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Quickons Moon – Pluto. Cold Fire

The quickons of personal planets with higher ones may not manifest themselves at all for a long time, or it turns on its loop of recurring karmic events only when the native begins to actively act in their subject. Naturally, personal and social energies turn on early, and the aspect with them creates a repetition of karmic events in an obvious enough way to understand patterns and understand how to correct the situation. Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, on the contrary, hold back the quicons for quite a long time, and then suddenly throw a loop of a karmic storyline on the life of the native. It is better to prepare for this in advance.

Quickons Moon-Pluto fetters the emotional part of a person’s consciousness at the moment when he needs to appear before the public or any community in all its glory and strength. At the same time, an irresistible desire to be in demand and useful to people is turned on. These two conflicting feelings create a deep inferiority complex.

Character and health with the Quince Moon-Pluto

A native with this aspect may not even be aware of his insidious influence until he is on a podium for public speaking or stands in front of an unfamiliar audience. He enthusiastically prepared for his exit and rehearsed his speech, but when he was in front of people’s faces, he suddenly lost control of his emotions.

The owners of the Moon in air signs are less susceptible to this, especially if they have strong Mercury and Venus, but in other cases, you need to know in advance about the spontaneous and most often destructive effects of Pluto in Quince. At the same time, the native can be gifted as a speaker, and certainly has powerful charisma, but a deep vulnerability to the public, especially if there are ill-wishers or rivals, does not allow them to be fully shown.

The situation is aggravated if the Moon has additional negative aspects, but even when it is harmonious, the childhood of the native can hardly be called happy. Pluto in such a tandem symbolizes the authoritativeness and despotism of the mother. Most likely, she demanded complete obedience to her requirements and did not hesitate to say that she did not like if they were not carried out properly. She wanted the child to be successful and popular, so any failures and mistakes were severely criticized. This explains the strong inclusion of the Quicon in front of a negatively inclined audience, while in the circle of friends and admirers, the native can easily be the soul of the company.

The problem is the belief that love must be earned by obeying and pleasing. At the same time, the native sincerely believes that those who dominate him care and sympathize with him, which is certainly not the case.

It is preferable to occupy a significant and important position away from publicity, and if you have creative data, work behind the scenes, and not on it.

Quickons Moon-Pluto, personal life and synastry

The aspect creates an emotional imbalance. Stiffness is replaced by incontinence and a powerful outburst of emotions. This is the case when a humble employee becomes an abuser in the family circle, copying the parental relationship model and thus compensating for the need to obey stronger and more powerful colleagues at work. If the planets are in the elements of fire and air, then a person will allow his feelings to come out, in other cases he will suppress conflicts, suffer, adapt to everyone who is important to him, and become more a victim than a tyrant.

You should not think that the Quince Moon – Pluto will necessarily deeply affect the topic of relationships if the aspect does not concern the 1st and 7th houses, but it will certainly make itself felt with a strong passion or dependence on feelings for another person.

True strong love, on the contrary, will remove all the oppositional settings of the quincunx and bring his energies to the trine level , but given the co-dependent relationship with the mother, it is extremely difficult for the native to experience love without jealousy, fear of loss and the desire to completely possess a partner.

The owner of the horoscope tends to fall in love with bright and sexy personalities, but he should be wary of especially charming and charming people. If they turn out to be scammers, he has little chance of resisting their intrigues.

Quickons Moon-Pluto in the synastry creates a bond that is almost impossible to break. The owner of the Moon will be completely dependent on the passion for the owner of Pluto, and he will find in his partner a reflection of his childhood traumas and experiences associated with his mother.

How to work out Quicons Moon – Pluto

If the native wants to break the constant co-dependence in personal and business relationships, he needs to work through childhood trauma and understand why he is so eager to earn love instead of believing that he can be accepted for who he is.

It is necessary to develop Plutonian confidence and authoritative behavior without losing the sensitivity and inner tenderness of the Moon. The slightest desire of a partner to subdue and impose his will is a sure sign of an incipient abuse, and in no case should one postpone building boundaries for later, and once and for all designate how it is permissible to behave and what is completely prohibited.

When Quince Moon – Pluto, a person is often forced to perform duties that are unpleasant for him and do not belong to the zone of his direct activity, so all the details must be discussed before signing the contract. This applies not only to professional affairs, but also to personal relationships. Especially often women suffer from this, who are promised before marriage that they will be free from household chores, and later put everything on their shoulders.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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