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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Ascendant: your own enemy

Lunar nodes tell a person about his mission and the highest karmic task. This is not only a profession, but also a strategy for responding to the world, the very meaning of his birth, the useful thing that he can create here. Harmonious aspects give an easy and unhindered ascent to the pinnacle of success, but tense aspects, primarily quadrature, bring to the fore the need to work out the problems of the Descending South Node.

It is them that a person unconsciously brings into the present from past incarnations, and when trying to realize themselves in the sphere of the North Node, they materialize into obstacles and problems.

The square of the Ascendant with nodes is a very complex aspect. Man is his own enemy, and yet he does not understand this. Selfishness blinds the eyes. The habit of shifting responsibility onto others and blaming them turns into big problems, but the native steps on the same rake again.

Ascendant Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Natives are hard to deal with. He is perceived as an annoying factor in any company, which is largely due to a past life or the actions of ancestors. European astrologers call this the effect of missed steps.

The native or members of his clan have not done something important related to relationships with other people. Now it is very important to determine in which area the karmic debts have accumulated and continue the path from the place where it was interrupted.

In a past life, the native was obsessed with some super-idea, but could not implement it due to external obstacles. They, in turn, were caused by his egocentrism, straightforwardness and rudeness. Details of the past life problem can be seen by comparing the sign of the Ascendant and the house of the horoscope where the South (Descending) node stands. Selfishness and lack of a sense of proportion are destructive here and attract toxic people and false friends. It is these obstacles that will arise on the way when trying to master the Northern (Rising).

The habit of destroying one’s happiness and creating obstacles out of nothing, moving towards the goal, a person brings to the present incarnation, does not at all see that the root of all troubles is in himself. Only those who rise above these low energies will be able to analyze the mistakes of their ancestors of their kind, starting with mother and father, and derive a formula for recurring events. It is these debts that must be closed first.

The second way to understand what circumstances prevented in the previous incarnation from fulfilling their mission is to study the position of the Descending South Node. If he is in the 10th house, then it is his archetypes that will prevent implementation in society and career, and in the 7th house it encourages the destruction of stable relationships. It was here that the native was afraid to take one decisive step and at the same moment lost.

If there were many similar cases in the family, then a special mission falls on the owner of the aspect – to develop a new algorithm of behavior, always keep internal tension in sight and remove it through the manifestation of the best qualities of the sign on the Ascendant or planets in the 1st house.

Problems of the Ascendant Square with the Ascending (Descending) Node

It is very difficult for men and women with this aspect to accept the fact that they create their own reality. It is easier to blame others for the failure of the plans. They are constantly distracted by something from the main goal and it seems that there is still time to solve problems, but postponing for later, they find that the years have passed and their dreams are hanging in the air.

The main problems of the Ascendant square with the Ascending (Descending) nodes relate to relationships. The tension of the aspect results in an emotional paradox. On the one hand, the soul feels that it has come into the world with a special mission and longs for freedom in order to fulfill all its global plans.

On the other hand, the native’s need for love and admiration resembles a vessel without a bottom: no matter how much you pour, it will be empty. Thus, a person needs the emotional support of other people, but runs away from intimate relationships, not wanting to lose freedom.

This is especially acute in women, because after marriage they can no longer devote all their time to fulfilling their main dream. And the goals of the owner of the square of the Ascendant with nodes always relate to implementation in society, which does not go well with creating a family due to the lack of a sense of proportion in such people.

If they are busy with a career, they devote all the time to it, and if this is not possible, they begin to move their spouses or children to the top of social success with the power of a locomotive, and they do it without sentimentality from the position: “the end justifies the means.”

How to work out the Ascendant square with Ascending (Descending) nodes

It is important for a person to realize as early as possible that his success in society is closely related to relationships with other people. Accordingly, in order to work through the missed steps of past lives, it is important to understand what problems are repeated in personal contacts now: betrayal, depreciation, violation of boundaries, abuse, prohibition of a partner on sexy clothes and a desired career, all this requires a correct and harmonious completion in this incarnation.

The native must work very deeply into the roots of these problems with a psychologist, separate from them and learn to attract not toxic, but loving sincere partners.

It is advisable to present yourself to the world in the style of the sign where the Ascendant is located, and do not forget to kindle your Sun through actions corresponding to its sign. But relations with others must be worked out through the sign of the Descendant and the planet of the 7th house .

Excessive narcissism will always repel other people and attract enemies, but excessive modesty will also not be good. We must learn to achieve our goals in an environmentally friendly way, without violating the interests of other people.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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