coordinate the efforts required to achieve the ultimate goals. Your mind is practical, contemplative, and authoritative. You may have difficulty accepting directions from others, if only because you have your own methodical analysis of all situations.

Intense aspects of the Sun with  Saturn

You tend to be selfish, cold, insensitive and inattentive, anxious, fearful and insecure. You stop at nothing in your ambitious plans. Your attitude towards life is prudent, careful, realistic and eminently responsible and disciplined with regard to your obligations and responsibilities. You tend to work and struggle more than you need to, while taking yourself too seriously. You need to shake yourself up. You prefer patterns and activities you are used to than new experiences. You constantly struggle with feelings of inferiority, isolation, self-doubt, and loneliness. Everything you are trying to achieve requires you to work very hard and possibly for a very long time.

You seem to be constantly exposed to some kind of delay and frustration at every turn. You may have difficulties with your father or someone in authority. This is not an easy aspect, but it gives more perseverance, endurance, patience and endurance. You must learn to give yourself to others without demanding anything in return. Share your love and possessions by opening yourself up to the needs and concerns of others. You have been too selfish and self-absorbed in previous lives and now you must learn to share with others. You are being asked to compromise and work with other people to get rid of any self-serving tendencies.

Another challenge for you is overcoming self-criticism. You have a very high standard of what is achievement and excellence, and you expect yourself and others to achieve it. But you are too zealous in your attitude. First, it’s unrealistic. Secondly, this cannot be achieved. This causes tremendous stress and frustration. Then you feel that others do not want to achieve this perfection, when in fact, it is your spirit, attracts this imperfection around you to make you stop judging yourself and others too harshly and critically. This is again a message for you.


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