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Quickons Moon – Uranus. Flashes of talent and intuition

Few people attach importance to the Quicons until they encounter a series of recurring events in life and compare them with the themes of houses and signs united by this aspect. It is karmic and forces the native to take the lesson again if it has not been learned. Everything connected with the Moon is always deep and requires complete immersion in the theme of childhood and relationships with mom. This planet shows all hidden fears, complexes and attitudes.

Considering that the quincunx has the properties of both a trine and an opposition , forcing the wards to take two steps forward and one back, the native will have to work hard to make this energy his trump card, and not a brake. Uranus in this combination endows the owner of the card with a talent for foresight, psychic abilities, artistry, but it always creates situations when a person is taken by surprise by a series of crises, where he must put these gifts into practice.

Character and health with Quince Moon-Uranus

All recurring scenarios of events will be consonant with the atmosphere of a strange childhood or excessive freedom in which the native found himself because of the democratic convictions of his mother. Depending on the positions of the planets and the predominance of negative or positive configurations in the chart, they will create a series of dangerous or incredible incidents. It will depend on the person himself: whether he will show his talents in time or abruptly go into the shadow of the problem, but then it will arise again and again. If you ignore the Moon-Uranus quincunx, then difficulties will begin to arise like circles on the water.

Oddly enough, but the owners of the water moon understand this most quickly. Despite their innate timidity and shyness, they intuitively feel what needs to be done. If the satellite of the Sun is in the elements of air and earth, then understanding comes with the help of logic. A person notices a pattern of recurring problems. The most unpredictable reactions from the owners of any of the planets in fire signs. They have difficulty controlling their emotions, although their talents are most evident in their brilliance.

Most often, the native acts spontaneously, at the moment of activity of the quickons, his mind seems to turn off, but oddly enough, this is to his advantage. Thus, card holders manage to save a loved one in a dangerous situation, do not let their dream partner leave, shine at an interview or casting for the main role, unexpectedly showing themselves in all their brilliance and strength.

However, the aspect often creates excessive nervous tension, repetitive fears, fear of attachment. It may be associated with the psychological trauma of rejection or abandonment from childhood.

Quickons Moon-Uranus, personal life and synastry

Any quincunx of the Moon implies a feeling of guilt, on which manipulators fly like butterflies to a fire. The native is often used for their own purposes by other people. It will be especially difficult for him in his youth, when he is deliberately provoked, and he is unable to restrain himself, unless he is the owner of the Sun, Ascendant and Mars in earth signs.

Men and women are extremely freedom-loving and cannot stand any pressure from the outside. It was they who served as the prototype of the parable: “To spite my grandmother, I will freeze my ears.” Despite the fact that they fall in love with lightning speed and passion, they never expect the same intensity of feelings from the other. On the contrary, it can cool their ardor and the former object of sympathy will quickly get bored. But they will run after a cold and independent person like Hodja Nasreddin’s donkey for a carrot.

Most often, the mother of the native was rather cold in expressing her feelings and preferred to free up more time for herself by sending the child to kindergarten early. From here often comes the fear of attachment, therefore the passionate love of the owner of the Moon-Uranus quinces is rarely a deep feeling, but rather resembles a game of relationships. And yet, they perceive disappointment and rejection very sharply.

The minor aspect eventually adjusts to the stronger connections of the Moon, and of course, happy mutual love is possible with an abundance of trines, but the native with the affected planet will have to work hard on himself in order to avoid repeated marriages with abusers and manipulators.

How to work out quicons Moon-Uranus

Work on the harmonization of the aspect must begin from early youth, while the perception of the world and the memory of childhood experiences are fresh, and the nervous system is not exhausted. The main problems are the fear of rejection, the inability to cope with too much freedom and permissiveness, and resentment towards the mother. All this can be quickly worked out with a good psychologist.

The person himself must listen to his intuition, live according to his conscience and not infringe on anyone’s freedom of expression. However, one must start with oneself, because the inner feeling of guilt and fear can hinder the development of personal talents.

With the Moon-Uranus quincunx, you should definitely study astrology, at least for yourself. Also, the native often has a desire to become a lone wolf, to leave society. This is just a manifestation of the opposition side of the aspect, which needs to be harmonized through serving people in a broad sense. A native can realize himself in medicine, not only as a doctor with progressive views and methods, but also as a creator of medical devices, advanced technologies and tools that will facilitate the process of rehabilitation and healing.

The best choice when realizing the positive energy of the Moon-Uranus quinceon will be teaching useful skills to groups of people, as well as various research and inventions.

Vasilisa Vishneva

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