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Quickons Moon – Mars: in the flame of emotions

The minor karmic aspect arises in a person’s life imperceptibly, but very accurately brings him to the center of the situation, where it is necessary to work out the negative experiences of the past, and sometimes even to those events that are related to previous incarnations. Quikons includes action and reaction, trine and opposition energies , therefore its influence directly depends on the predominance of certain aspects in a person’s natal chart . If there is more positive there, then good events will be repeated in order to make life even brighter. The presence of negative configurations will put you in front of a choice: work on yourself or go with the flow.

However, the Moon-Mars quincunx is one of the most difficult to understand and harmonize. In repeated karmic situations, a person behaves as if he were his own enemy. He cannot restrain himself when he needs to remain silent, provokes others, causing irritation with intentionally unpleasant actions for them, and under the influence of emotions he does stupid things. The behavior is often based on a deep resentment towards the mother.

Character and health with Quicons Luna-Mars

A person constantly experiences an internal conflict between the expression of emotions and real desires. He may want to be loved, but he deliberately angers those close to him, and he himself cannot understand his inner motivation. It is especially difficult for a native in childhood, because he is easily led to provocations and cannot control his feelings: if he is upset, he cries bitterly, is hurt by a rude word, gets into a fight. Such people are an excellent object for those who like to tease and provoke. These situations from childhood will be repeated many times later in the work team, and if the native does not learn to restrain himself and immediately declare the right to leadership, then he can be used and framed, provoking an outburst of emotions with superiors, ruining his reputation.

At the same time, the owners of the Moon-Mars quincunx are sensual, energetic, bright personalities, although much depends on the characteristics of Mars and the ability of the native to manifest its nature, because the Moon is secondary here as a calmer, deeper energy.

These are very addicted people, and if they like someone, they cannot assess the situation and the other person objectively, and then they are acutely disappointed. Especially often they experience injustice, resentment and conflicts from the mother, at work and in personal relationships. They can without reason be accused of selfishness and incontinence, although this is simply a misunderstanding of their fiery-impulsive temperament. In childhood they are often physically punished, and later outbursts of anger during the disobedience of their own child again lead to unintentional slaps and slaps, for which the native later blames himself heavily. It is not excluded assault and in a relationship.

Nervous experiences can cause mental illness, problems with the stomach and intestines.

Quickons Moon-Mars, personal life and synastry

Despite the fact that the native is often burned in personal relationships, he continues to passionately and instantly fall in love, but very often with those who cannot make him happy, because he feels a strong attraction to those who, by their behavior and attitude, immerse him again in the atmosphere children’s psychological trauma and resentment. Men and women equally want to finally deserve a good attitude, to receive the warmth, attention and care with which they themselves are ready to surround their loved one, but they run into the same problems that they had in their childhood. The most interesting thing is that partners need them more than they need them, because they give almost everything they need, but they don’t realize it at all.

Both women and men with the Moon-Mars quincunx become dependent on eccentric, wayward and cruel people, because they simply do not feel sexual attraction to the kind and calm. This moment must be worked out with a psychologist, otherwise a person will continue to step on the same rake all his life.

In the synastry, Quicons Moon-Mars creates an ardent love at first sight, despite the fact that people can be from different social strata and do not suit each other at all, part on this basis and meet again. This connection is very difficult to break.

How to work out the Quicons Luna-Mars

Harmonizing this aspect without the help of a psychologist is quite difficult. In the spheres of affairs of those houses where the Moon and Mars stand, such deep emotional triggers turn on that the native seems to be picked up by a hot wave of madness, and he cannot stop, realizing with his mind that he is acting to his own detriment.

Of course, a lot depends on whether the planets are in exaltation, fall or exile and additional aspects in the chart, but you can partially mitigate the impact by showing their highest qualities in real life. To relieve stress, aesthetically beautiful and dynamic sports are perfect, preferably single or Latin American pair dances, and for women, bellydance is simply shown as a medicine.

You can’t rush into relationships as if into a pool with your head, and in general you should stay away from people who demand selfless devotion to their interests, even if they accuse selfishness of callousness, which the owners of the Moon-Mars Quicon are very afraid of. They will be happy only with mutual respect.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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