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Chiron square Mars. In the stillness

The square between the planets means the conflict of their basic qualities. Each of them can dominate under certain circumstances and emotional state, creating chaos around and internal imbalance. Some people accumulate tension and silently suffer from external obstacles, while more conscious people understand that it is necessary to unpack the potential of both planets and emerge victorious peacemaker from this war.

Everything related to Mars is not complete without decisive battles. However, it is precisely on them that it is difficult for the native to dare. Chiron creates a feeling of inferiority and vulnerability in the affairs of houses along the axis of both planets. A person has a burning desire to overcome fear and indecision, to prove to everyone that he is not a trembling creature, but has the right to everything he wants, but as in the case of the hero of Dostoevsky, who utters this phrase, such a desire leads to unpredictable consequences.

The dangers of squaring Chiron-Mars

A square is always disharmony. Men and women with this aspect are not aware of their strength. They look like elephants in a china shop, but this does not apply to their appearance, but rather to the lack of tact, restraint and inability to restrain the flow of swear words, insults and barbs if they are strongly offended by any topic along the line of the house where Chiron stands .

At a low level of development from childhood there is a strong desire to soil and destroy everything connected with it. For example, if Chiron is in the 4th house – parents and motherhood, in the 7th – marriage, in the 8th – sexual relations. A person can suffer from perverted images and fantasies during periods of a surge of emotions, so it is extremely important for parents of such children to initially lay down bright, correct images and scenarios. Then it will cost just a strong word on emotions. Other problems of the Chiron-Mars square:

  • commander’s syndrome, when the motto “my word is law” is imposed on everyone around, even if the native is objectively wrong;
  • the habit of solving problems through swearing, quarrels, assault instead of a constructive conversation;
  • aggressive activity, when, without unnecessary words and preludes, the native wants to take the place of the boss, drag the person he likes into bed, achieve his own against the will of another;
  • denial of the importance and value of the area for which the house and the sign of Chiron in the natal chart are responsible: 2nd house – a stable salary, 9th – education, 7th – marriage registration;
  • painful trials, mistakes, falls in the field of social and professional activity.

It is especially difficult for women with a Mars-Chiron square if one of them is in the 1st or 5th houses. They feel like men and even outwardly try to resemble the stronger sex. Many are engaged in bodybuilding, pump muscles, achieving a characteristic male relief, and assert themselves at the expense of weak colleagues.

Mars-Chiron square in relationship

It is also not easy for men to find personal happiness with this aspect. Chiron always points to a wound inflicted by another member of the square. The native doubts his attractiveness, masculinity, courage. He is torn apart at the thought of taking the first step towards a girl, confessing his love, not being sure of reciprocity. The refusal hurts his pride, but the worst thing that turns the former victim into a tyrant is a mockery.

Sarcasm and humor belong to Chiron’s sphere of influence. Being in a square with Mars, he manifests them as mockery and barbs against men by women, the owners of the horoscope, or poisonous arrows into the male ego. It is difficult for a native to survive such stress without a psychologist. He begins to take revenge and denies love, marriage, the value of a woman.

In addition, a native of either sex should avoid conflicts with young men of a brutal appearance, prone to aggression and fighting. The first desire is to get angry at such an offender and enter into a fight with him, but this always ends badly. It is advisable not to mess with the owners of the Sun and the Ascendant in Aries.

One of the parents could have a pronounced male dominant when his desire was in the first place, and he forced the rest to adapt. The native unconsciously transfers this model into his relationships. If there is a lot of fire in the horoscope, it dominates, otherwise it submits to rough pressure.

Study of the square Mars-Chiron

The main task is to develop the ability to adapt to sudden changes and shocks, because they will be anyway. Aerobatics is to create your own system for fighting and overcoming the crisis and teach others. A lighter version of the study is the complete removal of Chiron from the affairs (you need to look at the house and the sign of his position) and the implementation of other tasks of the horoscope, due to which Mars is indirectly activated.

If the elements of fire and air are clearly manifested in the natal chart, then you need to develop creative abilities, effortlessly and with humor to adapt to new living conditions. You can consciously create interesting situations for yourself where you need to be a pioneer: start playing a difficult sport, create your own team from scratch in any business and go to the goal, move to a large city, open a new business. The main thing is to do everything decisively, without hesitation and anxiety.

Strong sources of energy for the owners of the Chiron-Mars square will be: red jasper , strawberry aventurine and quartz , carnelian .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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