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Chiron square Jupiter. A drop of tar in a barrel of honey

It is impossible to unequivocally consider quadrature as a negative aspect. It creates many obstacles and trials, but thanks to them, the native tempers the spirit, will, reveals talents that he had not previously suspected. The only thing for success is to cultivate awareness and purposeful development of those qualities that are necessary to achieve the desired goals. You can recognize them along the axis of the aspect, affecting the houses and signs where Chiron and Jupiter stand.

The native suffers from delusions of grandeur. If the planets are in decline, he hides an exaggerated conceit, but when they are strong, his inflated ego brings a lot of trouble. The people around do not want to recognize his exclusivity, even with obvious outstanding abilities. Obstacles in matters related to money and documents, authorities and politics become an arena for the development of strong-willed qualities and strengthen the desire to fight injustice.

Dangers of squaring Jupiter-Chiron

Astrologers call this aspect the square of Lucifer. Too strong is the temptation of pride, arrogance and permissiveness, which the native easily allows himself, but hates in other people. Jupiter promises too much, and indeed much is given easily, but not for good. A person does not understand his true aspirations, replacing them with material desires.

In those areas for which the houses of the positions of Chiron and Jupiter are responsible, a person is incompetent or experiences strong self-doubt, but hides this behind feigned bravado and boasting. From the outside, this is ridiculous, but sometimes a lie really creates a false impression of a professional, although sooner or later the truth will become obvious, because both planets eventually bring the sinner to clean water. In addition, the native does not respect the values and views of other people, and considers his own point of view to be the only true one, even if he himself doubts. Other problems of the Chiron-Jupiter square:

  • intentionally ignoring the laws and rules invented by other people;
  • superficiality of knowledge, combined with the confidence that he knows everything and knows how better than others;
  • lack of tact, excessive obsession, narcissism;
  • the desire to bring to light all the secrets and secrets of both bosses, colleagues, relatives, and the company where he works;
  • constant opposition to the current government, but at the same time many words and few deeds;
  • the habit of seizing stress with tasty and fatty foods, it also appears if someone shuts their mouth and does not allow them to express personal philosophical views;
  • difficulties with learning foreign languages and understanding the traditions of other countries.

In the first half of life, the native prefers to bypass the sharp corners of philosophical disputes and public scandals, but later gains courage, the more the more fiery his natal chart. However, for women, this most often brings trouble in their careers.

To suffer for your beliefs is absolutely natural for the owner of the card. This need originates from the image of one of the parents who was a philanthropist, an unrecognized genius or a secret benefactor.

Chiron-Jupiter square in relationship

Jupiter is a social planet, and it does not directly affect personal relationships, but for men and women with this aspect, the coincidence of interests, life philosophy and personal hobbies is very important.

If Jupiter is in the 7th house of marriage and partnership, this attracts rich, promising and famous satellites to a person, however, the square with Chiron constantly encourages you to argue with them, devalue their status, compete out of the blue, which certainly spoils the relationship.

On the one hand, Jupiter, as a planet of great happiness, favors the native, and Chiron does not allow him to calmly enjoy his gifts, seeks to rock the boat with a partner through an irrepressible desire to stand out, get ahead, prove his superiority.

If Chiron is in the 5th and 7th houses, then the person leads a double life, for example, marriage of convenience, and for the soul – relationships on the side.

In other sectors of the natal chart, the aspect does not affect personal life, but creates an attraction to interesting and powerful people.

Study of the Chiron-Jupiter square

Both planets are associated with the theme of the teacher. Ideally, the native should teach other people to cope with pain, resentment, disappointment, based on their own experience.

It is for this that he is given his own “teachers” of the school of life, who knock down his arrogance, bring his adventurous plans to light, and sometimes absolutely unfairly underestimate achievements.

Overcoming all sorts of obstacles and the hostility of others, the native begins to understand what is true and what is just a shiny shell on a worthless mock-up of reality. First of all, you need to defeat your own pride, avoid the desire to brag, exalt your small successes to the skies, not noticing the merits of other people. Having learned to appreciate himself in collaboration with others, the native will work out the theme of the wounded Jupiter, because having abandoned pride, dissolving in the collective energy of creativity, he is freed from painful pride.

Yellow topaz , diamond , amethyst , charoite and citrine will help him in this noble cause .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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