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Uranus square Lilith: under high pressure

The quadrature of the higher planet with the Black Moon hits the native rarely, but accurately. Uranus, on the other hand, manifests itself more often than Neptune or Pluto, since its nature is to destroy and act impulsively, which is consonant with the energy of the aspect itself. If in life there is not enough manifestation of one of the participants, then there will be an explosion. The trigger here is freedom. Any infringement of it causes fits of anger in the native and a desire to tear to shreds any relationship and the foundations of stability.

Tension accumulates in the soul of a person for a long time, which often results in hypertension or shoots out on the eventual plane as a revolution of a large and small scale, depending on the level of development of the soul. You can cope with spontaneous bouts of desire to destroy your life only by understanding the nature of Lilith.

Dangers of the square Lilith – Uranus

The owners of the aspect cannot stand pressure and coercion, but if Uranus is weak, they can endure for the time being, but the longer they wait, the stronger the final protest will be.

The square gives a recurring problem, but nevertheless, the prerequisites for its appearance torment a person for quite a long time. This comes from family memory. The location of Lilith indicates the energies that were distorted by the ancestors, which led to the Uranian search for freedom, truth and ideal.

For example, the Black Moon in the 7th house hints that the native was simply in captivity of marriage or partnership, bound hand and foot by obligations to other people, and could not do what he liked. If now a person wants to develop along the Uranian line: esotericism, technology, electronics, social networks, freelance, television, aviation, then he will unconsciously see marriage as a threat to his dream. In the case when the partner forbids doing this, or in principle does not want the native to be a bright personality, destructive anger arises.

Under his influence, the owner of the square Uranus – Lilith breaks off relations that until recently pleased, not giving the slightest chance of finding a compromise. If the 10th house is affected, then he interrupts his career when he is placed there in a rigid framework of deadlines or is overwhelmed with duties that are not spelled out in the contract. The native jealously guards his freedom. It is useless to ask him for something outside the list of agreed decisions compiled by himself.

It is difficult to make friends with such people and create families, because they listen only to their desires, and their concept of personal freedom is greatly distorted by Lilith.

Also, there are always problems with money, because a person does not want to share his achievements even in exchange for a partner’s investment, and even more so, he does not compromise in joint work. These are singles. Freelancing or a business tied to their own decisions is suitable for them, where employees have no say, especially if the Sun and Mars are in fiery signs.

Uranus square Lilith and relationships

In childhood and adolescence, the native has a wide social circle, he likes to stand out from others, but may be known for strange behavior.

Sometimes, with the Moon, Venus and Mars afflicted, this aspect is an additional indication of psychopathy, but if the planets mentioned are in order, we are talking about narrow plan narcissism. A person loves himself in situations where he is not like others, and for this he can go on any experiments with appearance, if 1 house is affected, with personal and collective relationships, when one of the planets is in the 5th, 7th or 11th house, money – 2, 6, 8 houses. In these areas, the native needs to stand out, break stereotypes, surprise, and even better shock others.

Being at a high level of development, he will choose a productive path, he will invent, create, bring romantic zest and surprises into relationships, which is usually inaccessible to standard-minded people.

But the low level of development painfully affects the relatives of the owner of the square Uranus – Lilith. He cheats, goes on bizarre experiments with multiple partners, embraces free love theories, and runs away from commitment. This is selfishness and pure narcissism.

In principle, it is very difficult for a person with this aspect to understand how you can love someone more than yourself, but if Venus and the Moon are in Virgo in the horoscope, he is literally obsessed with his own personality, and it is very difficult to get along with him, because he exists in his own space according to their own rules.

How to work out the square Uranus – Lilith

To harmonize the aspect, it is important to understand that globally this is a sign of a revolutionary, designed to free the masses of people from social or spiritual restrictions. It is for the fulfillment of this mission that it is worth throwing strength, and not for fighting windmills, snapping at everyone who, in the opinion of the native, wants to suppress or humiliate him.

Very often a person with the square Uranus – Lilith closes on his problem. For example, a woman struggles in every way with an abusive husband who does not allow her to develop. You can hang in this confrontation for many years, showing others that she suffers innocently and resists. However, a productive option for working out the Uranus-Lilith square is to get away from the tyrant and join the Women’s Fund against Violence or create one. In this case, it immediately goes to the highest level of Uranus and the Black Moon. The same with work: instead of a confrontation with the authorities, you can create a union that will follow the rules of law. Helping others, a person corrects distortions in his head too.

The best talisman stone with Uranus square is Lilith – lapis lazuli .

Vasilisa Vishneva

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