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Chiron without aspects

A planet without aspects is like a cat in a poke or a light wandering in a deep mine. Its energy seems to be sealed, but from this it only becomes more powerful and more concentrated. The difficulty is in the unpredictability of its inclusion, it can happen at any moment and sometimes regardless of the will of the owners of the horoscope, if they have not learned to manage it.

However, if we are talking about Chiron, which is essentially not a planet, but an asteroid, everything is much more complicated and confusing, because it is responsible for dual situations, a sense of deep vulnerability or childhood trauma, more psychological than physical, which leave an imprint on all subsequent choices and solutions. If Chiron is without aspects, it does not have the help of other planets, symbolizing, among other things, people who help overcome feelings of inferiority and loneliness, respectively, the owners of such an astreroid will have to fight their demons themselves.

Features of Chiron without aspects

The asteroid, named after the great teacher of the heroes of ancient Hellas, also symbolizes certain lessons that people need to go through in this incarnation. They are often associated with the karma of the clan and show problem areas through pain, guilt, incomprehensible embarrassment caused by the theme of the house where Chiron is located. If it is without aspects, its owners have a constant strong desire to appear publicly in that area, but they suffer from an associated sense of inferiority. It is often completely biased.

For example, the owners of Chiron without aspects in the 7th house are initially sure that no one will love and accept them as they are, and try to please others by hiding their shortcomings, strive to become an impeccable hero of the film, but, alas, lose their uniqueness. Such individuals cease to be alive and direct, which certainly alarms potential partners, they disappear, and thehoroscope holders are even more convinced that no one needs them, tormented by thoughts where they made a mistake.

A similar situation is with the owners of Chiron without aspects in the 1st house. They are shy of themselves, while passionately wanting to be heros of the time, or at least  leaders in a team. However, it is extremely difficult to take the first step and make themselves known. Such people strive to be their own in the company at all costs. They dress according to fashion trends, adapt to the style of conversation of people they are interested in, they can even participate in the collective bullying of the weaker, having nothing against it, so as not to remain in the minority.

Chiron in the 2nd house creates shame and embarrassment about money. It is inconvenient for people to earn a lot, they constantly emphasize that money is not the main thing, so long as no one reproaches them that they are interested in receiving or having more than they give. Such people constantly underestimate the prices for their work, and do the processing for free, so as not to suffer from the thought that others will accuse them of prudence and greed.

The problem in all these three examples is exacerbated precisely by the lack of aspects with other planets, because it turns out that no one will help them get out of the trap of consciousness or childhood traumas until they consciously go to where they will be given the necessary tools, for example, to a psychologist, astrologer or tarot reader , and in some cases,they are afraid to voice their pain.

If Chiron has aspects, for example, with Moon, help comes from the mother or women of the clan, with Mars – from men, brothers, and without this it turns out that no one suspects such problems and will not tell them what to do, because they themselves also not familiar. These individuals  will have to heal Chiron’s wound themselves.

The positive influence of Chiron without aspects

Unfortunately, it is difficult to find an unequivocal positive in such a difficult situation. Such people will have to go through a unique path of trial and error, through which they will be able to derive their method of overcoming the problem, and later teach others.

The problem is that it is development in solitude. The absence of aspects suggests that there will be no outside help, except perhaps during positive transits, where it is especially necessary to pay attention to a trine or sextile with the transiting Sun, Moon and Venus.

It is during these periods that such individuals can get a great chance to change fate or a hint from certain people. They are quite capable of becoming  masters in solving those problems that Chiron designates in the house and sign of their horoscope.

Three levels of manifestation of Chiron without aspects

Chiron without aspects has been little studied and information about its influence can only be found from practicing astrologers. The theory is still scarce. However, it is noticed that it, like Lilith with Selena, manifests itself in different ways, depending on the level of development of its owners.

Again, most of the time, in principle, it can not directly influence the choice of life strategy, reminding itself with hidden pain in those matters for which the house of its stay is responsible. Chiron without aspects is a certain generic program. Man’s ancestors once did not close this gestalt and now he will have to find a cure for generational trauma.

Three levels of manifestation of Chiron without aspects:

1. Inferior: people wander in three pines and do not see an obvious solution, constantly stepping on the same rake: meet with abusive individuals, lose money, lending it again and again to those who do not return, constantly get into various conflicts and showdowns. At this level, they are constantly cunning, but their tricks are sewn with white thread.

2. Medium: there is no worldly cunning, it is difficult to adapt to the variability of the world, but the owners of the chart already see the intrigues and evil intentions of opponents, try to avoid them, but not always successfully. They go through their school of life in order to understand in what dosage and with what components to make their medicine. To do this, they have to face hypocrisy, selfishness, deceit, learn to be a diplomat.

3. Supreme: healers, keepers of justice, teachers and guides.

Venus will help them. It must be brought to the highest level of the sign in which it is located.

Vasilisa Vishneva


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