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Chiron in the 11th house – a merry fellow in the company of rivals

The owner of Chiron in the 11th house often becomes a jester in a team or retinue of a star of politics and show business, hiding behind the mask of a merry fellow the ability to see the essence of things and influence the general mind of a social group. Being in it, he by one presence pushes a party or a company on a new path of development, citing arguments in the form of expanded pseudological chains, clouding vigilance. However, the native’s enthusiasm and intuition are quite capable of creating a treasure from the trash heap.

At a higher level of elaboration, it is an educator of the masses, proving the reality of seemingly fantastic things, as Nikola Tesla demonstrated the possibilities of electricity in the 19th century. Now this is the ability to manage energy-information channels and materialize what you want.

An educated bearer of Chiron in the 11th house perfectly sees the relationship between ancient and young egregors, directing the flows of energy for the benefit of themselves and the team, attracting extraordinary associates to implement ideas. However, the burden of squares introduces the native into the temptation to cheat, or to enrich himself using the merits of his friends.

Features of communication

Chiron in the 11th house is a magnet that attracts friends from different walks of life. A rare case when several people become close friends, and with the help of Mercury and Venus , they number in dozens. They are attracted by the native’s unusual and inexhaustible sense of humor, innovative thinking and an interest in exotic things, like alien civilizations and Masonic groups.

High-status and wealthy guardians or patrons often help free of charge for the feeling of carefree fun received from communicating with the ward of Chiron in the 11th house, and his ability to see the problem from an unusual perspective.

A harmonious planetoid endows with a whole set of qualities of a successful promoter:

  • the ability to talk on equal terms with the president and the cleaning lady, evoking sympathy from both;
  • the art of subtly flattering and reconciling warring parties;
  • the ability to react instantly in an extreme situation when the internal navigator of the correct behavior is activated.

The native strives to help those in need, following a deep need for charity, which changes the alignment of things in the world according to the canons of justice: the good are rewarded and saved, and the scoundrels are punished. However, he himself calmly accepts material gratitude for the work, if it is politely offered.

A strong defeat is fraught with two-faced friends, using the kindness of the Chironian, and behind their backs doing nasty things, as well as the loss of finances due to being drawn into obviously failed projects. Success will come in creative and research activities.

The influence of the zodiac signs

The cleansing of the karmic sins of a person with Chiron in the 11th house goes through a noble manifestation of personality in love and friendship, selfless support for the suffering, helping children. The native’s caste thinking is manifested by the desire to maintain relationships only with like-minded people, rejecting people with other interests, but opposites should be combined to work out the negative. Problems with completing a karmic task often surface according to the zodiac sign of the 11th house, in which Chiron stands:

1. Aries, Leo, Sagittarius – you have to fight for the right to become a leader, opposing your authority to society, destroying the old rules of the team. For success, you need to allow yourself to relax on the sidelines, get rid of the fear of being misunderstood and rejected, voice original ideas in a group with humor, emphasizing their noble message.

2. Gemini, Libra, Aquarius – the inner fear of loneliness pushes for an artificial search for friends, joining social networking groups, obsessive help to friends, regardless of their desire, in order to become irreplaceable. Attempts to buy friendship, become the center of attention even through buffoonery. The fear of betrayal is overcome by allowing others to be themselves, by accepting the combination of good and evil in everyone.

3. Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces – individualists and eccentrics avoid the “gray mass”, preferring a circle of selected creative personalities or close in a narrow space, although they are able to be the soul of the company, the star of the stage, you just need to allow yourself to carry the light of discoveries into the world, getting rid of the arrogant relationship to ordinary people.

4. Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn – the fear of separating from the general tendencies of society, and suddenly others think that they stand out too much and get too much. They unconsciously copy other people’s ideas and plots in creativity, painfully perceive criticism. Having freed the mind from the shackles of fear, they will be able to come up with a new and progressive, increase the state in unusual ways.

Celebrities with Chiron in the 11th House – Tony Robbins, Paul McCartney, Pamela Anderson, Halle Berry.

Significant aspects

Since the native is distinguished by the originality of thinking and execution, the inhabitants tend to devalue his innovation and prove the futility of his plans. The harmonious aspects of Chiron in the 11th house with the Sun and Uranus in the natal chart will help to overcome obstacles that are always associated with opposition to other people’s opinions.

Trine with the Moon turns a person into a driving force of the team, gives the ability to change the status of others, prompting for development, with Mercury – the ability to “shake off” the enemy with a sharp word, to prove the correctness of personal opinion. Square with Neptune encourages overcoming obstacles in an effort to prove the ability to make a dream come true.

Vasilisa Vishneva

Celebrities with the Chiron in 11th House:


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