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Mars-Jupiter square. Warrior conquers the throne

When the planets in the natal chart stand in the aspect of quadrature, this brings tension and problems to life, if a person does not cultivate the highest qualities of the character of the participants in the aspect. A square is always a lack of talent or skill, without the development of which injuries and difficulties arise. The owners of the Mars-Jupiter aspect will have to constantly restrain their irascibility that ignites the fire of anger and train endurance and tolerance for other people’s shortcomings.

Injustice and lies include the Martian lust for destruction. It will be necessary to transform it into the energy of a business and sports career, otherwise women will have an alliance with an aggressive man, and the stronger sex will go into religious or national fanaticism.

The danger of the Mars-Jupiter square

A person is keenly interested in politics, issues of social morality and morality. He is annoyed by deviations from the code of honor. For the sake of lofty ideals, he is willing to fight the fury of a crusader. A special zeal is included along the semantic lines of the houses where the planets are located. The karmic task is to separate the primary from the insignificant, which is very difficult for a native who periodically falls out of reality.

He gets distracted by details and loses the main thing. Difficulties with time management and the distribution of goals make those around him consider him undisciplined and lazy, although the Mars-Jupiter square owner has more work capacity, talents and knowledge than many. However, dreams come first.

It seems to the native that as soon as he finishes the current business, he will begin a global ascent to success. But in reality, it is more pleasant for him to postpone the beginning, referring to being busy. An unworked square includes many unpleasant manifestations:

  • a tendency to exaggerate problems and embellish their merits;
  • hovering in the clouds, squandering (starts with generous gifts to family and friends, and ends with extravagance);
  • manipulation of public opinion for the sake of self-glorification, deliberate provocation of the conflict;
  • the paradoxical nature of the attitude to the truth: someone else’s lie drives you to white heat, and they themselves constantly lie for the sake of a good word;
  • adventurism, frivolity, extravagance of ideas, the need for stinging jokes on others;
  • betrayal of friends, disruption of contract agreements, loss of litigation;
  • the dangers of traveling abroad and addiction to gambling.

The native gets annoyed if he doesn’t see the results of his work for a long time. Excess energy splashes out in unmotivated anger and rage, from which loved ones suffer, so you need to choose a field of activity where he physically feels the result of labor: jewelry, automotive and aviation industries, painting. Or strive for moral satisfaction: stage, politics, real estate agency, advocacy.

Mars-Jupiter square in a man’s horoscope

A person loves to expose someone else’s hypocrisy from the stage, sometimes he is rudely walked over the innocent, not noticing that he is breaking other people’s fates. Not knowing the measure and discipline, he is rather unceremonious in relations with loved ones, although he tries to compensate for this with material gifts. He lives by the principles of justice, but in his own narrow understanding.

In marriage, he strives to be a leader, but not in terms of responsibilities and duties, but pulling emotions and attention to himself. Touchy and aggressive, if you show doubts about his ideals and tastes. The danger lies in the unpredictability of the destructive anger of the usually calm and optimistic man. The well-developed Mars-Jupiter square gives fearlessness, effective material assistance to the sick and unfortunate, which the native provides upon reaching financial freedom.

Mars-Jupiter square in woman’s horoscope

A self-confident lady often attracts a life teacher, patron, or sponsor to accelerate her rise to success. This is not necessarily sexual interest and retribution, as in the Mars-Saturn square. Here, the benefactor is interested in the lady, as in a scientific project, even if he is a director, designer or businessman, and develops her accordingly.

However, self-confidence and a love of exaggerating her merits prompts the girl with the Mars-Jupiter square to believe that she has achieved everything herself. She likes generous alpha males, with whom life turns into a holiday and you can develop and travel together. But she will not adapt to his rules and life values, but will make every effort to re-educate and convince her that she is right, which causes conflicts and breaks.

Study of the Mars-Jupiter square

The main rule of success is control over negative emotions, development of punctuality and fulfillment of obligations on time, refusal of even harmless lies. Women need to cultivate respect for men, and for the stronger sex – respect for teachers and those who helped their success.

Instead of being forced to adhere to social rules, you need to find those that will inspire creativity and social activity. It is important to be involved in restoring justice by volunteering in law enforcement, or to use your celebrity authority on the topic. Observing the laws of society and the universe, a person thrives, and troubles pass him by. Bribery, hypocrisy, and deceit include destroying destiny.

To harmonize planetary energies with natural stones , amethyst , alexandrite , almandine and pyrope (garnet family) in steel rings and pendants are best suited .

Vasilisa Vishneva


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