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Quickons Moon-Neptune. Romance as the meaning of life

Quickons creates a small but very tangible karmic time loop in the life of the native. In the affairs of the houses where the planets stand, there is a repetition of events that cause strong emotions in the native. It is necessary to prioritize and finally make the right choice in order to stop this groundhog day or transfer the course of events to the higher floors of the planets, because good things can be repeated at a high level of development. The quincunx contains the power of the trine and the opposition at the same time, therefore, if the chart initially has a lot of negative configurations, you need to start with them, and only then harmonize this minor aspect.

Quickons Moon – Neptune endows a person with strong empathy, a desire to save and console the unfortunate. Everything would be fine, but only the native unconsciously strives for other people’s suffering and constantly attracts them to solve the problems of others, because of which his personal life and career suffer. However, if there are no weak people around him who need help and protection, he himself begins to feel small and unnecessary.

Character and health with the Quince Moon-Neptune

On the one hand, such people are very pleasant in communication, they will always offer their services, help, shelter, and treat you to a delicious dish. With them it is good and calm as in the parental home. On the other hand, such maternal care is often overly intrusive and becomes annoying over time, because a person is very offended if his help is rejected.

This inner vulnerability and the need to be needed through service is quickly noticed by various scammers who use the native for their own purposes. If there is little earth element in the horoscope, then the person is very trusting and takes everyone’s word, which is why he later suffers from deceptions not only in his personal life, but also in the financial sphere.

At the same time, the native is very gifted musically. These are great musicians, singers, actors, artists. Throughout life, there will be several bright opportunities to realize oneself in a creative way. And here there will be a throwing between the habit of being in the comfort zone and hidden Neptunian ambitions. And yet, it is impossible to miss the stellar chance of the Moon-Neptune quincunx. This is a kind of key to working out and revealing more interesting storylines in life.

A native needs to choose such a profession and hobby in order not only to receive recognition and money himself, but also to help others. In addition to art, in terms of implementation, medicine, restaurant business and psychology are perfect. It is also good to work as a kindergarten teacher, lead theater studios and creativity circles for teenagers, teach music and dance.

Due to the strong sensitivity and resentment, the nervous system suffers and a habit appears to seize stress, and sometimes drink alcohol, so if in youth the quince gives a rare charm and grace of appearance, indulgence in bad habits leads to puffiness and excess weight.

Quickons Moon-Neptune, personal life and synastry

The native is an incorrigible romantic. He steps on the same rake many times, idealizing another person and endowing him with qualities that do not exist in reality, but his heart believes in miracles, and moving away from suffering and disappointment a little, he falls in love with renewed vigor and thinks that this once everything works out.

However, the emotional swing, from unconditional faith in a partner to deceit and betrayal, will swing until the native learns to see people as they are, and most importantly, to love them along with their shortcomings, and not be inspired by fictional clones.

Owners of the Quicon Moon-Neptune also fall into the trap of their sincere desire to save. They think that their bright feeling will help to gain courage for sissies and daughters, or even get them out of alcohol and drug addiction, but this is a trap of consciousness. With this aspect, they easily become victims of evil, therefore, a priori, one should stay away from infantile, hysterical and dependent people. It is better to look for a kind and strong partner, regardless of the gender of the owner of the horoscope.

Quickons Moon-Neptune in the synastry is a sign of platonic love and the strongest romantic connection. People experience motherly tenderness for each other, as well as a desire to create something beautiful for the world.

How to work out the Moon-Neptune Queens

To reach the favorable energy of this aspect, Mercury will need to be strengthened. The power of pure reason will balance the mystical throwing and insights of the native, and will also help to correctly distribute their intentions on the topic of helping, healing, feeding, saving, among those who really need it.

It is also necessary to engage in creativity of the Neptunian plan: theater, cinema, drawing, music, poetry and dance. It, among other things, includes the correct energies of the Moon, helps women intuitively correctly reach their motherhood and personal happiness, and men understand their spouse.

With such a quicon, there may be several chances to become famous through your uniqueness, for example, to act in films or become a member of a popular musical group, as well as to create your own creative business, for example, a children’s cafe with an unusual design.

With Quicons Moon-Neptune, it is undesirable to open a restaurant with alcoholic products or work in cereal establishments.

The native always needs to be on the alert in personal relationships in order to recognize deceit in time, but the main thing is to learn to treat it philosophically, because betrayals and lies will occur quite often.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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