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Mercury Square – Saturn

Astrological aspect the square symbolizes the difficulties and obstacles that the owner of the horoscope has to face in life. Since in this case Mercury and Saturn are involved in the configuration, the problems relate mainly to the areas of education, career, communication and communication with others.

MercuryMercury is responsible for a person's ability to perceive information, respond quickly to it and transmit it to other people. Saturn, negatively affecting Mercury, somewhat slows down the cognitive processes of the native. His thinking and speech become slow, but, nevertheless, the mind and judgments of a person are distinguished by consistency, thoroughness and consistency.

Saturn is a symbol of work, patience and perseverance. Indeed, painstaking thought activity brings good results over time. The owner of the horoscope forms a clear system of knowledge, and there is an ideal order in affairs.

Mercury Square - Saturn

Aspect and its influence on the behavior and abilities of the native

The owner of this aspect is not very talkative and sociable. He tries to communicate only with the narrowest circle of relatives and friends, the native gives the impression of a closed and somewhat arrogant person to all other people.

Meanwhile, the subject simply approaches the choice of his immediate environment seriously. Superficial communication and idle chatter for him is a waste of time, effort and energy. A person with this aspect trusts only trusted sources of information and shares information only with those who are truly worthy of his attention.

The positive qualities that the aspect under consideration gives are diligence, accuracy, thoroughness and reliability. Such a person respects various instructions, norms and regulations and always spends a lot of time studying them.

New information is assimilated by the native slowly, and therefore he is not inclined to change his opinion and views. Best of all, a native can express himself when he finds himself in a place with a clear internal routine. Relationships with others are still difficult to form. The native is hampered by his stiffness, pickiness, pedantry and coldness.

Logical abilities can be applied in activities related to calculations and processing of statistical data. A native with this aspect can turn out to be a good accountant, an office manager, a proofreader, or a mathematician.

The square of Mercury and Saturn in the child's horoscope

If there is this aspect in the child's birth chart, then you should not blame him because of the slow assimilation of the educational material and the lack of curiosity.

Over time, such children can achieve success in practical subjects and exact disciplines (in algebra, geometry, physics, chemistry). Adults need to understand that the learning process will go faster if you present information consistently and support the theory with concrete examples from life.

The square of Mercury and Saturn in some zodiac signs

The square is a negative aspect. It interferes with the manifestation of many abilities and endeavors of the individual, however, it is necessary to assess the strength and weakness of its constituent planets before making an astrological judgment.

For example, the harmfulness of the aspect will be less if one of the planets is strong in quality, and the other is neutral. An example would be the square between Mercury in Virgo and Saturn in Sagittarius. Perhaps a person will feel difficulties while staying abroad and will mistrust everything foreign, but this bitter experience will still be useful to him in life.

The tense aspect formed by a weak Saturn in Cancer and a neutral Mercury in Libra is a less advantageous configuration. Low concentration and difficulty maintaining order will prevent the native from achieving success in learning, making business acquaintances and reaching agreements.

Lilia Garipova


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