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Chiron square Uranus. Success through explosive events

Two planets connected by square do not understand each other at all. If this aspect dominates in life, and a person does not know the causes of the obstacles and conflicts that arise along the axis of its influence, the consequences can be tragic. After all, tension arises from a strong unmet need for the affairs of houses affected by the square. A person does not have visible talents, qualities of character, financial and energy resources to fulfill his cherished dream. This leads to disappointment, anger and even greater obstacles on the outer plane.

To work out the aspect, you need to change. The owners of the Chiron-Uranus square have no problems with this. Both planets adhere to the principles of a sharp and unexpected transformation for others using shocking and unusual actions. They yearn to bring discoveries to the world and become famous, but in a fit of this passion they can forcibly drag others to their paradise and feed the fruits of enlightenment to the point of disgust.

The danger of squaring Chiron-Uranus

Any aspects between Chiron and Uranus are rare. Both planets are exotic, unpredictable and endow the native with unusual abilities. However, the line between talent and madness is as thin as between a brilliant actor and a jester. A person will have to face the misunderstanding of others, who will often twist a finger at the temple behind his back. At first, his strange and utopian ideas will cause ridicule, but continuing to go his own way, overcoming insults and rejections, he will really be able to make brilliant discoveries in the fields of physics, astronomy, medicine, computer technology and aviation. Development and career go precisely along the line of influence Chiron , and uranic qualities help in this: a sharp mind, fantasy, erudition and a thirst for knowledge.

The main problems of the square Uranus-Chiron:

  • inability to live a quiet life, the desire to create an extreme situation out of the blue, get into a fight, quarrel, quarrel, shave off a rude person on the bus with a sharp word, which becomes the starting point of whirlwind events involving him in a hurricane of problems;
  • causticity, carelessness of statements, impulsiveness, thoughtlessness of actions;
  • the habit of following one’s own desires, selfishness;
  • addiction to outrageous antics, strange marginal personalities, from eccentrics and inventors to those who practice forbidden cults;
  • hostility to any authorities and power, constant confrontation with them, the desire to become famous due to the destruction of generally recognized values;
  • dependence on increased adrenaline in the blood, respectively, dangerous and extreme sports: skydiving, parkour on rooftops, motorcycle racing, as well as selfies on the tops of mountains and skyscrapers (here, Chiron’s uranic vanity and fearlessness are manifested), which leads to both times to tragic consequences.

The Uranus-Chiron square is played out through negative occurrences, which later bring stability and success. It is explosive events that lead to the release of the energy of the native and the practical application of his talents. For example, a house with all its property burned down, a man founded his own business and rebuilt a mansion 3 times larger than before. He was fired from his job, came to the president of a large company and imposed his persona, because there was nothing to lose, but in the end he became his deputy.

Square Uranus-Chiron in a relationship

Aspects with higher planets only indirectly affect personal life through the characteristics of a person’s character and only sometimes affect the event level, but where Uranus is present, there is always a place for unpredictability and surprise. The tendency for Uranus-Chiron square men and women to play tricks to shock the public imagination can lead to hasty marriages, free relationships, multi-partner relationships on purpose or involuntarily when the Sun and Venus are in weak positions or in the mine (without aspects). All this will definitely be in the life of the native if Uranus or Chiron are in 5 or 7 houses responsible for love relationships and partnerships. In any case, the native needs freedom and a person who will share his crazy ideas, help realize his fantasies, or at least not limit the manifestations of his individuality.

Study of the Chiron-Uranus square

It is difficult to harmonize complex aspects with higher planets and such a mysterious, not fully understood asteroid as Chiron. Uranus turns on unexpectedly and immediately draws the ward into the thick of things. You need a strong and harmonious Mercury to abstract from what is happening and control your reactions and behavior.

If the native is at a low level of development, he may be afraid of bursts of his own energy, suppress the desire to create and stand out from the crowd, or bring it to the point of buffoonery and absurdity in the affairs of the house where Uranus stands. It is important to find your own style, uniqueness and appearance corresponding to them, as well as to concentrate on one or two talents and systematically improve them without crossing the line of reason. The native will have to face criticism and obstacles, which means you need to prepare yourself psychologically for this.

Jewelry with blue topaz , amethyst , fluorite and rock crystal will help keep creative energy in check without overwhelming it.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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