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Aspects of the Sun and Uranus

Sun conjunct Uranus

You are resourceful, unusual, highly intuitive, intelligent, creative, non-ordinary, non-standard and identify as a rebel, reformer, and strange personality. You are very independent and hate being told what to do and how to do it. It is not easy for you to adapt to other people's needs and desires. You need to be able to lead a lifestyle that allows you to be spontaneous. You feel that you are different from others and are somehow outside the main stream of life. Some people think that you are from another planet, or at least you are ahead of your time. You don't want to feel in control in every situation, and especially in relationships.

You have a lot of nervous tension and, as a rule, you are excitable. Rest and creativity are essential to keep your balance and not derail your life. You are a positive person and energize the people around you. You are overly sensitive and have a strong and developed intuition. You rely on your own senses when making decisions. The talent for defining and improving things is highly developed in you. You have genius talents that can manifest with proper self-control and self-discipline.
Aspects of the Sun and Uranus

 Harmonious aspects of the Sun with  Uranus

You are attracted to something unusual, extraordinary, unpopular and strange. You don't let traditional and customary beliefs and thinking dictate how you live your life. You are looking for excitement and adventure in all your endeavors. You are on the verge of discoveries in life and want to keep abreast of all the latest technological advances. You have an interest in Uranus-specific things such as electronics, computers, motorcycles, or astrology. You seek freedom and independence without fear of change. You have developed a certain inventive talent, forcing you to come up with the most original and unique solutions to problems. Perfectly developed creativity and intuition need to be expressed. You are familiar with the awakening of your inner self, and you are always ready to follow its recommendations in life. What happens to you happens out of the blue, out of the blue. As a rule, you have excellent luck, which sometimes appears at the very last moment. You have a progressive and innovative outlook on life.

Tense aspects of the Sun with  Uranus

You are independent, open-minded, eccentric, unconventional and rebellious. This aspect brings pride, selfishness, alienation from others, an unstable temperament and a lack of self-control and self-discipline. You tend to get carried away with too many things and projects, dissipating your energy. You jump from one to the other so fast that you are either not very good at something or do not follow through. People cannot count on you because you are fickle and don't keep your promises. You are impulsive, restless, nervous and not disciplined. You are prone to accidents because of your haste, impatience and inattention. Your life is unstable and full of sudden changes in order to stimulate soul growth. You may be interested in electronics, astrology, motorcycles or occultism,

You want to be free at all costs and you crave excitement, adventure, risk and discovery. You have a fierce personality, so sometimes you just do something to shock others, perhaps even to shake them from your outdated views. You want change and reform of everything, even if you do not have a better plan according to which the existing situation or conditions could be changed. People think you are strange and even, perhaps, from another planet. But that doesn't bother you. Basically, you enjoy it. You must develop an awareness of the needs of others, as you tend to think about your own desires first. You must learn to listen to other people's ideas before making any decisions. You can easily get bored, and you just need experiences and excitements in your life. It is for this reason that you love a good challenge. Your intellectual development is far ahead of your emotional development. You believe that you are right when the rest of the world is wrong. You must learn to control your impulsive behavior.


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