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Ascendant in the sign of Libra. Libra rising

Ascendant – the highest point of the 1st house in Libra makes people incredibly attractive and pleasant to talk to. They radiate the light of warmth and benevolence, disposing to friendship and falling in love with themselves with a sincere smile. These natives really avoid conflicts, developing diplomatic skills in solving problems in a peaceful way. When the Ascendant is defeated, it strives so much to please the object of sympathy that it damages its own interests.

An innate sense of justice and a subtle artistic instinct draws them to highly developed cultured people, even if by the will of fate they were born in lower social circles. In search of truth, such individuals show stubbornness, trusting intuition, and not the experience of others. These owners of the Ascendant in Libra are well versed in human psychology, appreciate the beauty of the soul no less than the external form. The sense of style is manifested in the exquisite arrangement of the home, the unusual color scheme of clothes, in excellent manners and eloquence.

Appearance and behavior

People with Ascendant in the sign of Libra know how to please and use the gift of Venus with practical benefits. It is easier to confront enemies with influential patrons and friends, but for the sake of their support, they are often forced to compromise, sacrificing their own interests.

However, they will never tolerate outright humiliation. In this case, the seeker of the balance of good and evil will be reborn into a revolutionary, giving vent to anger. This rarely happens, because with the negative aspects of Venus, such individuals accept a policy of non-interference or master the art of duplicity, hiding real intentions.

Venus generously endows people with external beauty and internal charisma:

  • high growth, classic symmetrical features of an oval face;
  • graceful ankles and wrists, narrow waist, slender body;
  • a beautifully contoured mouth, reminiscent of a Cupid’s bow, with a slightly shortened upper lip;
  • smooth, warm skin and melodic voice;
  • eyes are bright, unusual shades – deep blue, green, golden brown;
  • there are dimples on the cheeks, the hair is lush and heavy, slightly curly;
  • charm and innate ability to sit beautifully, eat, drink, enjoying the admiration of others;
  • airy gait, graceful;
  • skillfully combining individual items of expensive branded clothing, they create a personal style;
  • in communication, easy and pleasant interlocutors, with humor answering even tricky questions.

The Libra Ascendant are intelligent and enterprising people gifted with artistic abilities. They will not want to remain in the shadows for a long time, striving to achieve material success, which allows them to build life in accordance with high aesthetic requirements.

Libra ascending in the female horoscope

A girl with an ascendant in Libra knows what power over men is bestowed on her by the beauty bestowed by Venus. She pays increased attention to caring for her appearance, which allows her to immediately stand out from the crowd. Even for the sake of great love, which the owner of the Ascendant in Libra has dreamed of since adolescence, she will not give up her career and will not become a housewife, although she loves to decorate the house with interesting things and objects of art, updating the overall style according to fashion trends.

Seductive, fashionable and easy-going, she is surrounded by admirers, but her practical mind does not allow instantly to get close to the man she likes. She wants to be conquered, showered with flowers and given romantic evenings. Interestingly, Libra ascending has a twofold effect on men: they like them until they lose their composure, or cause a sharp denial of the emphasized femininity of the style.

The Venusian, as a rule, agrees with the chosen one in everything, but will not compromise on principles. A strong and courageous representative of the ascending Aries, Sagittarius and Leo will suit her, who will be flattered to go out with a beauty queen with a sharp intellect and eloquence. Celebrities – Jennifer Lopez, Britney Spears.

Libra ascending in the male horoscope

The native is incredibly beautiful, although in appearance there is a certain sweet note. He is vain, prone to narcissism and always aware of newfangled clothing trends. The bearer of the Ascendant in Libra has excellent taste: he knows a lot about art, design, wine and female beauty.

As beautiful as Apollo, however, he is soft-spoken and has a hard time making decisions, especially when it comes to divorce or moving to another job. With a harmonious Venus, he is smart, gallant and courteous, a loyal friend and reliable partner. Self-doubt pushes for provocative attacks against authoritative status rivals in business, but only if there is a support group.

The owner of the Ascendant in Libra will easily turn his head with romantic speeches and compliments, but after a week he may not remember the name. If a woman has not hooked him with extraordinary behavior and intelligence, he will not continue to acquaintance. The freedom of choice excites his imagination, so the native rarely marries early, although he tremulously keeps the dream of a warm sensual union. Freedom-loving ascending Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini will suit him, who will not tire with unnecessary claims, tears and a showdown. Celebrities – Alain Delon, Michael Jackson, Leonardo DiCaprio.

Professional success

Libra Ascendant holders thrive in the film industry, modeling, theater, ballet, music. They are talented artists and photographers, fashion designers and entertainers. Success awaits them also in jurisprudence, pedagogy, diplomacy, literature, foreign and domestic intelligence.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Ascendant in Libra:


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