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Square Ascending (Descending) Node – Pluto: fire of evolution

A person with this aspect is at the very peak of the transformation process of his soul. This is a difficult position, since Pluto with squares to the karmic points of the horoscope, the lunar nodes , means that one has to be torn between past and future problems.

Previous incarnations and generic programs are symbolized by the Descending South Node of Ketu. The experience of ups and downs has been accumulated in this area, from which only the good should be taken. The North Ascending Node of Rahu is a zone of future experiments, but due to the quadrature, problems are also indicated here that require immediate elaboration: the native could not cope with them in the past, which means they must be solved first. Most often these are themes of power and magic.

Pluto Square Karma with Ascending (Descending) Nodes

Pluto is also called the lord of karma. It is associated with the dark side of the human subconscious, and if such an aspect arose in the horoscope, it means that many secrets have accumulated in the family, and sometimes crimes that burden the karma of a person. It is better to open locked doors, otherwise it will be difficult to move forward.

In past incarnations, the native was a tough representative of power and punished for dissent, or vice versa, he was one of those who suffered from state repressions for oppositional political views. The interpretation depends on the position of Mars and the Sun in the horoscope. If they are strong, then the native was a tyrant, otherwise he himself suffered from violent actions.

Selfishness, the habit of resolving conflicts by force and practicing black magic interfered with spiritual development and the correct distribution of Plutonian energies. Presumably, in the past incarnation, the native was a ruler, a clan leader, a revolutionary politician, a research scientist or a sorcerer. Sometimes these categories were mixed with each other, but always with a negative charge. The native chose the dark side consciously or suffered from it, getting angry and destroying in response, instead of rethinking why painful events happen to him.

With the help of tyranny and black magic, a person failed to solve the problems indicated in the map by the North Node, so now you need to think about how to do it in good ways through changing the settings in your head.

It is quite possible that someone in the family was engaged in magic, and now the native will have to pay the bills or work off the karma of the family in order to correct the evil done. In this case, an attempt to obtain some benefits for himself through the use of black magic will be fatal for him. You should also beware of induced damage and love spells.

In this incarnation, powerful and strong-willed people will act as teachers, to whom the native will be forced to obey. If he does not accept the situation with humility and calmness, the problem will only get worse.

Pluto Square Problems with Ascending (Descent) Nodes

The owners of the horoscope, who in the past incarnation suffered from someone else’s authoritarianism, in this incarnation strive to become reformers and gain as much power as possible. This is an unconscious desire to find protection for yourself and your family, because in the past they could be dispossessed and repressed.

If Pluto falls into money houses (2nd or 8th sector), a person has an insatiable desire for money, because of which he can abandon any other business. It seems to him that wealth is a guarantor of security. For the sake of his preservation, he will do anything, even a crime. If the planet of karma is in the 6th or 10th houses, then work and career will become such a fetish.

If the nodes coincide with the axis of the Ascendant and the Descendant, the whole life of a person will be connected with the search for answers to the question: who is to blame and what to do now, and he will fall in love and be friends only with people who cause violent emotions on the verge of stress, that is, those who offends, devalues, dominates. This happens so that the native finally realizes his value and finds a balance between rigid domination and submission to the strongest.

Characteristic signs of an undeveloped Pluto square with Ascending (Descending) nodes:

  • constant ups and downs in social life: from wealth to poverty, from the pinnacle of fame to oblivion and vice versa;
  • white crow in the team, always apart, few friends, bosses do not like;
  • the gift of a healer and soothsayer: good contact with tarot cards, the ability to speak pain, whatever he says, it comes true.

Crowds are a particular danger. There is a chance to suffer from her actions, so it is undesirable to be in the center of mass events, and even more so to engage in a skirmish with the aggressors.

How to work square Pluto with lunar nodes

Aspect is a heavy burden and a sign that dark energy has been accumulating in the family for too long, and now there will be either an explosion or healing if the native can transform evil into the driving force of progress in those houses where the nodes are located with the help of a Plutonian resource.

To do this, you need to analyze the sign and sector of the planet.

The strengths of Pluto are the gift of a leader, wisdom, the ability to consider any problem from all sides without prejudice, and most importantly, the ability to turn evil and poverty into goodness and prosperity.

You need to start this work with yourself, rooting out negative emotions and patterns of behavior, calmly reacting to people in power and to the government as a whole.

It is necessary to carry out only those reforms that bring renewal without first destroying the old models. The most important thing is not to be afraid to leave the comfort zone, otherwise Pluto will throw the native into the midst of transformational events.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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