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Square Sun – Uranus

The square between the Sun and Uranus symbolizes the subject's difficult relationship with society, his desire to transform existing orders and replace them with new, more progressive and promising ones.

The fact is that the Sun and Uranus are antagonists in astrology. The sun is responsible for the central position of a person in society, and Uranus is a planet of bright individuals, loners and renegades who see an alternative in everything and are used to walking their own unusual path in life. The tense aspect of squareness further exacerbates the planetary contradiction between Uranus and the Sun, making the person eccentric, revolutionary-minded and prone to radical decisions.

Square Sun - Uranus

The influence of the aspect on the person, her views and behavior in society

Aspect interactions between Uranus and the Sun give people curiosity, originality, powerful intellect, democracy, insight and good intuition. The native loves to look into the future, anticipates many events and happily welcomes any changes. Most of all in life he values ​​his personal freedom and independence.

Such a person does not impose his will on those around him, he is loyal to other people's views and is friendly towards everyone. He is not looking for friends with a similar social status, level of education and wealth. People of a wide variety of professions and occupations can communicate with him, and often a person with this configuration unites a variety of personalities into groups. The native himself always remains a little aloof from what is happening. To merge with the crowd for him means losing his individuality.

People with the squareness of the Sun and Uranus are often considered eccentrics. Irritability, harshness, impatience and impulsivity interfere with building good relationships with others.

Holders of the tense aspect between the Sun and Uranus are most suitable for free intellectual activity: programming, conducting research, experiments, engaging in any kind of creativity. The main thing is that no one and nothing should hinder the native's initiatives.

Square Sun – Uranus in a woman's birth chart

The sun in a woman's horoscope indicates her relationship with the opposite sex. This luminary will tell about the type of men that she considers attractive to herself.

The tense aspect of Uranus indicates a partner with an overly independent, restless and freedom-loving character. He may have unusual talents, and exhibit non-standard thinking and behavior. The owner of the aspect may be attracted by the fact that the partner does not blindly obey routine procedures, but tries to fight various stereotypes and social conventions. Meanwhile, it is not easy to build an even and stable relationship with such a person, since he does not like to limit himself to various agreements and obligations.

This square often indicates unstable attachments, relationship problems and the inability to maintain them. In some cases, this aspect means a break in relations and divorce, however, before making this judgment, it is necessary to analyze the other significators of marriage.

Squaring the Sun and Uranus in some zodiac signs    

The tension between the Sun and Uranus gives the native a restless character and dissatisfaction with the existing state of affairs, causing him to rebel from time to time and challenge society. However, there will be more constructiveness in the native's behavior if the luminaries with strong status will make up the quadrature.

For example, the essential strong Sun in Leo and Uranus in Aquarius, forming a tense aspect between themselves, make the subject a strong person who thinks about the public good. He will prove himself to be a successful reformer and a passionate supporter of various changes and innovations that bring progress to all of humanity.

Lilia Garipova


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